C Program to Find the Ranges of Data Types

Ranges of Data Types: The range of a data type gives us the minimum and maximum value that can be stored inside the variable of the given data type. Examples: Range of int = -2147483648 to 2147483647 Range of char = -128 to 127 Problem Description Write a C Program to find the range of … Read more


Pass by Reference in C

What is Pass by Reference in C? In pass by reference, we pass the address of the variable instead of passing the value of the variable and access the variable using the pointers in the Function. All the changes made to variable in the function will be reflected in the main Program. Example: Consider Pass … Read more


Pass by Value in C

C Program to demonstrate Pass by Value. Pass by value is a way to pass a variable to a function. The variable is passed by value, not by reference. This means that the function does not have access to the variable’s memory address. The function can only access the variable’s value. It is the opposite … Read more


C Program to Illustrate the Concept of Unions

What is Union? Union is a user-defined data type-like structure and it can also contain members of different data types. The syntax used for definition, declaration, and for accessing the members in the union is similar to that used in structures, but here keyword union is used instead of the struct keyword. This article explains … Read more


C Program to Find the Size of a Union

This is a C program to find the size of a Union. Problem Description This Program finds the size of a Union. Problem Solution 1. Define the union. 2. Finds its size using keyword sizeof(). 3. Print the same and exit. Program/Source Code Here is source code of the C program to find the size … Read more

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