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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Programming Language PHP subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Programming Language PHP along with reviews.

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1. “Web Technologies: HTML, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, JAVA, JSP, ASP.NET, XML and Ajax, Black Book: HTML, Javascript, PHP, Java, Jsp, XML and Ajax, Black Book” by Kogent Learning Solutions Inc.
2. “Web Enabled Commercial Application Development Using HTML, JavaScript, DHTML and PHP ( 4th Revised Edition ) CD-ROM Included” by Ivan Batross
3. “PHP: The Complete Reference” by Steven Holzner

“PHP: The Complete Reference” Book Review: The book elaborate about personalizing the PHP work space, defining operators and variables. It helps in understanding to access database information, track client preferences and publishing applications to the web.

4. “HTML 5 Black Book, Covers CSS 3, JavaScript, XML, XHTML, AJAX, PHP and jQuery” by DT Editorial Services
5. “PHP Microservices” by Carlos Perez Sanchez and Pablo Solar Vilarino

“PHP Microservices” Book Review: The book provides introductory information about microservices. It helps in building a basic platform using docker and vagrant. It explores topics such as testing, securing and deploying microservices. It also contains few important devops techniques that help in progressing more complex domains. It elaborates about transforming any monolithic applications into microservices.

6. “PHP Programming and MySQL For Beginners: A Simple Start To PHP & MySQL (Written By A Software Engineer)” by Scott Sanderson

“PHP Programming and MySQL For Beginners: A Simple Start To PHP & MySQL (Written By A Software Engineer)” Book Review: This book is for beginners wanting to understand programming. It consists of topics like variables in PHP, conditional logic, php and html forms and arrays.

7. “PHP for the Web: Visual QuickStart Guide” by Larry Ullman

“PHP for the Web: Visual QuickStart Guide” Book Review: The book is designed to be used by both beginners as well as experts. This book provides detailed instructions and plenty of screenshots to teach beginning and intermediate users. It consists of easy to understand and concise explanations of the subject.

8. “Beginning PHP 5.3 (WROX)” by Matt Doyle

“Beginning PHP 5.3 (WROX)” Book Review: This book is for beginners interested in PHP. The book is a guide to install and configure PHP 5.3. It introduces simple programs and basic building blocks of PHP such as variables, operators, expressions and arrays. It elaborates in-depth PHP topics of building robust web applications.

9. “Programming: C ++ Programming : Programming Language For Beginners: LEARN IN A DAY! (C++, Javascript, PHP, Python, Sql, HTML, Swift)” by Os Swift
10. “Modular Programming with PHP 7” by Branko Ajzele

“Modular Programming with PHP 7” Book Review: The book provides users with a symfony framework. It explores the fundamentals of modular design techniques with respect to PHP 7. It is a combination of theory knowledge with practical applications of PHP.

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