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1. “Optimization – Theory and Applications” by S S Rao

Book Review: This book demonstrates all the optimization methods that are used in a range of industries. The book covers both latest and classical optimization techniques and starts with the basics and later progresses to advanced principles and applications. The book covers nonlinear, linear, geometric, dynamics and sophisticated programming techniques. The book also presents specialized methods like genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, neural networks, swarm optimization, ant colony optimization and fuzzy optimization. This book is suitable for graduate and undergraduate students in mechanical, civil, chemical, electrical and aerospace engineering.

2. “Optimization Methods for Engineering Design” by R L Fox

“Optimization Methods for Engineering Design” Book Review: The book is mainly designed for students pursuing their graduation in engineering. It discusses a computer-based approach to design optimization. It describes engineering models in optimization, analysis variables and functions, the two-bar truss, models and optimization by trial and error and optimization with computer algorithms. It also presents arguments on specifying an optimization problem covering variables and explains how algorithms work and caution regarding optimization. It compares physical and experimental models, modeling considerations, formulating objectives, etc.

3. “Non Linear Programming” by Dimitri P Bertsekas

Book Review: This book focuses on iterative algorithms for constrained and unconstrained optimization, Lagrange multipliers and duality, large scale problems and interface between continuous and discrete optimization. This book also covers many iterative optimization methods and methods for linear programming. The book also contains chapters on neural network training, discrete time optimal control and large scale optimization. The book contains numerous examples and exercises and contains separate chapters on duality usage and lagrangian relaxation for solving discrete optimization techniques.

4. “Advances in Evolutionary and Deterministic Methods for Design, Optimization and Control in Engineering and Sciences” by Jacques Periaux David Greiner

“Advances in Evolutionary and Deterministic Methods for Design, Optimization and Control in Engineering and Sciences” Book Review: This book contains contributions in the field of evolutionary and deterministic methods for design, optimization and control in engineering and sciences. The topics covered are theoretical and numerical methods and describes tools for optimization like theoretical methods and tools, numerical methods, and tools for engineering design and societal applications. It talks about turbo machinery, materials, structures, and civil engineering, societal applications, aeronautics, and astronautics, electrical and electronics applications. It focuses particularly on intelligent systems for multidisciplinary design optimization problems which are based on multi-hybridized software. It also talks about one-shot methods and adjoint-based, uncertainty quantification and optimization in detail.

5. “Optimization Methods” by Marco Cavazzuti

“Optimization Methods” Book Review: This book talks about optimization techniques and is subdivided into two main parts. The first part of the book covers a wide overview on optimization. It represents optimization as being composed of five topics, namely response surface modeling, design of experiment, deterministic optimization, robust engineering design, and stochastic optimization. Each chapter draws application-oriented conclusions including didactic examples after presenting the main techniques for each part. Second part explains applications to guide the reader through the process of setting up a few optimization exercises, showing how the different topics that constitute the optimization theory can be jointly used in an optimization process. The applications which are represented are mainly in the field of thermodynamics and fluid dynamics.

6. “Discretization Methods and Structural Optimization Procedures and Applications” by Eschenauer Thierauf

“Discretization Methods and Structural Optimization Procedures and Applications” Book Review: This book talks about methods of structural optimization procedures and applications. It describes the actual state of structural optimization. It details the interactive design optimization of structural systems, quasi optimization for efficient stiffness design of structures, engineering applications of heuristic multilevel optimization methods. Later, the book describes weight optimization of steel frames with consideration of geometrical and material nonlinearities, shape optimization as a discrete optimization problem, solution procedures using continuous approximations, solving scalar problems of vector optimization, multilevel optimization of large-scale structures in a parallel computing environment. It also discusses multi-stage optimization of structures subject to static and dynamic loading, optimal design of viscoelastic structures under dynamic loadings. It is an interesting read helping students and practicing engineers.

7. “Engineering Optimization: Methods and Applications” by K M Ragsdell

“Engineering Optimization: Methods and Applications” Book Review: The book explains that the process of optimization lies at the root of engineering. It describes that the classical function of the engineer is to design new, better, more efficient, and less expensive systems as well as to devise plans and procedures for the improved operation of existing systems. It throws light on the concept that the most optimization routines are lengthy and therefore are efficiently applied using the computer, but an understanding of the processes is needed to identify needs and interpret results. This book supplies the student and practicing engineer with the tools to understand and use optimization theory.

8. “Cost Effective Design of Hybrid Powertrains” by Jonas Hellgren

“Cost Effective Design of Hybrid Powertrains” Book Review: The book suggests many design options that are present when it comes to powertrain design. It throws light on the concept that the most cost-effective choice depends on factors like fuel price, application, and interest rate. Especially in future when many powertrain concepts will be offered. In this thesis a technique for transforming prerequisites to cost effective powertrains is represented. Powertrains are ranked by evaluating the life-cycle cost. Fuel-, capital- and component wear cost are included in the life-cycle cost. It describes one case study where a powertrain is adapted to a city bus route in Sweden. It is indicated that new powertrain technologies can be competitive from a cost perspective, in some applications, already at present time.

9. “Optimization for Engineering Design: Algorithms and Examples” by Kalyanmoy Deb

“Optimization for Engineering Design: Algorithms and Examples” Book Review: This book continues to provide several optimization algorithms which are universally used in computer-aided engineering design. The book begins with simple single-variable optimization techniques, and then goes on to give unconstrained and constrained optimization techniques in a step-by-step format making it easy for readers to code in any user-specific computer language. Along with classical optimization methods, it discusses Genetic Algorithms and Simulated Annealing which are widely used principles in engineering design problems due to their ability to locate global optimum solutions. Several new topics like design and manufacturing, inverse problems, scheduling and routing, data fitting and regression, data mining, Lagrangian duality theory, intelligent system design, and quadratic programming and its extension to sequential quadratic programming are discussed at length. The book is suitable for senior undergraduate/postgraduate students of mechanical, production and chemical engineering. Problems are solved with multiple algorithms to provide a comparative evaluation of the algorithms.

10. “Design and Optimization of Metal Structures” by Jozsef Farkas and Karoly Jarmai

“Design and Optimization of Metal Structures” Book Review: This is an industrial book which analyses various theoretical problems, addresses some of them such as belt-conveyor bridges, wind turbine power, pipeline, large span suspended roof and optimizes them using numerical applications. It discusses multi-storied frames and pressure vessel-supporting frames in detail. It puts emphasis on economy and cost calculation, which makes it possible to compare costs and make significant savings in the design stages. An example of comparing the costs of stiffened and unstiffened structural versions of plates and shells is provided. Keeping all these in mind, it will be an instrumental aid for students, designers, researchers, and manufacturers to find better, optimal and competitive structural solutions.

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