23 Best Books on Pathology

We have compiled a list of the Best Reference Books on Pathology, which are used by students of top universities, and colleges. This will help you choose the right book depending on if you are a beginner or an expert. Here is the complete list of Pathology Books with their authors, publishers, and an unbiased review of them as well as links to the Amazon website to directly purchase them. If permissible, you can also download the free PDF books on Pathology below.

1. Special Pathology

1."A Textbook of Veterinary Special Pathology" by Vegad J L
“A Textbook of Veterinary Special Pathology” Book Review: This book is a useful study of infectious diseases of livestock and poultry. Infections caused by all classes of pathogen are covered, including those of prion. The book includes latest developments and concepts on the pathogenesis of infectious diseases and an emphasis has been given on the molecular mechanisms involved. All chapters include a brief review of introduction, elements in the production of an infectious disease, evasion of the immune response by the pathogen and the host reaction. The book also contains comparative aspects of human diseases wherever applicable, highlighting the zoonotic implications. This book is intended for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. It will be equally useful to the teaching community, the field veterinarians, disease diagnosticians, wildlife clinicians and poultry farmers.

2."Special Pathology and Diagnostics, with Therapeutic Hints (Classic Reprint)" by C G Raue
3."The Principles Of Medicine An Introduction To The Study Of Special Pathology" by E R Eggleston
“The Principles Of Medicine An Introduction To The Study Of Special Pathology” Book Review: This book covers basic and systematic pathology and each topic is summarized at the end of the chapter. It includes the latest information on different topics, including genetic diseases, hemodynamics, and molecular biology. The book focuses on a clear and concise way that helps students understand basic science and clinical medicine. It explains basic pathology principles and offers comprehensive knowledge on disease mechanisms by providing clinical photographs, histopathology images and clear graphics. A self-assessment section allows the reader to check their understanding of the subject and aid exam preparation. The book will be useful for students as well as medical practitioners and researchers.

4."The Law of Natural Healing: Special Pathologies: 3 (The Canon of Medicine)" by Avicenna and Laleh Bakhtiar
“The Law of Natural Healing: Special Pathologies: 3 (The Canon of Medicine)” Book Review: This book is a complete and detailed study of special pathologies. It presents various diseases in a systematic manner from the brain to the toes. It focuses on the etiology, symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of these diseases with simple and compound drugs. In the head section, it covers the brain (temperaments, headache in all its aspects, organic diseases of the brain, epilepsy, paralysis, etc.), eye, ear, nose, mouth, throat and teeth. In the chest section it provides a coverage of lungs, heart and breasts. Also, in the Alimentary tract the book covers stomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder, spleen, Intestines and the anus, disorders of the rectum. Besides, the book also covers the male reproductive system, the female reproductive system, conception, pregnancy and diseases of women. The book is useful for veterinary students, researchers as well as practitioners in the field.

5."Immunosuppression-Associated Pathology: Special Topic Issue: Pathobiology 2013: 80-6" by M Tinguely and B Borisch
“Immunosuppression-Associated Pathology: Special Topic Issue: Pathobiology 2013: 80-6” Book Review: The book provides an overview of the latest developments and evolving concepts in the pathology in patients with secondary immunosuppression. The book focuses on pathologies evolving from secondary immunodeficiency states induced by immune-modulatory drug therapy. In the introduction, biological concepts of immune-modulatory drugs currently in use or appearing on the market in the near future are explained. The book also focuses on rarely involved patient’s age groups such as pediatric patients as well as on particular anatomical sites such as the central nervous system and the skin. The book will be useful for general and specialized pathologists as well as clinicians treating patients with immunomodulatory and immunosuppressive drugs and pharmaco-scientists.

6."Advanced Pathology and Treatment of diseases of Poultry With Special Reference to Etiology, Signs, Pathology and Management" by C D N Singh and L N Prasad
“Advanced Pathology and Treatment of diseases of Poultry With Special Reference to Etiology, Signs, Pathology and Management” Book Review: This book is a study of advanced pathology and diseases in poultry. It covers the latest developments in the field and includes pathological changes in different poultry diseases. The book provides information in relation to signs, gross and microscopic lesions of avian diseases prevalent in poultry flock for their quick diagnoses. The book is designed for students of the veterinary colleges, diagnosticians engaged in disease investigation and practicing veterinarians in different states of this country. It will serve students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the veterinary colleges.

7."The Pathology of the Teeth: With Special Reference to Their Anatomy and Physiology (Classic Reprint)" by Carl Wedl
“The Pathology of the Teeth: With Special Reference to Their Anatomy and Physiology (Classic Reprint)” Book Review: This book covers the diseases related to teeth and focuses on the anatomy and physiology of the diseases. The book covers some prevalent diseases such as diseases related to the inflammation of the periodontium tissue, those related to the inflammation of gingiva, oral cancer etc. The book includes pictures throughout that help in detailed study of the subject matter. Every chapter starts with an introduction and then goes on to cover all the important aspects in detail. The book not only provides theoretical understanding but follows a practice-oriented approach as well. The diseases are discussed thoroughly along with the treatment associated with them. The book will be useful for undergraduate students of medicine and will also benefit medical practitioners particularly dentists.

