C++ Program to Perform Bitwise Calculation using a Menu

This is a C++ Program to Perform Bitwise Calculation Using a Menu (4-bit numbers). Problem Description As we know our computer stores everything in the form of bits and it will be very easy for the computer if we work on bits. Bitwise operations are faster and closer to the system and also optimize the … Read more


C++ Program to Perform Addition using Bitwise Operators

This is a C++ Program to perform addition using bitwise operators. Using AND and XOR operators addition can be done, where carry is given by AND between two operands and result can be given by XOR between two operands. Here is source code of the C++ Program to Perform Addition Operation Using Bitwise Operators. The … Read more


Bitwise Operators in C++

Problem Description Write a C++ Program that illustrates the bitwise operators. What are Bitwise Operators? Bitwise operators in C++ are operators that operate on individual bits of integers. They include AND (&), OR (|), XOR (^), NOT (~), left shift (). These operators allow manipulation and combination of bits, providing greater control over data storage … Read more


C++ Program to Find XOR of All Digits in Binary Sequence

This is a C++ Program to Find the XOR of all Digits in a Given Binary Sequence. Problem Description The program takes a binary sequence and finds the XOR of all the digits. XOR gives a high value when there are odd number of 1s in the input. Problem Solution 1. The program takes a … Read more

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