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1. “Digital Telephony” by J Bellamy

Book Review: The book focuses on the system operation and their design procedures. The book also presents various techniques for coverage of all the aspects of digital telephone systems. The book also demonstrates the rapid advancements and changes in this field in the past few years. The author also explains digital technology conversion in telephone networks and explains the internals of telephone networks that carry data for internet access. The author stresses on system design and its implementation and also correlates practice to communication theory.

2. “Fundamentals of Digital Switching” by J C McDonald

Book Review: The book explains various concepts related to digital switching technology and digital networks. Packet switching technology has turned into a robust broadband technology which has eclipsed the flexibility of circuit switching. The book provides an insight into the chip industry where there is a change in the networks of switching systems. The book describes the breakup that has happened in the bell system of united states, new carrier types in Japan and various capabilities for networks that involve interactive and distributive services.

3. “Telecommunication Networks, Protocols, Modelling and Analysis” by M Schwartz

“Telecommunication Networks: Protocols, Modeling and Analysis” Book Review: This book offers a detailed treatment of protocols associated with both voice and data networks. Both packet switching and circuit switching are discussed with special emphasis on quantitative performance analysis of telecommunication network systems. The recent advances made in network technologies are also explored. This book is designed for electrical engineers and computer science professionals working with networks, data communication and distributed systems.

4. “Health-Care Telematics in Germany: Design and Application of a Security Analysis Method” by Sunyaev Ali Sunyaev

“Health-Care Telematics in Germany: Design and Application of a Security Analysis Method” Book Review: This book focuses on the recent advances and developments made in health-care telematics in Germany. This book successfully identifies security problems currently faced in German health-care telematics. With the help of tools, methods, and processes, the book proposes a method for organizational and technical analysis of security issues in health care in a structured and traceable way. It focuses on the methodological foundation of design-oriented artifact construction in Information Systems research and method engineering. A discussion on future scope for development in the health-care sector is also included.

5. “Home-Oriented Informatics and Telematics” by Andy ( Sloane)

“Home-Oriented Informatics and Telematics” Book Review: This book constitutes the proceedings of the Home-Oriented Informatics and Telematics conference held in York, U.K, April 13-15, 2005. Assistive technology, smart homes, home technology, memory aids, and home activity are covered in great detail. A separate portion of the book deals with appliance design, design methodology, time, space and virtual presence, social and ethical aspects. This book is ideal for teachers, administrators and home informatics experts, academic and professional researchers.

6. “Home Informatics and Telematics” by Sloane Van Rijn

“Home Informatics and Telematics: Information, Technology and Society” Book Review: This book contains the best papers from the proceedings of the HOIT2000 conference, entitled “IT at home: Virtual influences on everyday life”, held in Wolverhampton, U. K. The papers analyze the influence of the increasing use of computers and the rapid development of new telecommunications systems at home and at work, as well as the way people communicate with each other. Increasing use of the Internet is also studied to demonstrate the changes in how people view communication and access to information sources. This book is concerned with various disciplines such as computing, telecommunications, psychology, sociology, business studies etc.

7. “Telematics in the Transport Environment” by Jerzy Mikulski

“Telematics in the Transport Environment” Book Review: The book studies the increase in the efficiency of the transport system, road safety and environmental protection due to application of telematics. Theoretical and case studies investigating the solutions to intelligent transportation system problems in the countries of conference participants are also provided. The book is suitable for professionals, researchers, and students.

8. “Telematics and Transport Behaviour” by Peter Nijkamp and David Banister

“Telematics and Transport Behaviour” Book Review: This book systematically analyzes the various transport telematics options and presents a suitable methodological framework. The book also examines the empirical results obtained from actually applying these telematics systems in various transport sectors in different European countries. These findings are generalized and have been used to identify the key parameters which determine user response. Various geographic information systems and analytical models have been used to support these results.

9. “Smart Homes and Health Telematics” by M. Mounir and Helal A Mitra S

“Smart Homes and Health Telematics” Book Review: This book contains 21 full papers and 9 short papers from the proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Smart Homes and Health Telematics, ICOST 2014, held in Denver, CO, USA in June 2014. Design and usability, assistive and sentient environments, cognitive technology, and activity recognition are covered extensively. A detailed discussion on context and situation awareness, Health IT and short contributions is also provided.

10. “Universal Access in Health Telematics: A Design Code of Practice” by Constantine Stephanidis

“Universal Access in Health Telematics: A Design Code of Practice” Book Review: The book reports the findings of the Information Society for All project of proposing a validated code of universal access practice in health informatics. After a systematic introduction, a variety of scenario driven methods and approaches are provided for interactive software design. Students, researchers, and professionals can refer to this book.

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