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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Power Generation and Systems Planning subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Power Generation and Systems Planning along with reviews.

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1. “Analysis of Engineering Cycles” by R W Haywood

“Analysis of Engineering Cycles” Book Review: The book mainly deals with an analysis of performance and design of work producing power plants as well as work absorbing refrigerating and gas liquefaction plants. The book is divided into two parts, simple power and refrigerating plants and complex power and refrigerating plants. This format of the book will help the reader to understand and get a strong grip on the simpler concepts first before they move on to dwell into the complex concepts. The various topics covered in the textbook include power plant performance measures and criteria, simple steam power plant, internal combustion power plant, advanced steam power plant, advanced gas turbine plant etc. The textbook will benefit not only engineering students but teachers as well as practicing engineers in the field of thermodynamics.

2. “Boiler Control Systems” by D Lindsay
3. “Least Cost Electrical Utility / Planning” by H G Stoll

“Least Cost Electrical Utility / Planning” Book Review: This textbook covers all key elements involved in planning and operating efficient electric utility power systems. It sheds light on multiple aspects of power system theory and principles and their application to realistic utility examples. The various topics covered in the book include The Utility Perspective, Introduction to Utility Financial Accounting, Industrial Power Generation Economics, Electricity Load–Demand Forecasting, Capacity Resource Planning, Bulk Power Transmission Planning, Power Plant Reliability Characteristics etc. The book explains important results and key parameters through solved examples and illustrations.

4. “Short Term Forecasting : An Introduction to the Box Jenkins Approach” by T M O` Donovan
5. “Power Generation, Operation and Control” by Wood A J and Wollenberg B F

“Power Generation, Operation and Control” Book Review: The book explores a number of engineering and economic matters involved in planning, operating and controlling power generation and transmission systems in electric utilities. The text introduces advanced mathematical operations and research methods and their application to practical electric power engineering problems. It spans over various topics such as Industrial organization, managerial economics and finance, Economic dispatch of thermal units and methods of solution, Generation with limited energy supply, Short term demand forecasting, Transmission system effects. The book will be beneficial for first-year graduate students in electric power engineering with an undergraduate electrical engineering education and an understanding of steady-state power circuit analysis. The book can serve as a suitable self study material.

6. “Large-Scale Solar Power System Design (GreenSource Books): An Engineering Guide for Grid-Connected Solar Power Generation” by Peter Gevorkian

“Large-Scale Solar Power System Design (GreenSource Books): An Engineering Guide for Grid-Connected Solar Power Generation” Book Review: The book provides a definitive understanding of large-scale, grid-connected solar power System design and construction. It provides an overview of construction guidelines for large-scale solar power systems and offers valuable guidance on engineering design methodologies with the help of detailed installation diagrams for practical understanding. The coverage of the book spans over several chapters such as Solar power system technologies, including photovoltaic and thin-film solar cells, Photovoltaic power system feasibility study, Large-scale solar power system construction, Solar power system project management etc. It touches the various aspects of solar power system technologies such as planning, cost estimates, financing etc.

7. “Reliability and Risk Evaluation of Wind Integrated Power Systems” by Roy Billinton and Rajesh Karki

“Reliability and Risk Evaluation of Wind Integrated Power Systems” Book Review: The book is the culmination of contributions by various experts from across the world in the field of power systems. The book focuses on various important aspects of wind integrated power systems such as Wind Power Scenario Tree Tool- Development and Methodology, Application of Hourly Time Series Models in Day-Ahead Wind Power Commitment, Representation of Wind and Load Correlation in Non Sequential Monte Carlo Reliability Evaluation, Probabilistic Ramp Detection and Forecasting for Wind Power Prediction etc. The text is supported by real world data and adequate graphical representations.

8. “Distributed Power Generation: Planning and Evaluation (Power Engineering (Willis))” by H Lee Willis

“Distributed Power Generation: Planning and Evaluation (Power Engineering (Willis))” Book Review: The book elaborates the preparation and analysis of distributed generators (DGs) for residential, commercial and industrial, as well as electric utility applications. It discusses distributed generation versus traditional, power demands, centralized power systems, reliability evaluation, costs, planning processes, reciprocating piston engine DGs, gas turbine powered DGs, and fuel cell powered DGs along with a number of case studies and illustrative examples. The book also provides recommendations and guidelines essential in operating and evaluating power systems.

9. “Mangaing Power Systems: Efficent Supply and Planning” by Navjot Kaur

“Managing Power Systems: Efficient Supply and Planning” Book Review: The book discusses the methods for optimal pricing of electricity through real time pricing and reliability differentiated service contracts. The book also focuses on the electric power planning process for efficient allocation of scarce resources. It takes the profile of Punjab Electricity Board as an introductory reference for its further study. The book covers topics like Electricity Interruptions and Commercial Costs, Impact of Electricity Interruptions, Cost Normalization and CCDF etc. It also provides useful conclusions and recommendations. The text includes various survey based data and related data analysis.

10. “Advanced Technologies for Future Transmission Grids (Power Systems)” by Gianluigi Migliavacca

“Advanced Technologies for Future Transmission Grids (Power Systems)” Book Review: The book focuses on the technical–economic perspective of various transmission system operator targeted technology. It provides an overview of various technical aspects such as security of supply, integration of renewable generation and creation of integrated energy markets using various case studies and examples. The major case study is based on European market and the conclusions drawn can be applied to regions in general. It discusses the power transmission engineering for achieving renewable energy goals by making maximum use of existing infrastructure. It provides guidance for planners and designers of transmission grids by elaborately discussing state of the art technologies to address various challenges.

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