Best Books on Instrumentation Engineering

Students, who are preparing for competitive exams like GATE, GRE, and various company interviews also refer to many of these Instrumentation Engineering books. 1. Instrumentation Transducers 2. Microprocessor and Peripherals 3. Digital Signal Processing 4. Process Instrumentation 5. Digital Image processing 6. Advanced Control Systems 7. Process Control System 8. Analytical Instrumentation 9. PIC Microcontroller … Read more

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Manish Bhojasia - Founder & CTO at Sanfoundry
Manish Bhojasia, a technology veteran with 20+ years @ Cisco & Wipro, is Founder and CTO at Sanfoundry. He lives in Bangalore, and focuses on development of Linux Kernel, SAN Technologies, Advanced C, Data Structures & Alogrithms. Stay connected with him at LinkedIn.

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