Best School Books – Class 10 to 12 – Technical Drawing

We’ve compiled a list of the best school books for students studying Technical Drawing, categorized by grade level (Class 10-12). Most of the schools follow CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, or State Board syllabus, so we have compiled the list of books based on these Educational Boards. These textbooks will help students succeed in their Technical Drawing classes and exams.

Here’s a full list of best school books on Class 10 to Class 12 Technical Drawing.

Senior Secondary School/Higher Secondary School Technical Drawing Books: (Class 11th and 12th)

Secondary School Technical Drawing Books: (Class 10th)

Class 12 Technical Drawing Books

Here is a comprehensive list of the top school books for Class 12 – Technical Drawing.

1.”Draw People in 15 Minutes: Amaze your friends with your drawing skills (Draw in 15 Minutes)” by Jake Spicer

”Draw People in 15 Minutes: Amaze your friends with your drawing skills (Draw in 15 Minutes)” Book Review: This book provides all the skills, techniques and confidence one needs to sketch people on the move or at rest. It takes the user to every feature through drawing from life, from sketching out to drawing a model or even from a picture. The book contains thoroughly created exercises that break down the process of drawing into easily understandable pieces while step-by-step tutorials demonstrate how the user can create a full life-size portrait in 15 minutes. With tips and tricks on everything from materials to use, to how to get the proportions of a person right, to how to draw hands, feet and fabric, this is the absolute course for anyone who’s ever wanted to draw people. The book is finely illustrated with easy to follow chapters thus making it simple and lucid for anyone to draw and design an amazing full length portrait. The contents of the book include introduction, what you need, about drawing, building skills, the 15-minute figure, and going into detail.

2.”How to Draw People (Dover How to Draw)” by Barbara Soloff-Levy

”How to Draw People (Dover How to Draw)” Book Review: A complete art book for the promising artists of tomorrow. It provides a variety of different characters like circles, ovals, rectangles, cylinders, and other common shapes. 30 other pictures are also provided to draw: fireman, drummer, mailman, cowboy, astronaut, roller-skating girl, boy on a swing, and more. Simple and easy to understand directions with step-by-step beautiful illustrations which can be colored when finished. It also includes blank practice pages so that the children can practise and improve with their skills. Suitable for children aged between 5 and 10.

3.”Drawing Class” by Barrington Barber

“Drawing Class” Book Review: A beautiful and simple art book with the artistic expertise and long experience of teaching to develop a regular, user-friendly drawing course to guide the intending artist-to-be through the whole learning process of drawing. The contents include introduction, basic exercises in line, shape and texture, form and tone, choosing your subjects, the outside world, the human figure, materials and techniques, perspective and foreshortening, the animal world, creating composition, studying still life, faces and portraits, and exploring landscape.

Class 11 Technical Drawing Books

Here is a comprehensive list of the top school books for Class 11 – Technical Drawing.

1.”Alekhan (Designing ) Class XI-XII” by Vidya Editorial
2.”Prakratik Drashya Chitran Class 11 and 12″ by Vidya Editorial
3.”Classroom Art (Upper Primary): Drawing, Painting, Printmaking: Ages 11+ (Ric-776 S.)” by Amelia Ruscoe

”Classroom Art (Upper Primary): Drawing, Painting, Printmaking: Ages 11+ (Ric-776 S.)” Book Review: An amazing, full-color book that is a combination of art activities to motivate students to connect through visual arts and to survey their artistic interests and ability. The book consists of 80 pages and focuses on skill development while encouraging students to evaluate and observe their own skills and interests. Simple techniques and materials are used in this book where step-by-step pictorial instructions, examples of finished artwork, ideas for students, response questions for analysis and appraisal of students, variations to provoke invention in each activity, display suggestions in classroom activities, and cross-curricular activities are also provided for the art teachers’ support and guidance.

4.”sanjiv pasbook for class 11th drawing 2017″ by sanjiv
5.”Painting is a Class Act, Years 5-6: A Skills-based Approach to Painting” by Meg Fabian

”Painting is a Class Act, Years 5-6: A Skills-based Approach to Painting” Book Review: This art book provides a methodical approach to the progress of painting skills of upper Key Stage 2 (KS2). It focuses much on the non-specialist art teachers, experienced art teachers will find it exciting too. Skill-based methods to painting elevates the quality in art, uplift the self-esteem and confidence of students, which in turn aid in raising the bar in other curriculum areas. This book puts emphasis on the development of skills to be taught for colour mixing, colour theory, watercolours, history of painting, using works of art and other techniques and media; provide examples of how the skills can be applied; and consists of laboriously organised lesson plans laid out with utmost clarity.

Class 10 Technical Drawing Books

Here is a comprehensive list of the top school books for Class 10 – Technical Drawing.

1.”Perspective Drawing Handbook (Dover Art Instruction)” by Joseph D’Amelio

”Perspective Drawing Handbook (Dover Art Instruction)” Book Review: A useful guide book that provides many perceptions and alternatives to drawing and sketching productively. The text subjects such as diminution, foreshortening, convergence, shade and shadow, and other visual principles of perspective drawing. Short and carefully written text along with more than 150 illustrations portray an awareness of space and depth, exhibit vanishing points and eye level, and describe concepts such as appearance versus reality; perspective distortion; determining heights, depths, and widths; and the use of circles, cylinders, and cones. A valuable resource for artists, architects, designers, and engineers in designing works with powerful perspective. The contents include fundamentals, reality and appearance – difference and theory, how we see for perspective drawing, principal aids: vanishing points and eye level (horizon line), drawing the cube – prerequisite to understanding perspective, one-point and two-point perspective – when and why, more on looking up, down and straight ahead, perspective distortion, determining heights, widths and depths, inclined planes, circles, cylinders and cones, and shade and shadow. Application sketches and professional questions are also given at the end of each chapter.

2.”physical science 10th class drawing and record book” by mass publications
3.”Art Plus Class 10″ by Joel Gill and Inclusion Of Art

”Art Plus Class 10″ Book Review: A book designed in such a manner for students to not only enjoy the teaching concepts but also add to their creativity. It provides many options to get a hang of their skills and creativity. The book is categorized into nine units covering almost every feature of art. Various art forms are given in an easy and illustrative way that cover themes from a child’s surroundings. It will help the students to peek into art scholarly and skilfully. One of the important aims is to provide full voice to the imagination, expressions, thoughts, originality and creativity of the students.

4.”X- Biology Drawing and Record Book (EM)” by vikram editorial board
5.”10th Class Biology Science Record and Drawing Book” by SR

Kindly note that we have put a lot of effort into researching the best books on the Technical Drawing subject and came out with a recommended list of the top 10 Technical Drawing books for each grade. If any more book needs to be added to the list of best books on Technical Drawing, please let us know. We hope you find this list helpful in your studies.

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