Class 12 Biology MCQ – Evolution of Life Forms-A Theory


This set of Class 12 Biology Chapter 7 Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Evolution of Life Forms-A Theory”.

1. Which of the following was not included in theory of special creation?
a) All the living organisms that see today were created as such
b) The diversity was always the same since creation and will be the same in future
c) The earth is about 4000 years old
d) The solar system came from a massive body
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Answer: d
Explanation: Theory of special creation said that life has not changed a bit since its origin. Our solar system was formed from Big bang and not from a massive body. The remaining options are the connotations of theory of special creation.

2. Who supported the theory of special creation?
a) Father Suarez
b) Father Darwin
c) Lamarck
d) Abbe Lemaitre
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Answer: a
Explanation: Father Suarez was the greatest supporter of theory of special creation. Abbe Lemaitre proposed the Big-bang theory whereas the use and disuse of organs theory was put forward by Lamarck.

3. _______ was the name of the ship in which Darwin sailed around the world.
a) H.S.S Beagle
b) H.M.S Beagle
c) H.P.S Beagle
d) H.M.S Eagle
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Answer: b
Explanation: Charles Darwin had set voyage around the world in a ship named H.M.S Beagle. He traveled to different islands to research about evolution. He found out that the existing living organisms had many similarities with life forms that existed millions of years ago.
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4. ________ fitness was the fitness referred by Darwin for natural selection?
a) Reproductive
b) Health
c) Survival
d) Physical
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Answer: a
Explanation: According to Darwin, reproductive fitness was the fitness required to survive in nature. It is the ability to adapt and get selected by nature. They will produce more off springs than other species, and have better chance for survival.

5. The scientist who divided the whole world into six major biogeographical regions called realms is _______
a) Hugo de Vries
b) Charles Darwin
c) Alfred Russel Wallace
d) Mathew Morgan
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Answer: c
Explanation: On the basis of flora and fauna, Alfred Wallace divided the world into six major biogeographical regions called realms. This was based on biogeographical distribution. He worked and researched in Malay Archipelago.
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6. Darwin found his finches in Galapagos Island.
a) True
b) False
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Answer: a
Explanation: Darwin in his journey around the world, visited Galapagos island, where he discovered finches. He noticed the change in the modification of beaks of these finches and proposed adaptive radiation.

7. Evolution is a ______ process.
a) quick
b) stochastic
c) slow
d) fast
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Answer: b
Explanation: Evolution is a stochastic process, which means that it is focusing on chance mutations. Based on determinism, evolution is not a direct process. It is also based on events that occurs in a chance.

8. It is said to believe that all the continents were present in the form of a single land mass called as ______
a) Pangaea
b) Globe
c) Echidna
d) Prion
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Answer: b
Explanation: Millions of years ago, all the continents were present in the form of a single mass called Pangaea. It was due to a phenomenon called continental drift; the whole land mass split into seven respective continents.

9. Survival of fittest was the original idea of ________
a) Charles Darwin
b) Lamarck
c) Gregor Mendel
d) Herbert Spencer
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Answer: d
Explanation: Herbert Spencer gave the original idea of survival of the fittest. But according to Darwin, fitness refers mainly only to reproductive fitness. Lamarck proposed use and disuse theory of organs. Mendel did experiments on genetics.

10. The drawback of Darwinism was that it couldn’t explain _______
a) Variations
b) Large rate of production
c) Struggle for existence
d) Reproductive fitness
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Answer: a
Explanation: Darwin couldn’t explain why a few species develop useful variation and others have harmful variations. Also, he was not able to tell the difference in between somatic and germinal variations.

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