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1. “Terramechanics and Off-Road Vehicle Engineering: Terrain Behaviour, Off-Road Vehicle Performance and Design” by J Y Wong

“Terramechanics and Off-Road Vehicle Engineering” Book Review: This book gives all of the necessary knowledge to successfully design and model off-road vehicle systems. It provides a comprehensive introduction to terramechanics, the mechanics of vehicle/terrain interaction. It covers the principles of off-road vehicle and terrain engineering. It explains the latest developments in the field, including the latest computer-aided methods employed in the development of a new generation of high-mobility off-road vehicles. It contains detailed worked design examples, case studies and accompanying problems and solutions.

2. “Road and Off-Road Vehicle System Dynamics Handbook” by Gianpiero Mastinu and Manfred Ploechl

“Road and Off-Road Vehicle System Dynamics Handbook” Book Review: This book covers all the major issues involved in road vehicle dynamic behavior. This book also highlights motorcycles, heavy commercial vehicles and off-road vehicles. This handbook is made for both beginners and experienced engineers or scientists. It provides extensive coverage of modeling, simulation and analysis techniques. Surveys all vehicle subsystems from a vehicle dynamics point of view. It discusses intelligent vehicle systems technologies and active safety. It gives a detailed explanation about state of the art chapters on modeling, analysis and optimization in vehicle system dynamics, vehicle concepts and aerodynamics. It covers topics like pneumatic tires and contact wheel-road/off-road, modeling vehicle subsystems. It also explains vehicle dynamics and active safety, man-vehicle interaction, intelligent vehicle systems and road accident reconstruction and passive safety.

3. “Mechatronics and Intelligent Systems for Off-road Vehicles” by Francisco Rovira Más and Qin Zhang

“Mechatronics and Intelligent Systems for Off-road Vehicles” Book Review: This book provides an overview of recent applications and future approaches on mechatronics off road vehicles. It covers the topics such as automatic steering systems, navigation systems, vehicle architecture, image processing and vision, and three-dimensional perception and localization. These topics include numerous figures, each designed to improve the reader’s understanding.

4. “Off-Road Vehicle Engineering Principles” by prime publisher

“Off-Road Vehicle Engineering Principles” Book Review: This book focuses on the machines used to propel and power implements for agricultural production. It covers the topics like engine performance measures, engine and vehicle testing, thermodynamics and engine cycles, engine design. It explains compression-ignition engines, intake and exhaust systems, cooling systems, electrical and electronic systems. It discusses hydraulic systems, drive trains, traction and transport devices, chassis mechanics and human factors and safety.

5. “Extreme Off-Road Vehicles (Extreme Machines)” by Ian F Mahaney

“Extreme Off-Road Vehicles” Book Review: This book explains about haul trucks, logging trucks, swamp vehicles, tractors, sandrails, military super machines, tanks and bulldozers. This book covers each vehicle’s purpose and the history of their usage. It also tells how to pursue careers that involve off-road vehicles and where they can go to see the latest developments in extreme off-roading vehicle technology. This book contains colorful photographs, sidebars and fact boxes.

6. “Off-Road Vehicles (Designed for Success)” by Ian Graham

“Off-Road Vehicles” Book Review: This book covers exciting vehicles, delivering information on Design and Technology in a way that is accessible for a wide range of readers. This book includes case studies explaining new models and designs and information on safety.

7. “Off-road Vehicle Dynamics: Analysis, Modelling and Optimization (Studies in Systems, Decision and Control)” by Hamid Taghavifar and Aref Mardani

“Off-road Vehicle Dynamics” Book Review: This book explains the analysis of off-road vehicle dynamics from kinetics and kinematics perspectives. It discusses the performance of vehicle traversing over rough and irregular terrain. This book brings novel figures for the transient dynamics and original wheel terrain dynamics at on the go condition.

8. “Trucks and Off-road Vehicles” by Richard Gunn
9. “Trucks And Off-road Vehicles” by Craig Cheetham

“Trucks And Off-road Vehicles” Book Review: This book gives detailed features on more than 40 trucks and off road vehicles, past and present, from AM General to Ford to Willys. It is illustrated with over 300 full color, specially commissioned photographs detailing every aspect of these rugged machines. It Includes comprehensive specification panels giving detailed technical and performance information. It also lists the historical and engineering development of each type.

10. “Environmental Effects of Off-Road Vehicles: Impacts and Management in Arid Regions (Springer Series on Environmental Management)” by H G Wilshire and R H Webb

“Environmental Effects of Off-Road Vehicles” Book Review: This book is designed for scholars and practitioners concerned with the principles and applications of environmental management. This book helps the reader to distinguish and implement man’s control of our environment and the world’s renewable resources. It explains the relationship between man and nature and acts to bring harmony to it.

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