21 Best Books on Oracle Database

We have compiled a list of the Best Reference Books on Oracle Database, which are used by students of top universities, and colleges. This will help you choose the right book depending on if you are a beginner or an expert. Here is the complete list of Oracle Database Books with their authors, publishers, and an unbiased review of them as well as links to the Amazon website to directly purchase them. If permissible, you can also download the free PDF books on Oracle Database below.

1."Oracle Database 12c The Complete Reference" by Bob Bryla
“Oracle Database 12c: The Complete Reference” Book Review: This book provides an extensive coverage of the installation, configuration, optimization, and administration of Oracle Database 12c. Starting from the setup and construction of Oracle databases, the book covers SQL and SQL Plus statement creation and execution, application design, and database security through roles, privileges, virtualization, and encryption. The restoration of databases with flashback and the Oracle Database Automatic Undo Management feature are also explained. In addition, readers will learn to move data using SQL Loader and Oracle Data Pump, as well as develop PL/SQL triggers, procedures, and packages. The book also delves into performance optimization with Oracle Real Application Clusters and explores the use of Oracle pluggable and container databases. Lastly, the book discusses in detail the development of database applications using Java, JDBC, and XML.

2."Oracle Database 12c: Install, Configure & Maintain Like a Professional" by Ian Abramson
“Oracle Database 12c: Install, Configure & Maintain like a Professional” Book Review: This book from Oracle Press presents a comprehensive guide to core database concepts and the role of administrators, as well as enterprise database capabilities of Oracle Database 12c. Along with an introduction to SQL and PL/SQL, the book covers topics such as managing large databases and using Oracle’s engineered systems. It offers a systematic study of database configuration, administration, programming, backup and recovery, and high availability of Oracle Database 12c. To help readers understand the subject, the book provides quick self-assessment tests, chapter-ending quizzes, and practical exercises. This book is suitable for beginners in the field of database management.

3."Oracle Database 12c New Features" by Robert Freeman
“Oracle Database 12c: New Features” Book Review: This book provides an in-depth exploration of the latest features and upgrades available in Oracle Database 12c. The book covers a range of topics, from installation, upgrading and migration to partitioning, manageability, performance, and availability. The architectural changes introduced in Oracle Multitenant and Oracle RMAN enhancements like cross-platform backup and recovery are also discussed. The book covers new features of Oracle Real Application Clusters, such as Oracle Flex Cluster, Oracle Flex Automatic Storage Management, and Oracle Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System. Furthermore, it covers the security enhancements that include privileges analysis, data redaction, and new administrative-level privileges. The book also discusses advanced business intelligence and data warehousing capabilities, along with the new features of SQL, PL/SQL, DML, and DDL. Additionally, the book provides an insight into Oracle Data Guard improvements such as Fast Sync and new Oracle Active Data Guard features like Far Sync.

4."Oracle Database 12c SQL" by Jason Price
“Oracle Database 12c: SQL” Book Review: This book provides an in-depth understanding of the latest features and techniques of Oracle Database 12c. It covers SQL and PL/SQL programming, retrieving and modifying database information, using SQL Plus and SQL Developer, and creating database objects. The book also explores advanced query design, multimedia file handling, XML data processing, performance optimization, user role and privilege establishment, and date/time data type implementation. Overall, it serves as a comprehensive guide for those looking to enhance their knowledge of Oracle Database 12c and is suitable for database developers, administrators, and students.

5."Oracle Database 11g The Complete Reference" by Kevin Loney
“Oracle Database 11g: The Complete Reference” Book Review: This book thoroughly covers the latest features and tools of Oracle Database 11g. It guides readers through the installation or upgrade process and explains how to create database tables, indexes, views, and user accounts, as well as construct and execute SQL queries and procedures. The book covers topics such as SQL replay, change management, result caching, and security optimization using virtual private databases and transparent data encryption. It also provides insights on tuning PL/SQL and SQL Plus triggers, functions, statements, and packages, and how to import and export data using SQL Loader and Oracle Data Pump. Availability and scalability optimization with Oracle Real Application Clusters are also covered, along with the development of database applications using Java, JDBC, and XML.

