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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Speech Processing subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Speech Processing along with reviews.

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1. “Speech Communication: Human and Machine” by D O Shaughnessy

Book Review: The book provides an overview of the science of speech processing that keeps pace with the rapid advancements made in the field. This book is very useful for students of electrical engineering, computer scientists, system engineers, linguistics, audiologists, psychologists and people interested in speech communication. The book also describes how humans interpret and generate speech and also simulates code speech for efficient transmission. The book also provides integrated approach to human and machine speech production and contains upto date references in speech communication.

2. “Digital Processing of Speech Signals” by L R Rabiner and R W Schafer

Book Review: This is a very good textbook for semester courses in speech processing. This book demonstrates how digital signal processing techniques can be applied to problems related to speech communication. The book also provides a description about physical basis for speech coding that includes fourier analysis, digital representation, time and digital domain models of the waveform. The book also discusses homomorphic signal processing, linear predictive coding and machine communication digital processing by voice.

3. “Speech Analysis, Synthesis and Perception” by J L Flanagan

“Speech Analysis Synthesis and Perception” Book Review: This book extensively covers the developing field of digital communications. It also focuses on the different computer techniques for speech signal processing. This book is ideal for graduate level engineers and physicists as well as psycho­ physicists, phoneticians, speech scientists and linguists.

4. “Speech Processing in Mobile Environments” by RAO Vuppala

“Speech Processing in Mobile Environments” Book Review: This book provides valuable insights into the designing and evolving methods of processing speech in mobile environments. Special emphasis is put on speech processing in low-bit rate coding and varying background environments. Accurate estimation of robust speech events in noisy environments is presented for important speech tasks like speech recognition, speaker recognition and speech rate modification in mobile environments. The book also investigates temporal and spectral enhancement methods for reducing the effect of noise.

5. “Speech Processing in Modern Communication: Challenges and Perspectives” by Israel Cohen Jacob Benesty

“Speech Processing in Modern Communication: Challenges and Perspectives” Book Review: This book tackles the various challenges faced in the field of speech processing in modern communication. Speech enhancement in transient-noise environments and microphone arrays in noisy reverberant environments are explained in detail. In reverberant environments, the identification of relative transfer function between sensors for beamforming and beamforming methods for spherical microphone arrays are reviewed together. Acoustic echo cancellation is studied in double-talk scenarios and in the short-time Fourier transfer domain for linear and nonlinear system identification. Interference suppression, broadband source localization, dereverberation and single-channel blind source separation of speech and music signals are also explored. This book is suitable for engineers, researchers, and graduate students who work on speech processing for communication applications.

6. “Academic Press Library in Signal Processing: Image, Video Processing and Analysis, Hardware, Audio, Acoustic and Speech Processing” by Sergios Theodoridis

“Academic Press Library in Signal Processing: Image, Video Processing and Analysis, Hardware, Audio, Acoustic and Speech Processing” Book Review: This book offers a complete coverage of image, video processing and analysis, hardware, audio, acoustic and speech processing. The underlying principles, algorithms and applications of these topics also emphasize on their growing potential for future research. Both students and professionals can refer to this book.

7. “Digital Speech Processing: Synthesis, and Recognition” by Sadaoki Furui

“Digital Speech Processing, Synthesis, and Recognition” Book Review: This book provides a comprehensive overview of digital signal processing for speech along with synthesis and classic recognition techniques. The book also covers waveform unit concatenation-based speech synthesis, large vocabulary continuous-speech recognition based on statistical pattern recognition, the international standardization of robust and flexible speech coding techniques, etc. Both students and professionals can refer to this book.

8. “Introducing Speech And Language Processing” by John Coleman

“Introducing Speech and Language Processing” Book Review: This book presents a comprehensive treatment of speech and language processing. Essential topics such as digital signal processing, speech analysis and synthesis, finite-state machines, automatic speech recognition, parsing and probabilistic grammars are covered with the help of C and Prolog programming languages. Prerequisite knowledge of basic linguistics and speech science is required to fully grasp the content of this book. This book is suitable for students and professionals.

9. “Speech, Audio, Image and Biomedical Signal Processing Using Neural Networks” by Speech Audio Image And Biomedical Signal Processing Using Neural Networks

“Speech, Audio, Image and Biomedical Signal Processing using Neural Networks” Book Review: This book presents the recent developments made in the field of artificial neural networks and their applications in speech, audio, image and biomedical signal processing. This peer-reviewed volume reviews the cognitive, industrial and scientific tasks that are performed by artificial neural networks. Both students and professionals can refer to this book.

10. “Speech Processing, Recognition and Artificial Neural Networks” by G Chollet and G M Dibenedetto

“Speech Processing, Recognition and Artificial Neural Networks” Book Review: This book consists of selected papers describing the experiments and theories related to acoustic phonetics along with recent advances in speech science and technology. Fundamentals of speech analysis and perceptron, speech processing, and stochastic models for speech are dealt with in the beginning of the book whereas auditory and neural network models for speech and task-oriented applications of automatic speech recognition and synthesis are dealt with in the subsequent chapters.

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