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1. “Polymer Science and Technology” by Fried

“Polymer Science and Technology” Book Review: This book explains the polymer sciences, including metallocene catalysis, atom transfer radical and plasma polymerization. It provides information about amorphous and crystalline states. The book gives details of syndiotactic polystyrene and biopolymers. The book describes the principles of polymer in solution, melt, rubber and solid states. It discusses the applications of polymers in medicine, biotechnology, chemical and electronics. It provides characterization techniques of polymer and temperature modulated DSC.

2. “Macromolecules: Synthesis, Order and Advanced Properties (Advances in Polymer Science)” by K A Armitstead and Y Chujo
3. “Advanced Polymer Chemistry: A Problem Solving Guide” by Manas Chanda

“Advanced Polymer Chemistry: A Problem Solving Guide” Book Review: This book gives details of kinetics and mechanisms of polymer synthesis. It explains the methods of polymer formation. The book describes the techniques of characterization unique to polymers. This book provides a clear understanding of polymer chemistry with the help of various equations, diagrams, examples and exercise questions along with its solutions.

4. “Polymer Characterization: Physical Techniques, 2nd Edition” by Dan Campbell and Richard A Pethrick

“Polymer Characterization: Physical Techniques, 2nd Edition” Book Review: The book describes various characterization techniques of polymer, which is required to understand the properties of polymers. It explains the molecular and structural characterization by spectroscopic techniques. This book also presents morphology and structural characterization by microscopy and diffraction. It comprises applications of the techniques to form polymers, with a number of pictures for better understanding of the topic. The book helps in learning molecular weight determination.

5. “Fundamentals of Polymers: Raw Materials to Finish Products” by Karak and Niranjan

“Fundamentals of Polymers: Raw Materials to Finish Products” Book Review: This book describes the raw materials, used for polymers. It also explains the formation of polymers and techniques of polymerization. The book explains the structures and properties of polymers. The book gives analytical, instrumental and spectroscopic techniques for characterizing polymers. It gives inference on thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers along with their formation, structure and properties. The book presents the difference between linear polymers and highly branched macromolecules.

6. “Eco-friendly Polymer Nanocomposites (Advanced Structured Materials)” by Vijay Kumar Thakur and Manju Kumari Thakur

“Eco-friendly Polymer Nanocomposites (Advanced Structured Materials)” Book Review: The book is useful for researchers and students. This book explains the environment friendly polymer nanocomposites from basics. It gives synthesis and chemistry of these eco-friendly materials. The book explains their applications in the biomedical, pharmaceutical and automotive industry.

7. “Polymer Blends and Alloys: An Overview” by R P Singh

“Polymer Blends and Alloys: An Overview” Book Review: The book is beneficial for students, researchers and professionals of polymer science and engineering, material science and engineering and plastics and rubber technologies. The book describes polymer blends and alloys. It contains information about the theory of blending and blending processes. The book provides applications of polymer blends and alloys in science, technology and industry.

8. “Statics and Dynamics of Polymers in Confined Space” by Ya Liu

“Statics and Dynamics of Polymers in Confined Space” Book Review: The book discusses the polymer shape transition. This book describes the segregation process by integrating Monte Carlo simulation, scaling theory and stochastic method. It explains that biopolymers, having flexibility or semi flexibility, show static and kinetic behaviours when confined in narrow space.

9. “Stochastic Processes in Polymeric Fluids: Tools and Examples for Developing Simulation Algorithms” by Öttinger Hans C

“Stochastic Processes in Polymeric Fluids: Tools and Examples for Developing Simulation Algorithms” Book Review: The book can be referred by students of engineering and natural science. It gives the quantitative approach to stochastic processes. The book also provides applications of stochastic processes in molecular theories of polymeric fluids.

10. “Biomedical Applications of Polymers (Polymer Science and Technology Series)” by Harry Gregor
11. “Handbook of Textile Fibre Structure, Volume 1: Fundamentals and Manufactured Polymer Fibres” by S Eichhorn and J W S Hearle

“Handbook of Textile Fibre Structure, Volume 1: Fundamentals and Manufactured Polymer Fibres” Book Review: The book is useful for textile technologists, fibre scientists and textile engineers. This book provides structures of textile fibres, including glass, carbon and optical fibres. It contains structures of natural cellulosic and protein fibres, like cotton, silk and wool. It also discusses the structure of manufactured polymer fibres, such as polyester, polyamides, elastomeric fibres and high modulus, high tenacity polymer fibres.

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