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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Satellite Oceanography subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Satellite Oceanography along with reviews.

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1. “Satellite Altimetry in Geodesy and Oceanography (Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences)” by Reiner Rummel and Fernando Sansò

“Satellite Altimetry in Geodesy and Oceanography (Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences)” Book Review: The book covers the theory of satellite altimetry and forthcoming space mission. It covers both disciplines i.e. geodesy and oceanography, which are deeply involved in the analysis and in the use of the altimetric signal. It also covers physical theory of ocean circulation, the theory of tides and the ocean time-variability from the point of view of oceanography and the orbit theory. It also shows the formation of the radial orbital error. It has the analysis of geodetic boundary value problems, the integrated determination of the gravity field and of the radial orbital error. Book for oceanographers and geodesists.

2. “Measuring the Oceans from Space: The principles and methods of satellite oceanography (Springer Praxis Books)” by Ian S Robinson

“Measuring the Oceans from Space: The principles and methods of satellite oceanography (Springer Praxis Books)” Book Review: This book covers the fundamental principles of measuring oceans from space and also contains state-of-the-art developments in data analysis and interpretation and in sensors. It also covers advances in oceanography that have grown out of remote sensing. It also has applications of remotely sensed data to ocean science, modelling, forecasting and prediction of the ocean.

3. “Introduction to satellite oceanography (Remote Sensing of Earth Resources and Environment)” by G A Maul

“Introduction to satellite oceanography (Remote Sensing of Earth Resources and Environment)” Book Review: This book has application of the technology of aerospace electromagnetic remote sensing to the study of the oceans. It has all about the planet’s hydrosphere and remote sensing technology. It also has an analogy to Ii plankton net.

4. “Discovering the Ocean from Space: The unique applications of satellite oceanography (Springer Praxis Books)” by Ian S Robinson

5. “Regional Satellite Oceanography” by Serge Victorov

“Regional Satellite Oceanography” Book Review: The book contains a whole range of problems related to the application of satellite technology to studies of regional seas and sea phenomena. It covers fundamental idiosyncrasies specific to the regional perspective. It describes implementation techniques, data gathering in situ data assurance, algorithms for parameter retrieval, data storage and data output. The book contains satellite imagery and incorporates case studies from areas such as the Baltic and the Black Sea. The book also describes planning the execution of the Earth Observation system by the former USSR.

6. “Satellite Altimetry in Geodesy and Oceanography (Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences)” by Fernando Sanso and Reiner Rummel
7. “Satellite oceanography” by Fred Everdale

“Satellite oceanography” Book Review: This book presents MEAD’s initial work in the field of marine remote sensing utilizing the NOAA-n AVHRR data with emphasis on the east coast of US. It also describes methods for filtering the data for the reduction of pixel-to-pixel variability, separating land/cloud features from water and displaying image representation of the SST field. It also lists techniques that are applicable to other regions of the world.

8. “Oceanography from Space (Marine Science)” by J F Gower

“Oceanography from Space (Marine Science)” Book Review: This book lists the proceedings of the COSPAR/SCOR/IUCRM Symposium held in May 1980 in Venice, Italy. It lists the benefits of the new satellite technology being developed. The book shows the variety of measurement techniques available or possible, and many of the types of studies in which they can be used. Every chapter has a brief introduction while summarizing important results.

9. “Potential of satellite microwave sensing for hydrology and oceanography measurements” by John C Alishouse
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