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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Soft Skills For Employability subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Soft Skills For Employability along with reviews.

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1. “Soft Skills” by Hariharan S and S P Shanmugapriya

“Soft Skills” Book Review: This volume focuses on developing communication skills, creativity, analytical thinking, problem-solving ability etc. It provides an introduction and an outline on soft skills. It provides knowledge of life skills, appropriate attitude, emotional intelligence. Furthermore it also presents ways for self development, process of communication, listening, speaking and reading skills. It also covers professional writing strategies, telephone skills, interview skills, negotiation skills, time management and stress management.

2. “Soft Skills: Know Yourself and Know the World” by Alex

“Soft Skills: Know Yourself and Know the World” Book Review: This volume introduces the students with the aspects of soft skills in order to familiarise today’s dynamic workforce. It provides a strong base of the appropriate soft skills especially in the corporate world. It emphasizes on career planning, body language, teamwork, etiquette, time & stress management. It contains numerous figures and exercises. It focuses on Self-Discovery, developing a positive attitude, Art of listening, reading, Speaking, and Writing. It further covers skills such as forming values, improving perception, Career Planning, Body Language, Teamwork, Preparing CV/Résumé, etc.

3. “Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person” by Beverly Jaeger

“Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person” Book Review: It equips the problems highly sensitive people face along with feeling engulfed by work pressures, overstimulation in the workplace and lack of confidence. It describes why traditional work doesn’t work for you and ways to handle it. It presents proven approaches to find work you can accept, inculcating identification of specific perspectives of any job that results in unhappiness, not taking up specific jobs that don’t work for HSPs. It also explains what to do to get out; discovering your true calling and how to let a calling find you and finding a job that brings joy, creativity and the highest level of satisfaction.

4. “Enhancing Soft Skills” by Dipali Biswas

“Enhancing Soft Skills” Book Review: The book provides methods of developing one’s visibility in the corporate world and ways to present your relational skills by enhancing presentation skills, listening skills, interview skills and public speaking. It covers writing skills such as writing technical reports, technical articles, business correspondence, business letters, minutes of meetings and many more. It explains about business ethics, telephone etiquettes, managing time and practicing meditation.

5. “Soft Skills – Enhancing Employability: Connecting Campus with Corporate” by M S Rao

“Soft Skills – Enhancing Employability: Connecting Campus with Corporate” Book Review: This volume provides a bridge between the campus and the corporate by filling the gap between the campus and the industry and by combining both the art and the craft. It supplies understanding and appreciation of soft and hard skills. It discriminates between unemployability and unemployment. The text highlights expectations of employers. It presents one the tools and methods to develop one’s employability. It develops confidence and competence. The book directs several aspects of soft skills and what comprise soft skills. It explains the recent issues in the Indian educational system. It also focuses on overcoming the challenges. It presents the secrets and approaches in increasing employability.

6. “Enhancing Employability @ Soft Skills” by Shalini Verma

“Enhancing Employability @ Soft Skills” Book Review: the volume aims to bring into light that soft skills are essential for one’s career growth by which one can manage one’s self, people and workplace. The text is written in case based method and is accessible through examples. It also contains quizzes along with answers. It aims at self-improvement. The book presents an explanation of What are Soft Skills? Why are Soft Skills essential for Sustainable Employability? It focuses on enhancing soft skills and emotional intelligence for Career Advancement. Furthermore self-esteem for image management and Personal Branding, work-life balance and Stress Management are also explained.

7. “Get your First Job: A companion for getting your first job – A Guide to Employability Skills and Career Planning” by A J Balasubramanian and Dr J Sadakkadulla

“Get your First Job: A companion for getting your first job – A Guide to Employability Skills and Career Planning” Book Review: The work describes the topic of employability and assists graduates and students to learn the essential skills to become employable. This book is based on a model called “Diamond ASSET competency Model”. It provides employability comprehensively which would be handy for young graduates to acquire their job.

8. “Soft Skills at Work: Technology for Career Success” by Beverly Amer

“Soft Skills at Work: Technology for Career Success” Book Review: this volume is an assemblage work which encompasses a printed workbook and a CD consisting of live-action videos. The book will be handy for students to develop the soft skills essential to acquire a job and succeed in their profession and within the workplace.

9. “BEST: Basic Employability Skills Training: Volume 1” by Sally J Vonada and JoAnn Brunner
10. “Personal Transferable Skills in Accounting Education RPD” by Kim Watty and Beverley Jackling

“Personal Transferable Skills in Accounting Education RPD” Book Review: the volume explains how generic skills are being immersed and analyzed in the accounting curriculum by academics from a range of perspectives. Each chapter provides an account of how the challenge of incorporating generic skills in the accounting curriculum within particular educational environments has been addressed. The challenges involved in generic skills development in higher education have not been limited to the accounting discipline. This book provides examples which potentially inform a wide range of discipline areas. Academics will benefit from reading the experiences of incorporating generic skills in the accounting curriculum from across the globe.

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