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1. “Transducers and Instrumentation” by D V S Murthy

“Transducers and Instrumentation” Book Review: The book is a rich source of knowledge in its field. The author has compressed his stock of knowledge in this volume. It provides detailed discussion on topics like data display, transmission and telemetry systems and signal processing all while focusing on the latest technologies It contains a detailed analysis of characteristics and principles of transducers and industrial sensors used in the transducers. The book has an edge over others because of its pictorial representation.

2. “Principles of Measurement Systems” by J P Bentley

”Principles of Measurement Systems” Book Review: This book is clearly designed for people new to this field. As it includes minute topics and has been successful to explain the basic principles in depth and with great clarity. It has a lot of knowledge related to old technology. This volume covers the topics like solid-state electronics, computing, optoelectronics and many other areas where measurement systems are used. It also provides solution manuals to the additional problems provided at an introductory and basic level.

3. “Microsensors: Principles and Applications” by J W Gardner

Book Review: The book describes microsensors which are built with the help of conventional thick and thin film technologies which also include recent technologies like silicon micromachining. The book contains chapters on basic signal processing, processing of materials for the fabrication of microsensors. The other topics included in the book are physical, chemical and mechanical principles that are used and the advantages that occur from the application of smart sensors and microsensor array devices. The book also contains numerous examples.

4. “Semiconductor Sensors” by S M Sze

“Semiconductor Sensors” Book Review: This book is very smartly designed for beginners. It provides complete coverage to all topics and important aspects of semiconductor sensing devices. It’s order goes in a very systematic fashion starting with semiconductor sensor classification and terminology and going further to description of semiconductor technology, bulk and micromachining. Every chapter has a short gist about it and is backed with problem statements. It also discusses the future sensor trends.

5. “Measurement, Instrumentation And Sensors Handbook” by John G Webster

“Measurement, Instrumentation And Sensors Handbook” Book Review: This book is a great contribution to the world of readers. It carries an upper edge due to its broad spectrum included in it which is not only restricted to chemistry, physics or engineering sensors. It gives a huge theory knowledge and describes the use of instruments for practical measurement. The book examines software, hardware, techniques, sensors, automatics data acquisition and much more.

6. “Measurement, Instrumentation, and Sensors Handbook” by Webster and Eren

“Measurement, Instrumentation, and Sensors Handbook” Book Review: This book is the second edition, this edition is more effective in certain areas like electromagnetic, radiation, biomedical and chemical measurements. It is filled with contributions from the field experts and gives detailed information about those contributions. This book can be used by academic faculty, students, designers, managers, scientists and industry professionals. It provides a great understanding to the readers from beginners level to the experts.

7. “Instrumentation and Sensors for the Food Industry” by Kress-Rogers

“Instrumentation and Sensors for the Food Industry” Book Review: This is the second edition of the book but it hasn’t failed to keep up the pace with the industry. It provides a description to all the advanced technologies. It is revised mainly to include some of the main topics which are of great use like development of on-line sensors, the measurement of food composition by a range of techniques, including colour measurement and the measurement of pressure, temperature, level, flow and viscosity. The part two of the book tries to present some of the instrumental techniques.

8. “Sensors and Signal Conditioning” by John G Webster Pall

“Sensors and Signal Conditioning” Book Review: The book is very uniquely designed by covering two main topics viz. Signal conditioning and Signal sensors and providing the readers a link between them. It is of great use for innovators and sensor designers who wish to learn about sensing and conditioning of sensors. It includes many more topics as compared to its first edition. The topics included in this edition are Wiegand sensors, fluxgate magnetometers, position-sensitive detectors and semiconductor-junction nuclear radiation detectors.

9. “Biomedical Sensors and Instruments” by P Ake Oberg Toshiyo Tamura Tatsuo Togawa

“Biomedical Sensors and Instruments” Book Review: The book is very well designed to explain how precisely one can measure the living body. As we know that it’s difficult to measure a living body as compared to an object but this book makes it very simple. It talks about accurate measurements of physiological signals and the required sensor for the same. It contains theory and practical knowledge as well. It discusses the effects on sensors due to the various factors caused by any living body namely flow, pressure, sensor, heat flow, evaporation, biomagnetism and many more.

10. “Sensors, Instrumentation and Special Topics” by Proulx

“Sensors, Instrumentation and Special Topics” Book Review: This is the sixth edition of this book and this time too they have been upcoming with very new and innovative topics of the field. It also compiles a lot of contributions made in the area of research so that the readers can gain knowledge on it. It also has a compilation of case studies on applied aspects of Structural Dynamics. It also includes papers on Structural Control, Dynamics of Multi-Physical Systems, Biological Systems, Analytical Methods, Dynamic Systems and Simulation.

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