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1. “Contemporary Crystallography” by M J Buerger

“Contemporary Crystallography” Book Review: The book starts with the introduction to the use of x-rays in the study of crystals. It includes topics like geometrical nature of order in crystals, diffraction of x-rays by crystals, reciprocal lattice, routine determination of symmetry by x-ray diffraction in its contents. Some important topics covered are cell contents and their general arrangement, investigation of the arrangement of atoms in the cell and fourier synthesis. It also includes methods like Weissenberg method, the precession method.

2. “X-ray Structure” by G H Stout and L H Jenson

“X-ray Structure” Book Review: The book introduces topics on the nature of x-rays, the diffraction process, the internal geometry of crystals, the selection and preparation of a crystal. It also includes techniques of measuring raw x-ray data are covered, plus their reduction into a usable form. It discusses both traditional and novel methods of solving the phase problem, the principal difficulty in x-ray structure determination. How to extract the most information from the data and how to evaluate its reliability, sources of error in practice and interpretation are also covered in the book.

3. “Application of X-Ray Diffraction Methods and Molecular Mechanics Simulations to Structure Determination” by Zakhia Moore

“Application of X-Ray Diffraction Methods and Molecular Mechanics Simulations to Structure Determination” Book Review: The studies of X-ray diffraction, fiber diffraction analyses and conjunction with molecular modeling are covered in the book. The book is related to the field of chemistry and suites for bachelors as well as masters and PH.D. degrees. Topics covered are sampling, data acquisition, data treatment and identification of x-rays. The structure determination of Cellulose IIII by x-ray diffraction and computer modeling is presented to show how the use of x-rays in weakly diffracting materials can generate a reliable structure and be a key component in model building.

4. “Analysis of Structures: Strength and Behaviour” by T S Thandavamoorthy

“Analysis of Structures: Strength and Behaviour” Book Review: The book provides coverage of concepts, basic definitions and analytical techniques that provide the foundation for the field of structural analysis. It also contains many current topics like safety auditing of structures, offshore structures and experimental stress analysis. Large number of worked-out examples and illustrations are also included.

5. “Structural Analysis – Vol. 2” by S S Bhavikatti

“Structural Analysis – Vol. 2” Book Review: The book deals with the analysis of indeterminate structures, and also special topics like curved beams and unsymmetrical bending. It includes indeterminate structural analysis and provides an introduction to advanced methods of analysis, namely matrix method and plastic analysis. Subject for civil engineering students who are required to analyse and design structures. A few topics like matrix method and plastic analysis are also taught. Summary for each chapter is also given.

6. “Diffraction Methods (Oxford Chemistry)” by John Wormald
7. “Determining Crystal Structure with Powder Diffraction Method” by Liang Jing Kui

“Determining Crystal Structure with Powder Diffraction Method” Book Review: The book is suitable for technical personnel who work on X ray crystallology and materials, as well as teachers and students of related majors in institutions of higher learning. brief introduction of crystallographic basis of X ray diffraction, the basic concepts crystal chemistry concerning compound structure, the experimental methods of X ray powder diffraction and the determination of X rays position are covered. It also gives a schematic illustration of the indexation of powder diffraction diagram, the accurate determination of lattice constants and methods to determine the new compound crystal structure. Powder diffraction and rietveld’s methods to determine the crystal structure, types of solid solution and superstructure, as well as the application of bond valence theory in the analysis of ionic crystal structure are also discussed.

8. “Electron Diffraction and Optical Diffraction Techniques: Practical Methods in Electron Microscopy v.1” by B E P Beeston
9. “Stereochemical Applications of Gas–Phase Electron Diffraction” by Hargittai

“Stereochemical Applications of Gas–Phase Electron Diffraction” Book Review: The book covers the development and present capabilities of gas electron diffraction. Contributions that deal with the combined application of various techniques are also given. It contains the structural information and also presents trends and interpretations of structural variations.

10. “Diffraction Methods for Biological Macromolecules” by Nathan P Colowick and Nathan P Kaplan

“Diffraction Methods for Biological Macromolecules” Book Review: The book deals with the field of biochemistry and biophysics. The series for researchers in all fields of life sciences. Its contents include topics for methods in enzymology and diffraction methods for biological macromolecules.

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