8."The Pathology of Mediastinal Tumours with Special Reference to Diagnosis (Classic Reprint)" by John Lindsay Steven
9."Robbins Basic Pathology: with Student Consult Online Access" by Kumar
“Robbins Basic Pathology: with Student Consult Online Access” Book Review: This book written by Kumar is a helpful guide to all understudies and experts and provides them all the data they require in regard to the basic ideas of pathology. This book covers all the chapters in the subject accordance with the idea and has been put together by experts with abundant involvement with the field. This book features all the main ideas of pathogenesis and morphology in a simplified and productive way to fabricate a more noteworthy comprehension among understudies with added highlights, for example, amended work of art and target treatment enclosures. It relates the association between essential science and clinical medication with a new introduction style that will draw in the perusers attention. This book with student consult goes about as an instructive guide for all the understudies endeavoring their clinical tests such as USMLE.

2. Applied Forest Pathology

1."Principles of Forest Pathology" by F H Tainter
“Principles of Forest Pathology” Book Review: This book concentrates on the practical concepts of forest diseases and on practical measures to minimize damage and loss. It explains the study of the problems and damage to forests due to: plant diseases, insects, fire, weather, and animals. This reference book is used as both a forestry book and a plant pathology book. First part f the book discusses general topics and principles, including both abiotic causes and biotic causes such as fungi, bacteria, mycoplasma, and viruses. The other part illustrates the details of particular forest diseases and offers practical management suggestions.

2."Pine Wilt Disease" by Kazuyoshi Futai and Bo Guang Zhao
“Pine Wilt Disease” Book Review: This book explains the history of the disease, pathogenic nematodes, vector beetles and the etiology. It discusses the ecology of the disease, microorganisms involved, and control methods that utilize host resistance and biological control agents. The book provides complete, comprehensive and current knowledge about the worldwide forest epidemic. It helps readers to understand the nature and epidemic threat of pine wilt disease.

3."Forest Pathology" by John Shaw Boyce
4."Forest Pathology: From Genes to Landscapes" by John E Lundquist
“Forest Pathology: From Genes to Landscapes” Book Review: This book provides a review on both basic and applied research and covers in detail topics including, genomics, molecular epidemiology, ecosystem pathology. It explains pathogenesis, blue stain, development of transgenic hosts, operational disease resistance strategies, spatial analysis of diseased landscapes, and landscape pathology. The book demonstrates how forest pathology is controlling tree diseases and also taken on many new dimensions, cutting across many disciplines. It is essential for forest pathology scientists, forest managers and ecologists, molecular biologists and geneticists, and landscape ecologists. It can also be useful for researchers as a reference guide.

5."Hand Book on Forest Pathology" by Ushamalini Chinnaswamy and Saravanakumar Duraisamy
“Hand Book on Forest Pathology” Book Review: This is designed for forestry students of Undergraduate and research studies in PG and Ph.D. programmes in Forestry. It explains disease including expression of symptoms useful for the tree growers for identification of various diseases. The book contains twenty eight chapters which are brief about the basics of forest pathology. It provides in-depth information on diseases of pulpwood trees, tree borne oilseeds, industrial wood trees and wood decays. This book is also useful for students, academicians and researchers of various phases involved in forestry studies and activities.

6."Atlas and Manual of Plant Pathology" by E H Barnes
“Atlas and Manual of Plant Pathology” Book Review: This book contains a wide range of the diagnostic and experimental aspects of plant pathology. It highlights the field recognition of symptoms and signs.

7."Challenging Problems in Horticultural and Forest Pathology" by R C Sharma and G N Sharama
8."Viral Genes and Plant Pathogenesis" by Thomas P Pirone and John G Shaw
“Viral Genes and Plant Pathogenesis” Book Review: This book gives a detailed version of papers presented at the Symposium on Viral Genes and Plant Pathogenesis held at Lexington. It also contains pertinent discussion of the papers presented at the symposium, as well as summaries, observations and projections of future research directions.

3. Phycology, Mycology and Plant Pathology

1."Microbiology, Phycology, Mycology, Lichenology and Plant Pathology" by S Sreekumar
“Microbiology, Phycology, Mycology, Lichenology and Plant Pathology” Book Review: The book is useful for the students in the undergraduate programs in Botany. The book mainly focuses on the core concepts of Microbiology, Phycology, Mycology, Lichenology and Plant Pathology. It covers topics like structure, reproduction and economic importance of lower organisms. It provides knowledge of the nature around us. Along with that, it also covers topics like the systematic positions of lower organisms based in accepted systems, diversity in structure and life cycle.

2."Mycology, Plant Pathology and Lichenology" by AnnieRagland and V Kumaresan
3."Text Book of Mycology and Plant Pathology" by Y S Paul
4."Plant Pathology and Mycology : A Treatise" by G Bagyanarayana and H N Gour
5."Mycotoxicology: Introduction to the Mycology, Plant Pathology, Chemistry, Toxicology and Pathology of Naturally Occurring Mycotoxicoses in Animals and Man" by W F O Marasas and Paul E Nelson
6."Mycology And Plant Pathology" by Sambamurthy
We have put a lot of effort into researching the best books on Pathology and came out with a recommended list and their reviews. If any more book needs to be added to this list, please email us. We are working on free pdf downloads for books on Pathology and will publish the download link here. Fill out this Pathology books pdf download" request form for download notification.

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