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1. “Functional Finishes for Textiles: Improving Comfort, Performance and Protection (Woodhead Publishing Series in Textiles)” by Roshan Paul

“Functional Finishes for Textiles: Improving Comfort, Performance And Protection (Woodhead Publishing Series in Textiles)” Book Review: This book reviews the most important fabric finishes in the textile industry. It discusses finishes designed to improve the comfort and other properties of fabrics, as well as finishes which protect the fabric or the wearer. Examines the mechanisms and chemistry behind different types of finishes and their methods of application, testing and future trends. Each chapter reviews the role of a finish, the mechanisms and chemistry behind the finish, types of finish and their methods of application, application to particular textiles, testing and future trends. Also considers environmental issues concerning functional finishes.

2. “Textile Fibers, Dyes, Finishes and Processes: A Concise Guide (Textile Series)” by Howard L Needles
3. “Tufted Carpet: Textile Fibers, Dyes, Finishes and Processes” by Needles
4. “Textile Dyes, Finishes and Auxiliaries” by Michael Bogle
5. “Textile Fibers Dyes:Processes and Finishes” by Pushpanjali
6. “Quilt with Tula and Angela: A Start-to-Finish Guide to Piecing and Quilting using Color and Shape” by Tula Pink and Angela Walters
7. “Handbook of Fiber Finish Technology” by Philip E Slade

“Handbook of Fiber Finish Technology” Book Review: This book discusses the components of textile finishes, and the chemical and physical properties of, as well as their effects on, various fibres. It covers fundamentals of fibre finish science, such as theories of friction; laboratory testing of formulations, from preliminary component evaluation to analyses for material characterization; and the influence of wetting, emulsification and finish distribution on coatings.

8. “Fluorinated Coatings and Finishes Handbook: The Definitive User’s Guide (Plastics Design Library)” by Laurence W McKeen

“Fluorinated Coatings and Finishes Handbook: The Definitive User’s Guide (Plastics Design Library) Book Review: This book is a guide for understanding fluoropolymer coatings. Covered are the coating and curing processes, and defects and trouble-shooting solutions when things do not work as expected, testing performance, and sample commercial applications. It discusses the basics of fluorocoating formulations, including ingredients and production processes. It addresses important questions frequently posed by end-user design engineers, coaters, and coatings suppliers in their quest for superior product qualities and shorter product and process development time.

9. “Textiles and Clothing Sustainability: Nanotextiles and Sustainability (Textile Science and Clothing Technology)” by Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu

“Textiles and Clothing Sustainability: Nanotextiles and Sustainability (Textile Science and Clothing Technology)” Book Review: This book highlights the sustainability aspects of the textiles and clothing sector in light of nanomaterials and technologies. It describes the invasion of nano in every industrial sector which has been important and has made remarkable changes as well as posed new challenges, including the textiles and clothing sector. It covers quite a great deal of research happening in terms of nano materials for textiles across the globe.

10. “Denim Finishes” by Rishab Manocha

“Denim Finishes” Book Review: This book aims to decode every step that takes place in achieving this look and to analyse the cost that is incurred at every step. The story of each wearer has been indelibly recorded on each pair- each abrasion pattern, area of wear and whiskering, each grease stain are tell tale signs of what each pair has lived through. Also illustrates a comparative study between two washing laundries of Lee. It focuses on a comparative study on the cost breakdown of both the laundries, and finds out the reason for the difference in their pricing and suggests the most suitable options for the competitive pricing of garments which will lead to cost saving and hence more profitability.

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