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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Process Equipment Design and Economics subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Process Equipment Design and Economics along with reviews.

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1. “Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers” by M S Peters and K D Timmerhaus

Book Review: This book contains different chapters on process synthesis, computer aided design and chemical reactor design. The book carries out updating of economic analysis, equipment sizing and cost estimation. The book also contains numerous real world examples thereby stressing on usage of computers in design, economic evaluation and optimization. The book also features different concepts, strategies and approaches in the usage of computers. This is a very useful textbook in chemical process design and evaluation.

2. “Strategy of Process Engineering” by D F Rudd and C C Watson

Book Review: This book illustrates the concept of decision making in process systems design that occurs either in external environment or assumed process models. The book also discusses the traditional approaches to deal with the uncertainties and also illustrates the application of empirical overdesign factors to different solutions. The book also discusses the approaches that have been proposed to address uncertainties in process design. The book also explains the formulations that have been developed that deal with issues like flexibility, robustness, and controllability and decision theory.

3. “Cost and Optimization Engineering” by F C Jelen and J H Black

Book Review: This book describes the concepts of refinery gas turbine cogeneration plants which normally occur in the arab gulf area. The book demonstrates the calculation of number of performance parameters related to thermodynamics. These parameters are steam efficiency, electrical efficiency, power to heat ratio, fuel saving rate to name a few. The book also demonstrates break-even analysis method that is used for economic analysis. The book also illustrates the effects of variations in fixed costs as well as variable costs.

4. “Chemical Process Equipment: Selection and Design” by James R Couper

Book Review: This is a very good reference book for engineers who deal with design, specification of chemical and process plants. The book also provides information on selection, sizing, process equipment operations and deals with the decision making on many standard processes. The book also improves productivity and stresses on the real world equipment design and focuses on performance maximization. The book also provides manufacturers data, many examples and shortcut methods to explain design procedures, The book also makes use of graphs and tables to demonstrate performance data.

5. “Process Equipment Design” by M V Joshi

Book Review: This is a very good textbook for students and professionals dealing with chemical engineering and explains the mechanical equipment that is used in the chemical process industry. The book also discusses various aspects of designing and building equipment that is used in chemical engineering industry. The book also explains the basic concepts that are involved in process equipment design. The book contains chapters on storage vessels, reaction vessels, machine element design, heat exchangers, mixers, filters, process hazards and many more.

6. “Process Equipment Design” by Young Brownell

“Process Equipment Design” Book Review: The book in discussion presents topics on numerous equipment used in a plethora of processes. The book is recommended to students interested in the domain of process equipment. The book mainly talks about the different criteria and requirements of equipment design. Cylindrical vessels with different dimensional specifications, proportionality is explained in the book. Design process of multi-layered vessels is elucidated. A few other topics include: selection of appropriate materials, maintaining various physical factors like pressure.

7. “Chemical Process Equipment: Design and Drawing” by Maidargi Suresh C

“Chemical Process Equipment: Design and Drawing” Book Review: This book acquaintances the reader with the equipment used in various processing industries. It is prescribed for students and practitioners alike. All the equipment drawings of the book follow BIS 696–1972 methodology. Symbolic representations of equipment used in chemical, food processing and pharma industries are introduced and illustrated. Commonly used equipment are drawn in different shapes and sizes for better understanding. The book also presents a chapter on computerized drawing methods.

8. “The Finishing Process of Paper Production – A Selection of Classic Articles on the Methods and Equipment Used in the Paper Industry” by Various

“The Finishing Process of Paper Production – A Selection of Classic Articles on the Methods and Equipment Used in the Paper Industry” Book Review: The book includes standard and novel methods of paper production. The book is a collection of various publications in the domain of paper manufacturing. It includes various titles like: “The History of Paper Production” “A Guide to the Economics of the Paper Industry” “The Beating Process in Paper Production” to name a few. It introduces various aspects of the paper industry to anyone new to the subject.

9. “Guidelines for Process Equipment Reliability Data, with Data Tables” by Lastcenter For Chemical Process Safety

“Guidelines for Process Equipment Reliability Data, with Data Tables” Book Review: The book talks about the aspects of running a chemical process quantitative risk analysis. The book consists of a total of 8 chapters and a series of appendices. The first few chapters of the book provide introduction to the topics, equipment for failure rate data, CCPS taxonomy. Subsequent chapters dwell into data base, sources, CCPS generic failure rate data base. The last chapters deal with failure rate data transfer, supplemental references.

10. “Process Equipment Design: Vessel Design” by Young Brownell

“Process Equipment Design: Vessel Design” Book Review: The book deals with the design and construction of containers, vessels used in the field. It is recommended to practitioners of the field, It describes the various factors to be considered in the design of a vessel. Numerous types of vessels classified on the basis of their geometry are also listed. The book further talks about design considerations of each type of vessel and thereby explaining the process equipment design.

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