6."Oracle Essentials: Oracle Database 12c" by Rick Greenwald and Robert Stackowiak
“Oracle Essentials: Oracle Database 12C” Book Review: This book provides a comprehensive overview of the Oracle Database 12c, including essential concepts, technologies, and features. It begins with an overview of Oracle databases and data stores, and Fusion Middleware products and features, followed by an explanation of Oracle’s architecture, pluggable databases, Oracle objects, supported data types, system and data management, multi-user concurrency, and performance tuning. It covers OLTP, data warehouses, Big Data, and Oracle’s business intelligence tools, as well as backup and recovery, and high availability and failover solutions. The book also introduces Oracle and cloud computing with numerous examples, making it suitable for both novice and experienced DBAs, developers, managers, and users.

7."Oracle 12c For Dummies" by Chris Ruel and Wessler
“Oracle 12C for Dummies” Book Review: This book is designed for both novice database administrators and experienced Oracle DBAs who are new to Oracle 12c. It provides a comprehensive guide to Oracle 12c architecture, software tools, and efficient management. Starting with an overview of the important features, the book covers the basics of creating, populating, protecting, tuning, and troubleshooting a new Oracle database. In-depth discussion of key features such as cloud computing, Big Data, Oracle Multitenant, and pluggable database is provided. The book also explores the improved efficiency, stronger security, and simplified management capabilities of Oracle 12c.

8."Expert Oracle Database Architecture" by Thomas Kyte and Darl Kuhn
“Expert Oracle Database Architecture” Book Review: This book provides a contemporary treatment of Oracle databases, including Oracle Database 12c and its latest features and enhancements. It aims to help readers apply Oracle Database to develop scalable applications that are both efficient and accurate. The book employs practical examples to explain Oracle’s new cloud feature set, pluggable databases, and other technologies. By examining their workings, implementation methods, and common limitations, readers can gain a deeper understanding of these features and how to use them effectively.

9."Oracle Database Administration Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked" by Vibrant Publishers
“Oracle Database Administration Interview Questions You’ll Most Likely Be Asked” Book Review: This book is a concise guide for individuals seeking a career in IT, offering essential information required for a job search. It contains over 280 interview questions and their answers, along with proven strategies and real-life examples to help readers select the appropriate responses. Additionally, the book includes 77 HR-related questions with their answers and strategies to help individuals excel in interviews. The questions are based on real-life scenarios, ensuring practical relevance. The book also provides two aptitude tests that are available for download on the website.

10."Study Guide for 1Z0-071: Oracle Database 12c SQL: Oracle Certification Prep" by Matthew Morris
“Oracle Certification Prep: Study Guide for 1Z0-071: Oracle Database 12C SQL” Book Review: This guide is designed to help IT professionals prepare for the Oracle Database 12c SQL Certified Associate exam (1Z0-071) and covers all exam topics. Beginning with the basics of Oracle Database 12c SQL, the guide then progresses to more advanced topics before moving on to the next section. This comprehensive resource is useful for both experienced Oracle professionals and those pursuing certification.

11."Oracle SQL Performance Tuning and Optimization: It's All About the Cardinalities" by Kevin Meade
“Oracle SQL Performance Tuning and Optimization: It’s All About the Cardinalities” Book Review: This book is a comprehensive guide on SQL Tuning specifically for the Oracle Database. It covers the complete process of discovery, analysis, and problem resolution in great detail. The book introduces the FILTERED ROWS PERCENTAGE Cardinality method of tuning and provides guidance on creating Query Diagrams, Data Models, and Join Trees. It also explains how to build and use Count, Filter, and Reconstruction Queries, as well as how to identify inefficiencies in a Query Execution Plan. Furthermore, the book includes a chapter on EXADATA and provides a LAB that demonstrates the cardinality-based process of SQL Tuning.

12."Oracle for Absolute Beginners: An easy-to-follow introduction to Oracle programming" by David Njoku
“Oracle for Absolute Beginners: An easy-to-follow introduction to Oracle programming” Book Review: This book is designed for those new to Oracle programming. The book covers a range of topics, including database design, SQL, and PL/SQL programming. It is organized into ten chapters, covering topics such as installing Oracle, creating tables, inserting data, and building applications. The book provides clear explanations, practical examples, and exercises to help readers reinforce their learning. This book is an easy-to-follow and informative guide for anyone interested in Oracle programming.

