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1. “Radioactivity” by E Rutherford

“Radioactivity” Book Review: The book provides vast knowledge about radioactivity. It begins with an introduction of radioactivity before moving to basic and advanced concepts. The initial chapters feature radio-active substances, ionization theory of gases, methods of measurement, radiation, radio-active matter, and radio-active emanations. Moving further topics like successive changes, transformation products, emission of energy, radio-active processes, and radioactivity of the atmosphere and ordinary materials are discussed. It also suggests further scope of research in the field of radioactivity. The book concludes with appendices featuring properties of alpha-rays and radio-active minerals. Many tables delivering relevant data related to radioactivity are included in this text.

2. “Nuclear Geophysics” by C G Clayton

“Nuclear Geophysics” Book Review: The book introduces a wide variety of techniques in the area of nuclear geophysics. Neutron interaction methods for providing total elemental analysis, calorific value, and ash-content is highlighted in this text. The applications of featured techniques and methods in various industries like metalliferous and industrial minerals industries are mentioned in this book. The content of this book can be applied in several processes like exploration for oil, control of oil wells, and intrinsic to uranium exploration. The book will be a good source of information as the topics presented in it are reviewed by internationally eminent scientists and engineers.

3. “Applied Geophysics” by W M Telford and R E Sheriff

“Applied Geophysics” Book Review: The book is a fully updated and revised piece of work featuring the latest topics and recent developments in the field of geophysics. The physical methods namely, gravity, magnetic, seismic, electrical, electromagnetic, radioactivity, and well-logging methods that are used in exploration for hydrocarbons and minerals are included in this text. The newly discovered techniques, better instrumentation, and increased use of computers in the field of geophysics for the interpretation of data are addressed in this book. The techniques and methodologies for dealing with inverse problems are introduced in this text. The book will be suitable for the students and professionals of geophysics.

4. “Introduction to Applied Geophysics” by Stanislav Mares

“Introduction to Applied Geophysics” Book Review: The book is a revised edition featuring latest topics and key concepts of geophysics. The chapters of this book cover all the major topics related to gravimetric methods, magnetometric methods, radiometric methods, methods of nuclear geophysics, geothermal methods, geoelectrical methods, seismic methods, and geophysical well logging. The geophysical methods involved in prospecting oil, gas, metallic and non-metallic raw material along with hydrogeological and engineering geological prospecting are featured in this text. The book will be an asset for the students of geology as well as geophysicists and geologists.

5. “Nuclear Geophysics: Applications in Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology, Agriculture and Environmental Science” by V I Ferronsky

“Nuclear Geophysics: Applications in Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology, Agriculture and Environmental Science” Book Review: The book aims at introducing various methods in nuclear geophysics. The chapters of this book contain detailed information on absorption and scattering of gamma, neutron radiation, logging techniques, natural stable isotopes, and radioactive isotopes. The final section of this book covers sources and conditions of the radioactive contamination of the natural waters. The practical applications of the featured methods in engineering geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, agriculture and environmental science are mentioned in this book. This book will be beneficial for the students, scientists and researchers in engineering geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, and hydrogeoecology.

6. “Monitoring the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban-Treaty: Hydroacoustics” by Catherine de Groot-Hedlin and John Orcutt

“Monitoring the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban-Treaty: Hydroacoustics” Book Review: The book presents the available research results and the scope of future research on acoustic surveillance of the oceans. The chapters of this feature detailed information on coupling of ocean acoustic waves with elastic waves in the solid Earth. The topics like source excitation, detection and classification of events generating hydroacoustic signals, discrimination between underwater explosions and naturally occurring events, coupling of acoustic wavefields, and coupling of seismic wavefields are thoroughly explained. The relevant monitoring methods for verification of Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) are featured in this book.

7. “Nuclear Test Ban: Converting Political Visions to Reality” by Ola Dahlman and S Mykkeltveit

“Nuclear Test Ban: Converting Political Visions to Reality” Book Review: This book aims at presenting a synopsis on the evolution of the CTBT along with its verification regime. All the aspects for CTBT are covered in this text. The chapters of this book are based on monitoring technologies, long journey to a treaty, the treaty, birth of an organization, verification regime, and national technical implementation of CTBT. A verification agency of CTBT called the CTBTO Preparatory Commission is also highlighted in this book. The future negotiations on disarmament issues in CTBT are featured in this text. The book will be suitable for both beginners and experts involved with the CTBT.

8. “The Nuclear Catastrophe” by Barbara C Griffin Billig and Bett Pohnka

“The Nuclear Catastrophe” Book Review: The book presents the story of people living and working near a nuclear power plant that experiences a large earthquake. It reflects the reality of the real-world, what would or could happen. The book conveys the experiences and choices made by the book’s fictional characters during an earthquake. It is a revised edition featuring the relevant changes that occurred in a few decades. The book will enable the readers in making efficient decisions while facing an earthquake as they will learn from the characters choices.

9. “Recent Advances in Nuclear Explosion Monitoring: Volume II” by Martin B Kalinowski and Andreas Becker

“Recent Advances in Nuclear Explosion Monitoring: Volume II” Book Review: The book is an updated and revised piece of work featuring the latest advances in science and technology in monitoring compliance with the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT). The chapters of this book are dedicated to the field of radionuclide monitoring, atmospheric backtracking, on-site inspection, and overhead detection of relevant events. Testing of new sensor technologies, analysis methodologies, and location and characterization of CTBT-relevant events are described in this book. The book will be valuable for the scientists and practitioners related to the fields of seismology, hydro-acoustics, infra-sound, meteorology and nuclear physics. The scientists dealing with the applications of CTBT will also find text useful.

10. “An Introduction to Nuclear Astrophysics” by J Audouze and S Vauclair

“An Introduction to Nuclear Astrophysics” Book Review: The book focuses on presenting the basic principles, theories, and techniques relevant in various fields of geophysics and astrophysics. The initial section of the book describes topics like solid earth, oceanography, aeronomy, space physics, and magnetospheric physics. Many processes like turbulent diffusion, continental drift, geochemistry, atmospheric thermodynamics, aurora, and ionospheric phenomena are mentioned in this book. The final section of this book presents each and every aspect of solar physics and astronomy like solar flares, doubles stars, nuclear astrophysics, comets, meteors, radio astronomy, and gamma-ray astronomy. The book will be a great reference for postgraduates and researchers in the field of nuclear astrophysics.

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