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1. “Public Infrastructure Asset Management” by Hudson

Book Review: This book provides a cost effective infrastructure asset management framework that provides the integration of planning, design, construction, maintenance, rehabilitation and renovation. The book also describes various methodologies that are used to manage roads, bridges, airports, parks, public buildings and many others. The book also covers information management, decision support systems including cloud storage. The book contains numerous examples and case studies that demonstrate the practical applications of concepts.

2. “Infrastructure Engineering and Management” by Grigg N

Book Review: This book focuses on the solving of large scale and complex problems that must be overcome when dealing with the engineering and management of major infrastructure projects. The book addresses infrastructure systems like roads, streets, transportation services, water and wastewater systems, waste management, buildings, structures and energy facilities. The book also carries out the analysis of key subjects related to technology, management, planning, programming, budgeting, finance, operations, maintenance, project management and many more.

3. “Modern Pavement Management” by Haas and John Zaniewski

Book Review: This book stresses on the process of pavement management and covers chapters of data acquisition and evaluation, network level priority programming and project level design. The book also contains examples of working systems thereby providing guidance for implementation. The book covers the concepts of sustainability, asset management, prioritization, optimization, off the shelf providers, asset management system implementation and its advantages and many more.

4. “Intelligent Infrastructure” by Jiang Adeli

“Intelligent Infrastructure” Book Review: The book uses the concepts of both structural engineering and transportation engineering to obtain a unique thesis for analyzing and solving some of the most complex and ungovernable problems encountered in the fields of smart structures and intelligent transportation systems. The methods and concepts like chaos theory, wavelets fuzzy logic, neural networks, and genetic algorithms are used to solve the featured problems. The chapters present several methodologies for health, monitoring, and nonlinear active control of buildings subjected to dynamic loading. The book introduces various advanced computing technologies that will help in the generation of an effective smart structure technology.

5. “Transportation Infrastructure Security Utilizing Intelligent Transportation Systems” by Ryan Fries

“Transportation Infrastructure Security Utilizing Intelligent Transportation Systems” Book Review: The book focuses on the security of various infrastructures with the help of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). The computing, control, and communication technologies related to Intelligent Transportation Systems are described in detail. The book clearly explains the practical applications of security in various fields. The development of a regional transportation security plan is highlighted in this text. For better understanding of the readers, the book consists of examples, exercises, and many solved as well as unsolved questions. The book will be suitable for the students and professionals working in the field of transportation systems and infrastructure security.

6. “Intelligent Transportation Systems” by Tony S Lee and Sumit Ghosh

“Intelligent Transportation Systems” Book Review: The book is an updated and revised text that states successes and failures of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) since the past decade. Many latest technologies, efficient green strategies, and meta-principles are introduced in this piece of writing. The book features implementation of ITS along with the latest developments in the field of transportation. The chapters also highlight the application of featured technologies and meta-principles to real-world ITS problems. The book provides the readers with many inventive and original concepts to solve transportation problems.

7. “Transportation Infostructures” by John Diebold

“Transportation Infostructures” Book Review: The book acts as a bridge between business and government in the development of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) technology. The technologies and concepts presented in this book lay an emphasis on road and vehicular infrastructures. The suitable technologies for speeding trucks and easing the movement of freight are presented. Various projects in the field of ITS are highlighted. A chapter based on international perspective and policy analysis is added to this book.

8. “Transportation Infrastructure: States’ Implementation of Transportation Management Systems” by Susan A Fleming
9. “A World Class Transportation System: Transportation Finance for a New Economy” by Charles Marohn

“A World Class Transportation System: Transportation Finance for a New Economy” Book Review: The book focuses on presenting the principles, concepts, and methodologies that will be helpful in building the highways, transit systems and local transportation investments. The techniques presented will be economically feasible. The book begins with a thorough introduction of transportation systems. The chapters also present modern techniques and methodologies keeping in mind the current conditions. The text covers financing a mature transportation system. The book consists of many questions along with their answers. This text will be suitable for professionals of transportation systems.

10. “Transportation Infrastructure: States’ Implementation of Transportation Management Systems” by U S Government Accountability Office

“Transportation Infrastructure: States’ Implementation of Transportation Management Systems” Book Review: Through this piece of writing, records and documents of the US government are made available for the general public of the country. The book presents all the important papers and documents like bills, budgets, schemes, and many other documents related to public welfare. The chapters cover historic congressional bill along with the recent budget of the US government. The book will enhance the reader’s knowledge related to government infrastructure.

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