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1. “Statistical Physics” by F Reif

“Statistical Physics” Book Review: This book begins with fundamental probability concepts and statistical techniques. It explains statistical notions that are implemented to systems of particles in equilibrium. Furthermore it increases understanding of fundamental ideas of statistical mechanics which obtain macroscopic general statements of thermodynamics. It covers the subject of phase transformations and quantum gases. It also presents various common questions inculcating irreversible processes and fluctuations. It consists of almost 230 problems.

2. “Statistical Mechanics” by R K Pathria

“Statistical Mechanics” Book Review: This book is designed for graduates in the field of science and engineering.It contains recent growth in the area of phase transitions and critical phenomena. It comprises entire derivations and clear-cut explanations.It provides a great amount of practice in the techniques of statistical physics.

3. “Statistical Mechanics” by K Huang

“Statistical Mechanics” Book Review: This book presents a complete, brief foundation to the theory of microscopic anatomy that manage the recent thesis of analytical occurrence. It comprises the latest knowledge of current major advances. It also covers a complete explanation of thermodynamics and the classical kinetic theory of gases. Subjects like interesting implementation for instance superfluids and the quantum Hall effect. It contains various recent study applications. Furthermore it covers Landau-Wilson approach to critical phenomena. It comprises numerous problems and examples.

4. “Statistical Mechanics: Entropy, Order Parameters and Complexity” by James P Sethna

“Statistical Mechanics: Entropy, Order Parameters and Complexity” Book Review: This book is designed for progressive undergraduates, early graduate students pursuing in the area of physics and chemistry. It is very well suited for upcoming mathematicians, biologists, physicists and chemists. It comprises exercises with explanation of the complete area of research inculcating from chaos to information theory to life at the edge of creation. It covers recent advances and techniques of statistical mechanics.

5. “Statistical and Thermal Physics: An Introduction” by Lokanathan

“Statistical and Thermal Physics: An Introduction” Book Review: This book is designed for undergraduate students of physics. It is also appropriate for students of chemistry. It comprises skilful explanation of subjects of heat, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. This book comprises an integrated approach in explaining statistical physics with thermal phenomena. It provides fundamentals of macroscopic thermodynamics through statistical mechanics. It includes illustrations to explain Magnitudes of physical quantities. It comprises various questions and exercises.

6. “Heat Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics” by Subrahmaniyam N

“Heat Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics” Book Review: This book is appropriate firstly for B.Sc. Physics students and can also be referred to by engineering students. This book introduces the students with the basic laws of thermodynamics, kinetic theory & statistical physics. It covers the implementation of thermodynamics, kinetic theory and statistical physics to physics. It presents well built concepts. It includes many figures and illustrations to enable knowing concepts.

7. “Introduction to Statistical Physics” by Kerson

“Introduction to Statistical Physics” Book Review: It is drafted for advanced undergraduate students in physics.It covers various features of statistical physics. It includes numerous exercises. It explains phase transition in thermodynamics and stochastic processes in greater depth. It also inculcates recent research and upcoming techniques related to Bose–Einstein condensation. It contains an approachable explanation of the Ginsburg–Landau theory of the order parameter. The process is explained with implementation in information theory, the stock market, semiconductors and more.


8. “Thermal Physics: with Kinetic Theory, Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics” by S C Garg and R M Bansal

“Thermal Physics: with Kinetic Theory, Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics” Book Review: This textbook comprises a to the point and balanced description of all the fundamental concepts. It includes an abundance of solved and unsolved problems according to examination requirements. It covers subjects such as Maxwell’s Distribution, Entropy and Statistical Mechanics. It also contains other related topics like Transport Phenomenon, Laws of Thermodynamics and several others.

9. “Statistical Thermodynamics (Dover Books on Physics)” by Erwin Schrodinger

“Statistical Thermodynamics (Dover Books on Physics)” Book Review: This book provides an easy, integrated approach to tackling cases of statistical thermodynamics such as classical, quantum, Fermi-Dirac, etc. It explains the otherwise overlooked topics like Fowler’s monographs and Tolman’s monographs. It includes topics like Nernst’ Theorem, Fluctuations, the n-Particle problem, and several others. It also contains the problem of radiation, evaluation of formulae, etc.

10. “Statistical Physics of Particles” by Mehran Kardar

“Statistical Physics of Particles” Book Review: It explains the thermal features of matter related to its constituent particles. It explains fundamentals of the core concepts and tools of statistical physics. It comprises topics of probability, the central limit theorem and information theory. It includes interacting particles with ample explanation of the van der Waals equation along with its derivation by mean field approximation. It also comprises a combined group of problems. Furthermore it provides at the end of the book answers to some problems.

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