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1. “General Topology” by J L Kelly

“General Topology” Book Review: This book develops basic metric topological methods and algebraic needs. It introduces the vector character of Euclidean n-space and familiar facts from linear algebra. It also covers concepts relevant to convex body theory and the affine character of the space. The analogy between linear and affine concepts are also explained. It covers methods on how to verify intuitive relations analytically in space of general dimensions. Also contains a collection of standard fundamental theorems.

2. “Introduction to General Topology” by K D Joshi
3. “Topology” by James R Munkres

“Topology” Book Review: This book provides separate, in-depth coverage of both general topology and algebraic topology. It covers topics like set theory and logic, topological spaces and continuous functions. Connectedness and Compactness, countability and separation axioms are also discussed. The Tychonoff theorem, Metrization theorems and paracompactness, complete metric spaces and function spaces are covered. Algebraic topology concepts such as the fundamental group, separation theorems, Seifert-van Kampen theorem are discussed.

4. “Topology” by J Dugundji
6. “Topology” by K P Gupta
7. “Topology: A Geometric Approach” by M Ganesh

“Topology: A Geometric Approach” Book Review: This book deals with the metric spaces which include normed linear spaces and inner product spaces. This book is written in a student-friendly manner. This book is helpful for postgraduate level students. Many worked out examples and problems have been included in this book. Concepts are illustrated using figures for enhancing understanding. Certain additional topics are given in appendices at the end of each chapter for more information.

8. “Topology of Metric Spaces” by S Kumaresan

“Topology of Metric Spaces” Book Review: The book covers the metric space topology emphasising useful concepts related to concrete spaces. This book is useful for studying the higher aspects of topology and analysis. Theorems are explained with proofs with real world examples. It also contains numerical problems and solutions to them. This book is written for undergraduate students. This book builds a foundation by which one can relate to real world application.

9. “Introduction to Topology” by Colin Adams

“Introduction to Topology” Book Review: This book introduces topology which is an important mathematics discipline. The book begins with the basics of point-set topology. It contains illustrations based on real-world applications. It is helpful for students of science, economics and engineering. The book covers topics like knots, robotics and graphs. It describes the importance of the application of topology to other fields.

10. “Topology” by K Chandrasekhara Rao
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