13."Oracle Xml Publisher Interview Questions: Oracle Xml Publisher Interview Questions" by Avinash S Tiwari
14."The Oracle Hacker′s Handbook: Hacking and Defending Oracle" by David Litchfield
15."A Developer's Guide to Database Management Systems: Using Oracle 10g Rdbms" by Sarfaraz Fayaz Khan and Mohammed Aref Abdul Raheed
“A Developer’s Guide to Database Management Systems: Using Oracle 10g Rdbms” Book Review: This book is aimed at graduate and postgraduate students of computer science, IT, and IMS, as well as database management system developers. It covers the fundamental principles of programming for Oracle databases and includes topics such as SQL for querying and essential PL/SQL programming. The book provides insights and practical examples to aid understanding.

16."Oracle SOA Suite 12c Handbook (Oracle Press)" by Lucas Jellema
“Oracle SOA Suite 12c Handbook (Oracle Press)” Book Review: This handbook is a guide to Oracle SOA Suite, designed for both undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as professionals. It employs a case study-based approach to explain the concepts and techniques, covering topics such as assembling composite applications, integrating Java, and managing complex business logic.

17."Oracle WebCenter 11g Handbook" by Frederic Desbiens and Peter Moskovits
“Oracle WebCenter 11g Handbook” Book Review: This book is an ideal resource for developers and architects who want to understand the capabilities of Oracle WebCenter 11g. The book is divided into twelve chapters, covering topics such as content management, social networking, enterprise search, and portal frameworks. The authors provide clear explanations, practical examples, and real-world case studies to help readers understand the concepts and best practices of Oracle WebCenter.

18."Expert Oracle Exadata" by Martin Bach and Kristofferson Arao
“Expert Oracle Exadata” Book Review: This book delves into the workings of Oracle’s Exadata platform, covering both the hardware and software aspects in detail. With the help of real-world examples, readers can understand how to implement Exadata and manage SQL performance. By demystifying the “black box” of Exadata, this book is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to learn about this platform.

19."Oracle Database 11g Release 2 High Availability: Maximize Your Availability with Grid Infrastructure, RAC and Data Guard" by Scott Jesse and Bill Burton
“Oracle Database 11g Release 2 High Availability: Maximize Your Availability with Grid Infrastructure, RAC and Data Guard” Book Review: This book provides detailed information on database reliability, covering topics such as installing Oracle clusterware, creating synchronized databases, and using Oracle automatic storage management. It also delves into storage management cluster file systems and Oracle flashback for identifying users. Additionally, the book helps readers configure Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control for effective database system management. It is an excellent resource for those seeking cost-effective solutions to the current database availability problem and looking to grid-enable their IT setup.

20."Oracle E-Business Suite Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management" by Bastin Gerald and Nigel King
“Oracle E-Business Suite Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management” Book Review: This extensive guide provides a detailed explanation of how to execute the planning, engineering, pricing, order fulfillment, and inventory management aspects of Oracle Manufacturing and Supply Chain. It also assists in enhancing the production and delivery of products and services at a faster, more cost-effective, and efficient pace than your competitors.

21."Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11G R1: Business Service Management" by Ashwin Kumar Karkala and Govinda Raj Sambamurthy
“Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11G R1: Business Service Management” Book Review: This book focuses on the practical use of Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control, covering topics such as Database, Middleware, Packaged Applications and Custom Business Services. It contains a wealth of practice questions and explanations. Prior knowledge of Middleware/Application Servers, Business Service Management, and Grid Control is required to get the most out of this book. The target audience includes System and Application Administrators who are responsible for Business Service Management.

We have put a lot of effort into researching the best books on Oracle Database and came out with a recommended list and their reviews. If any more book needs to be added to this list, please email us. We are working on free pdf downloads for books on Oracle Database and will publish the download link here. Fill out this Oracle Database books pdf download" request form for download notification.

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