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1. “Introduction to Thermodynamics” by D R Gasekell

“Introduction to Thermodynamics” Book Review: Thermodynamic behaviour of various materials is elucidated in the book. It targets both students along with working professionals. Fundamental principles of thermodynamics are presented. Applications of the explained concepts are also discussed. Metallurgical engineering, ceramics, materials science subjects are dealt with in this text.

2. “Stoichiometry and Thermodynamics of Metallurgical Processes” by Y K Rao

Book Review: This book presents a wide coverage of numerous topics in the field of thermodynamics and stoichiometry and stresses mainly on the applications of processes related to metallurgy. The book also introduces students to the basics of physical chemistry and thermodynamics and further moves to advanced areas. This book is very suitable for courses in elementary thermodynamics, advanced thermodynamics and stoichiometry. The book includes both the theoretical aspects and practical aspects of different concepts. This book is suitable for material scientists, chemists, ceramicists and chemical engineers.

3. “Theory of Chemical Reaction Rates” by K J Laidler
4. “Thermodynamics and its Applications” by M Modell and R C Reid

“Thermodynamics and its Applications” by M Modell and R C Reid Book Review: The main idea of the book is classical thermodynamics concepts. It is recommended to students of graduate level courses in chemical thermodynamics. Theoretical concepts as well as a wide variety of applications are discussed in this text. Properties of both electrolyte and non-electrolyte mixtures are described. Readers can also find several examples and problems throughout the text.

5. “Thermodynamics and an Introduction to Thermostatics” by H B Callen

Book Review: This textbook covers both the concepts related to thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. This book also lets the students to master various topics related to thermodynamics. The book also carries presentation of ideas on many concepts that have been developed in the last few years and explains them in simple terms. The book also stresses on the pedagogical considerations without giving much importance to macroscopic thermodynamics and later the book also carries out integration of physical theory framework.

6. “Thermodynamics in Materials Science” by R T DeHoff

Book Review: This book presents the thermodynamic data that predicts the behavior of different materials that are used in the decision making process for most of the engineering applications. The book also carries out integration of principles, plans and thermo chemical data. The book also generates phase diagrams and corrosion diagrams. The book also describes the maps that are used for real world scenarios and thermodynamic problems. The book contains updated information on thermodynamic data, laws, definitions, strategies and tools.

7. “Thermodynamics of Materials with Memory” by John Murrough Golden

“Thermodynamics of Materials with Memory” Book Review: The focus of the book is on thermodynamics properties of materials with memory. It can be accessed by researchers, students alike. The contents of the book are covered in 4 parts. The first part of the book introduces the readers to the fundamentals of continuum mechanics. Continuum thermodynamics concepts along with free energies of materials with memory are presented in the subsequent sections. The last section emphasises on integro differential equations essential for the study of these materials. Other concepts covered include: classical Fluid Mechanics and Elasticity, viscoelastic solids, fluids, heat conductors, minimal state, controllability of thermoelastic systems with memory, the Saint-Venant problem for viscoelastic materials and the theory of inverse problems.

8. “The Thermodynamics of Simple Materials with Fading Memory (Springer Tracts in Natural Philosophy)” by William A Day

“The Thermodynamics of Simple Materials with Fading Memory (Springer Tracts in Natural Philosophy)” Book Review: Recent findings in order to understand the theory of thermodynamics of materials with memory is presented. It aids researchers, scientists and students of advanced level courses of thermodynamics or materials science. The concepts are presented in 5 broad chapters dealing with a variety of concepts. The book initially introduces the readers to the preliminaries of the subject along with a few fundamental mathematical concepts. Further chapters of the book dwell into the theory of thermodynamics, construction of entropy, Clausius inequality and various applications of the concepts.

9. “Thermodynamics of Materials: A Classical and Statistical Synthesis” by Hudson John

“Thermodynamics of Materials: A Classical and Statistical Synthesis” Book Review: Both classical and statistical standpoints of thermodynamics are explained. It targets working professionals, students of advanced level courses on thermodynamics. The book helps relate the classical and statistical approaches to thermodynamics. Molecular level properties of systems and their applications on a macroscopic scale are described. Calculation of macroscopic thermodynamic parameters is also covered. Readers can find several examples and problems strengthening the concepts.

10. “Problems in Metallurgical Thermodynamics and Kinetics” by G S Upadhyaya

“Problems in Metallurgical Thermodynamics and Kinetics” Book Review: The book deals with the theory, mathematical concepts required and applications of metallurgical thermodynamics. It is ideal for students of both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The book covers the essential theoretical concepts before dwelling into applications and mathematical solutions to a variety of problems. Readers can find numerous solved and unsolved examples and problems in and at the end of each chapter. Topics covered include: three laws of thermodynamics; Clausius-Clapeyron equation; fugacity, activity, and equilibrium constant; thermodynamics of electrochemical cells; and kinetics.

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