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1. “Visual Merchandising, Third edition: Windows and in-store displays for retail” by Tony Morgan

“Visual Merchandising” Book Review: This book is a user-friendly guide to all aspects of visual merchandising and covers both window dressing and in store areas. Using examples from a range of shops, from fashion emporia to small outlets. The book offers practical advice on the subject, supported by hints and tips from established visual merchandisers. It explains their toolkit and information on the use of mannequins and the latest technology. It discusses how to construct and source props and explains the psychology behind shopping and buyer behavior. It contains two new case studies, updated images and new material on digital and interactive visual merchandising. It is presented through color photographs, diagrams of floor layouts and store case studies. Including invaluable information such as a glossary of terms used in the industry.

2. “Visual Merchandising for Fashion (Basics Fashion Management)” by Sarah Bailey and Jonathan Baker

“Visual Merchandising for Fashion” Book Review: This book explains the relationship between brand, consumer, product and environment. It helps in developing new ways of working within the fashion retail business and will define a theoretical underpinning of visual merchandising principles. It provides examples to intensify the theoretical narrations. This book will encourage you to generate individual and self directed designs.

3. “Visual Merchandising and Display” by Martin M Pegler

“Visual Merchandising and Display” Book Review: This book teaches readers to present products at their best color coordinated, accessorized and self explanatory. Hundreds of examples are provided on how retailers can reach their target markets by adding interest to window and interior displays. It includes sections on sustainability, offering tips for green presentation. This book serves as a way for creating a visual look and feel for a brand and optimizing images.

4. “Online Visual Merchandising” by Katrandjiev Hristo and Velinov Ivo

“Online Visual Merchandising” Book Review: This book is designed for online shop managers/owners, internet marketing consultants, web designers, marketing specialists, advertising creative personnel and marketing students. This book provides an in-depth study of apparel online stores. It explains identification and systematization of online visual merchandising elements (OVME) of apparel web stores. It discusses the classification of apparel web stores from the point of view of OVME and finally optimizing the OVME for a specific target group. It helps in building a sound scientific groundwork of the theory of Online Visual Merchandising.

5. “Window and Interior Display: The Principles of Visual Merchandising” by Robert Kretschmer and Robert Kretschmer
6. “Store Design and Visual Merchandising: Creating Store Space That Encourages Buying” by Ebster

“Store Design and Visual Merchandising” Book Review: This book explains how to optimize the design of retail stores and service environments to increase customer satisfaction and sales. It provides practical applicability of the concepts discussed. It discusses both the recent research literature and his own experience as a marketing consultant and consumer researcher. Topics covered in this book include: goals and relevance of store design, design tips derived from environmental psychology, cognitive and affective approaches to store design and visual merchandising, use of ambient factors such as music, colors and scents, creation of emotional experiences and theming.

7. “Visual Merchandising 2nd edition” by Tony Morgan
8. “Silent Selling: Best Practices and Effective Strategies in Visual Merchandising” by Judy Bell and Kate Ternus

“Silent Selling” Book Review: This book is a combination of practical and creative problem solving activities on the basics of visual merchandising. It discusses the design principles used in store displays, including Bergdorf Goodman (NYC) and Tory Burch. It provides new sections on digital tools including Mockshop and CAD programs. It gives updated information on LED lighting, decorative lighting and current trends in lighting. Shoptalk statements by visual merchandising experts provide observations about an aspect of the field discussed in the chapter. It provides self quizzes featuring scored results and personalized study tips, Review concepts with flashcards of terms and definitions. Instructor’s Guide and Test Bank provides suggestions for planning the course and using the text in the classroom.


“EASY VISUAL MERCHANDISING” Book Review: This book helps to Prepare yourself to head on forward into visual excellence. All dynamics of visual merchandising are covered with straightforward detail to further develop your business to the next level. Its aim is to set you on a journey of discovery, unlocking retail secrets that will transform your business. It provides inspirational illustrations and diagrams. It gives simple steps to clarify all essential aspects of visual merchandising.

10. “Silent Selling: Best Practices and Effective Strategies in Visual Merchandising” by Judy Bell and Kate Ternus

“Silent Selling” Book Review: This book is a combination of practical and creative problem solving activities on the basics of visual merchandising. It provides recent discoveries and learns valuable techniques. With these informational tools, students can learn to create and deliver professional presentations that will facilitate their move from the classroom to the workplace.

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