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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Nonlinear Systems Analysis subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Nonlinear Systems Analysis along with reviews.

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1. “Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics” by Hilborn

Book Review: This book is very useful for the students, scientist and engineers in the field of chaos and nonlinear dynamics. The book discusses both differential equation models and iterated map models. The book also explains lyapunov exponents and fractal dimensions in depth. The book also provides step by step explanation to dynamics and state space geometry. The book also discusses quantum chaos. The book also provides a very practical approach to the field of chaos and nonlinear dynamics.

2. “Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers” by Jordan and Smith

Book Review: This is a very good textbook in nonlinear ordinary differential equations. The book contains numerous diagrams and worked out examples. The various topics covered in the book are phase plane analysis, nonlinear damping, small parameter expansions , single perturbations, stability, liapunov methods, Poincare sequences, liapunov exponents and homoclinic bifurcation. The book also contains many problems at the end of every chapter. This book is very useful for students and lecturers in the field of engineering sciences and mathematics.

3. “Nonlinear Systems” by Khalil

Book Review: The level of mathematics in the book increases chapter by chapter. The book is divided into four parts and they are basic analysis, feedback systems analysis, advanced analysis and nonlinear feedback control. The book also contains updated information on topics in the field of nonlinear control design. The book also contains chapters on passivity based control, integral control, high gain feedback, recursive methods, optimal stabilizing control, lyapunov functions and many more. The book is a good reference book for engineers and mathematicians.

4. “Performance Analysis of Flow Lines with Non-Linear Flow of Material” by STEFAN HELBER TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITT CLAUSTHAL-ZELLERFELD GERMANY

“Performance Analysis of Flow Lines with Non-Linear Flow of Material” Book Review: The book covers flow lines with the help of simulation techniques. The book is recommended to practitioners of the field. The described simulation techniques for flow line design help in quicker analysis. The book also covers other key aspects related to flow line design as cost estimation and design optimization for net present value of the flow line investment. The flow of material through the line may be non-linear such as quality inspections.

5. “Noblesse Workshop on Non-Linear Model Based Image Analysis – Proceedings of NWBIA” by D O Shah

“Noblesse Workshop on Non-Linear Model Based Image Analysis – Proceedings of NWBIA” Book Review: The book is a collection of research papers presented at Noblesse Workshop on Non-linear model based image analysis. It can be accessed by newcomers to the field. The book covers novel model based methods for description of complex image sequences. The book also covers a wide range of applications such as support for building databases in multimedia applications, image archiving and image sequence coding. 3D Image Models, Image/Video Restoration, Segmentation and Object Oriented Coding are a few of the key concepts covered. A few other topics covered are: Colour Image Processing; Database Retrieval; Image Models; Video Pre- and Post processing.

6. “Nonlinear Control Systems: Analysis and Design” by Horacio J Marquez

“Nonlinear Control Systems: Analysis and Design” Book Review: The book gives an introduction to the fundamentals of a nonlinear control system. It targets students or researchers with no prior exposure to the subject. The book starts by providing concepts of Lyapunov and Input-Output stability theories and proceeds to give an introduction to the backstepping approach. Emphasis is laid on concepts of input-to-state stability and feedback linearization and related results. A few other topics included are: dissipative system’s theory and its applications, nonlinear observers. The reader can also find problems with solutions at the back of the book.

7. “Fractional-Order Nonlinear Systems: Modeling, Analysis and Simulation” by Ivo Petras

“Fractional-Order Nonlinear Systems: Modeling, Analysis and Simulation” Book Review: The main idea of the book is a study of fractional order chaotic systems assisted by MATLAB. Mathematicians, physicists, engineers involved in the field of chaos phenomena or fractional order systems can refer to this book. The readers will be acquainted with fractional calculus and its applications to real dynamical systems. MATLAB programs for simulating state space trajectories of fractional order systems are done in the form of illustrations. Simulink models for a few fractional order systems are also given. Chaotic systems and their simulations are also explained.

8. “Nonlinear Systems Stability Analysis” by Nikravesh

“Nonlinear Systems Stability Analysis” Book Review: The book in discussion introduces tools required for stability analysis of nonlinear systems. It can be employed in graduate level courses. Lyapunov approaches are used in dynamic systems stability analysis. The book covers pros and cons of standard stability techniques and provides alternative developments in the field. Concepts of homogeneous nonlinear systems, higher order Lyapunov functions derivatives for stability analysis are also elucidated. The book presents new and novel methods for implementations of Lyapunov approaches in autonomous and nonautonomous systems.

9. “NONLINEAR PHYSICAL SYSTEMS” by Dmitry E Pelinovsky

“NONLINEAR PHYSICAL SYSTEMS” Book Review: The book talks about problems faced in stability and methods to overcome. It is recommended for both experts and newcomers to the field alike. The contents of the book are spread over a total of 28 chapters. The first few chapters describe simple elastic structures, unstable equilibrium, Bifurcation, dissipation effects. Subsequent chapters emphasise on tunneling, stability of dipole gas solitons, representation of wave energy, continuum hamiltonian hopf bifurcation. Concepts of energy stability analysis, stability optimization, spectral stability, unfreezing casimir invariants are covered in the last sections of the book.

10. “Dynamical Systems with Saturation Nonlinearities” by Anthony N Michel

“Dynamical Systems with Saturation Nonlinearities” Book Review: The book, a 3 part monograph introduces control systems, signal processing and neural networks to the readers. The book consists of 11 chapters. The first part of the book talks about dynamic systems, qualitative theory of control systems before dwelling into further concepts. The last part of the book emphasises on analysis, robust synthesis, sparsely interconnected neural networks. A few other concepts inculcated are: null controllability, stability analysis, overflow oscillations.

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