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1. “Thermal Modeling of Petroleum Generation” by Barker C

“Thermal Modeling of Petroleum Generation” Book Review: This book describes the thermal models of petroleum generations with its applications. Main chapters included are Time and temperature in petroleum generation, Introduction to thermal models, burial history. Other topics mentioned are Paleotemperature, time temperature combinations and the Lopatin method. Uses of thermal models, extended models. extensive problems are also discussed for practical knowledge of the topics. This book is useful for students and exploration geologists.

2. “Introduction of Petroleum Geology” by Saxe Lysholm
3. “Petroleum Geochemistry and Geology” by Hunt J M

“Petroleum Geochemistry and Geology” Book Review: This book discusses the topics related to petroleum geochemistry and geology. Main topics mentioned are development of petroleum geochemistry, carbon and the origin of life, Petroleum and its products. Other topics mentioned are time temperature index graphs, calculation techniques used for determining kinetic parameters come stereochemistry and nomenclature of biomarkers. A total of 16 chapters are discussed in this book. Applications, SI tables, geologic time scale are also added in the appendices. This book is suitable for geology students.

4. “Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production” by Jahn F and Graham M

“Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production” Book Review: This book presents the introduction to the topics of hydrocarbon exploration and production. Major chapters included are the field life cycle come petroleum agreement and bidding, Exploration, drilling engineering. Other topics mentioned are safety and environment, reservoir description, field appraisal, well dynamic behaviour. practical aspects and data tables are added in each unit for making the concept easy to understand. Technical illustrations are also added to make most of the chapters. This book is useful for petroleum engineering and petroleum science students.

5. “Geology of Petroleum” by Leverson

“Geology of Petroleum” Book Review: This book describes the basics of petroleum geology. Main topics included are reservoir, reservoir dynamics, the geological history of petroleum, and applications. It also includes topics such as pore space, fluids, traps and mechanics. all the topics are covered in detail with proper images and examples. This book is useful for petroleum engineering students and geology students.

6. “Petroleum Geosciences: Indian Contexts (Springer Geology)” by Soumyajit Mukherjee

“Petroleum Geosciences: Indian Contexts (Springer Geology)” Book Review: This book mentions the original review articles on different concepts of petroleum geosciences. Main topics included are tectonic sedimentology, organic geochemical, palaeontological. Other topics included are Indian terrains, stratigraphic, modelling and other geophysical methods. All the modelling methods are described in detail. This book is useful for advanced geology students and researchers.

7. “Petroleum Geology: North-West Europe and Global Perspectives – Proceedings of the 6th Petroleum Geology Conference” by A G Dore and B A Vining

“Petroleum Geology: North-West Europe and Global Perspectives – Proceedings of the 6th Petroleum Geology Conference” Book Review: This book describes the main papers for the important issues in the North West European petroleum geology. Main topics included are the global resource context, exploration histories and future potential, gas resistance. Other topics included are Deep water plays and reservoirs, understanding petroleum systems, unlocking the future with innovative geophysics, 3D visions. Core photographs and seismic animations are provided to explain the exploration models easily. This book is useful for geologists.

8. “Petroleum Geology for Geoscientists” by Prof Ifeanacho Paul Orajaka and Dr Johnbosco Azubuike Onyeji

“Petroleum Geology for Geoscientists” Book Review: This book discusses the topics related to geology of Petroleum. Main topics included are development in petroleum geology, geochemistry and advances in seismic and well logging measurements. Other topics mentioned are the evolution of subsurface sedimentary deposits, the migration entrapment and production of hydrocarbons. Proper images are provided to explain the topics. students studying geology can refer to this book.

9. “Petroleum Formation and Occurrence” by B P Tissot and D H Welte

“Petroleum Formation and Occurrence” Book Review: This book covers the advanced concepts of petroleum formation and occurrence. Main topics included are production and accumulation of organic matter, evolution of the biosphere, biological productivity of modern aquatic environments. Other chapters such as sedimentary processes, chemical composition of biomass, early transformation of organic matter is also mentioned. A total of 31 chapters are discussed in this book. This book can be referred to by geologists, geochemists, petroleum engineering students.

10. “Introduction to Petroleum Geology” by George Douglas Hobson

“Introduction to Petroleum Geology” Book Review: This book is an introduction to petroleum geology. Main topics included are the nature of petroleum, origin of petroleum, the migration of petroleum. Graphic images and data tables are provided for students to better understand. All the topics are discussed in detail. This book is beneficial for geology students.

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