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1. “Biogas Technology – Transfer and Diffusion” by M M EL-Halwagi

“Biogas Technology – Transfer and Diffusion” Book Review: This textbook is the culmination of discussions by various experts on various aspects of issues of biogas technology as well as the future prospects of biogas technology, especially in the rural areas of developing countries. The book is composed of various sections covering topics such as The Realistic Potential of Biogas, The Integrated Digester Plant, Technical and Social Problems of BGT, Engineering Designs, Cold Conditioned Biogas, Gas Use Devices, Methane Production from Farm Waste etc. All discussions are supported by illustrations, diagrams, real world data and designs.

2. “Biomass: Regenerable Energy” by D O Hall and R P Overeed

“Biomass: Regenerable Energy” Book Review: This textbook provides a global scenario on biomass. The book is a culmination of articles collected internationally and analyses the use of biomass as a regenerable energy source. It discusses the various ways in which biomass can be utilized. This includes its use in wood-burning stoves, as charcoal, biogas or as liquid fuels. The book also sheds light on the influence of the application of biomass on the general public in rural areas of developing countries and its impact on the environment. The book will be beneficial for those curious about modern use of waste energy and its consequences as well as for students in studying energy and environmental engineering.

3. “Biogas Technology” by B T Nijaguna

“Biogas Technology” Book Review: This textbook provides a comprehensive overview of various aspects of Biogas Technology. It contains elaborate discussions on several concepts concerning successful implementation and application of a biogas system as a regenerable energy resource which can meet local energy requirements very conveniently. Topics covered in the book include Material for Biomethanation and Products of Methanation, Kinetics and Physio-Chemical Factors Affecting Biogasification, Bioreactors, Utilization Systems of Biogas, Ethanol etc. All explanations are depicted through diagrams and illustrations along with general theory.

4. “Waste-to-Energy: Technologies and Project Implementation” by Marc J Rogoff Dr and Francois Screve

“Waste-to-Energy: Technologies and Project Implementation” Book Review: The book guides readers on successful implementation of a waste-to-energy project. The book keeps up with all the new technology introduced in the WTE industry over years, improvements in air emission control, new emission regulations, new economical and financial environment and developments due to the impact of climate change. The book spans over a number of concepts such as project implementation, WTE technology, solid waste composition and quantities, Waste Flow Control, Selecting the facility site etc. The appendix of the book also provides readers with useful case studies on WTE facilities.

5. “Waste to Energy Conversion Technology (Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy)” by Naomi B Klinghoffer and Marco J Castaldi
6. “Waste to Energy: Opportunities and Challenges for Developing and Transition Economies (Green Energy and Technology)” by Avraam Karagiannidis

“Waste to Energy: Opportunities and Challenges for Developing and Transition Economies (Green Energy and Technology)” Book Review: This textbook provides a comprehensive view on the infrastructure and awareness about basic waste management that many developing countries and transition economies lack. It addresses the various problems and challenges being faced by such countries. The book is a culmination from several scholars and practitioners in the field with discussions on various technologies that have proven effective in the developed countries where they have been applied over the years. The book delivers various useful lessons and thumb rules on the basics of both successful and failed case studies with real world examples and developments. It offers an important read for undergraduate, postgraduate as well as researchers.

7. “Waste to Energy” by Sethi Amrinder Singh

“Waste to Energy” Book Review: This textbook sheds light on the potential of medical waste as a source of energy. The book elaborates on this new technique of waste to energy which still lags in the medical field especially in developing countries. The book is based on the case study of Moga city. It explains the study undertaken in this city and discusses the various medical components and their calorific values thus highlighting their energy potential. The samples taken in the study include cotton, bandages, and plastic syringe and glucose bottles. The book contains mathematical analysis of these components, experiments and inferences. It provides real data extracted from the study and will be beneficial for readers to understand the practical applications of waste to energy in the medical field.

8. “Waste-to-Energy: Advanced Cycles and New Design Concepts for Efficient Power Plants” by Lisa Branchini

“Waste-to-Energy: Advanced Cycles and New Design Concepts for Efficient Power Plants” Book Review: The book deals with various technical aspects of WTE technology which is a fast developing concept in the urban scenario. The book is divided into four major parts namely WTE state-of-the-art, WTE Thermodynamic Analysis, WTE advanced Cycles, Performance and Efficiency Conversion Issues. It begins with an introduction to WTE, its history, various reforms and policies associated with it, various developments that took place in the industry over a span of several years etc. The other parts cover the scientific aspects of WTE technology such as WTE steam cycle, WTE and Gas Turbine, WTE/GT steam, Performance Index and Output Calculation etc.

9. “From Waste to Energy (Power Up!)” by Robert Green
10. “Waste-to-energy Commercial Facilities Profiles: Technical, Operational and Economic Perspectives (“Pollution Technology Review”)” by Dick Richards and Robert N Gould
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