Class 12 Chemistry MCQ – Coordination Compounds Importance and Applications

This set of Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 9 Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Coordination Compounds Importance and Applications”.

1. Which reagent is used for detecting Ni2+ ions in solution?
b) Dimethylglyoxime
c) α-nitroso-β-naphthol
d) Cupron
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Answer: b
Explanation: When dimethylglyoxime is added to a solution along with ammonium hydroxide, the formation of a bright red precipitate indicates the presence of Ni2+ ions in solution. This is due to the formation of nickel dimethylglyoxime complex.

2. Hardness of water is estimated by simple titration with which compound?
a) Na2(EDTA)
b) Fe(EDTA)
c) Mg(EDTA)
d) Co(EDTA)
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Answer: a
Explanation: The Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions form stable complexes with EDTA, and the difference in the stability constants of Ca and Mg complexes helps in the estimation of hardness of water.

3. Given below is the incomplete equation for the extraction process of gold using potassium cyanide. Identify the missing reagent.
Water + air completes equation for the extraction process of gold using potassium cyanide
a) Water
b) Oxygen
c) Water + air
d) Zinc dust
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Answer: c
Explanation: Gold combines with cyanide in the presence of air and water to form [Au(CN)2] in aqueous solution. This is then treated with zinc dust to obtain gold in metallic form.

4. Haemoglobin is a complex compound of which metal ion?
a) Fe2+
b) Fe3+
c) Co2+
d) Co3+
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Answer: a
Explanation: Haemoglobin is the red pigment of blood which acts as the oxygen carrier and it a coordination compound of iron(II).

5. Which of the following biologically important coordination compounds has a magnesium central atom?
a) Chlorophyll
b) Haemoglobin
c) Vitamin B12
d) Carboxypeptidase-A
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Answer: a
Explanation: Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants, responsible for photosynthesis, is a coordination compound of Mg.
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6. The coordination complex chloridotris (triphenylphosphine) rhodium(I) is used in the hydrogenation of alkenes. It is also known as __________ catalyst.
a) Grubb
b) Pearlman
c) Wilkinson
d) Ziegler-Natta
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Answer: c
Explanation: Coordination compounds may be used as homogeneous or heterogeneous catalysts for many reactions. Wilkinson catalyst is used as a homogeneous catalyst in hydrogenation of alkenes, whereas Ziegler¬-Natta catalyst is used as a heterogeneous catalyst for the polymerisation of olefins.

7. The platinum complex, trans-platin has been used in cancer treatment.
a) True
b) False
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Answer: b
Explanation: Cis-platin is a coordination complex of platinum which is effective in inhibiting the growth of tumours.

8. The complex ion [Ag(S2O3)2]3- is associated with which field?
a) Electroplating
b) Medicine
c) Water treatment
d) Photography
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Answer: d
Explanation: In black and white photography, the film is fixed by washing with hypo solution which dissolves the undecomposed silver bromide to form [Ag(S2O3)2]3-.

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