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1. “Building and Construction Materials: Testing and Quality Control (Lab Manual Series)” by Neha Jamwal and M L Gambhir

“Building and Construction Materials: Testing and Quality Control (Lab Manual Series)” Book Review: This Lab manual on “Building and Construction Materials” is expected to create in the peruser the ability to lead tests on building and development materials efficiently. The tests given in the manual will be a useful manual for the two understudies of structural designing just as the field engineers for their day-today reference.

2. “Mechanical Behaviour and Testing of Materials” by Bhargava A K

“MECHANICAL BEHAVIOUR AND TESTING OF MATERIALS” Book Review: This comprehensive book provides an insight into the mechanical behaviour and testing of metals, polymers, ceramics and composites, which are widely employed for structural applications under varying loads, temperatures and environments. Organized in 13 chapters, this book begins with explaining the fundamentals of materials, their basic building units, atomic bonding and crystal structure, further describing the role of imperfections on the behaviour of metals and alloys. The book then explains dislocation theory in a simplified yet analytical manner. The destructive and non-destructive testing methods are discussed, and the interpreted test data are then examined critically. Specifically designed for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, the book will be equally beneficial for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Mechanical engineering and related disciplines. Besides, the book will also be useful for the practising engineers.

3. “Highway Material Testing and Quality Control” by G Venkatappa Rao and K Ramachandra Rao

“Highway Material Testing and Quality Control” Book Review: This manual is exceptional in that it manages parkway material testing methods with an accentuation on translation of results and relates it to viable applications. This manual, other than filling in as a fundamental course book on interstate material testing techniques for understudies at the degree (B.E./B.Tech) and certificate levels (Civil Engineering), would be of monstrous reasonable incentive for field designers and testing labs. The striking highlights of this manual incorporate nitty gritty testing systems following the most recent codes and rules. Material testing is introduced in the manual in a simple to-follow way. It is extensively separated into seven modules managing soils, totals, bitumen, granular and bituminous blend plan, quality control, and asphalt assessment. Other fundamental highlights of this manual include: ordinary outcomes acquired from research facilities and field tests during proficient communication with experts at work. It additionally incorporates prepared to utilize perception sheets for moment understanding of test outcomes and avocation. Survey questions are given toward the finish of each testing methodology for better understanding and correction. Force direct introduction for all the tests and replies toward survey questions is likewise given.

4. “Material Testing Laboratory Manual For Quality Control” by Kukreja C B
5. “Testing Of Engineering Materials” by Davis H E
6. “Materials Testing for the Metal Forming Industry” by imusti

“Materials Testing for the Metal Forming Industry” Book Review: This book is routed to both examination researchers at colleges and specialized foundations and to engineers in the metal framing industry. It depends on the creator’s experience as top of the Materials Science Department of the In­ stitut fUr Umformtechnik at the University of Stuttgart. The book manages materials testing for the extraordinary requests of the metal forming industry. The overall strategies for materials testing, the extent that they are not straightforwardly identified with metal shaping, are not considered in detail since numerous books are accessible regarding this matter. Accentuation is put on the assurance of handling properties of metallic materials in metal framing, I. e. the framing conduct. This incorporates the assessment of stress-strain bends by pliable, up­ setting or twist tests just as deciding the constraints of formability. Among these subjects, unique accentuation has been laid upon ongoing improvements in the field of pressure and twist testing. The adaptability of test outcomes is talked about. Some testing techniques for the useful properties of workpieces in the last state after metal framing are portrayed. At last, techniques for testing device materials for mass metal shaping are dealt with. Testing techniques for surface properties and tribological boundaries have not been incorporated. The accentuation is put on the misshapening of the examples. Problems identified with the testing machines and estimating procedures just as the utilization of PCs are just thought to be in not many cases considered significant.

7. “Civil Engineering Materials and their Testing” by Hasan S D
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