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1. “Coupled CFD–DEM Modeling: Formulation, Implementation and Application to Multiphase Flows” by Hamid Reza Norouzi and Reza Zarghami

“Coupled CFD–DEM Modeling: Formulation, Implementation and Application to Multiphase Flows” Book Review: This book discusses the CFD-DEM method of modeling. It explains both the Discrete Element Method and Computational Fluid Dynamics to simulate fluid-particle interactions. The text contains both theoretical and practical concepts of CFD-DEM. Also, it includes numerical implementation accompanied by a hands-on numerical code in Fortran. The volume concludes gives examples of industrial applications.

2. “Multiphase Flow Analysis Using Population Balance Modeling: Bubbles, Drops and Particles” by Guan Heng Yeoh

“multiphase Flow Analysis Using Population Balance Modeling: Bubbles, Drops and Particles” Book Review: This book is for engineers and researchers. It helps to understand the use of PBM and CFD frameworks. The book makes engineers familiar with standard CFD software. Moreover, it includes ANSYS-CFX and ANSYS–Fluent to use. The book suggests the effective research, modeling and control of multiphase flow problems. It discusses the theory behind the application of population balance models. The tools in this book provide the opportunity to incorporate more accurate models in the design of chemicals. It concludes particulate based multiphase processes.

3. “Multiphase Flow Dynamics 1” by Nikolay Ivanov Kolev
4. “Transport Phenomena in Multiphase Flows (Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications)” by Roberto Mauri

“Transport Phenomena in Multiphase Flows (Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications)” Book Review: This textbook provides a presentation of the phenomena related to the transport of mass, momentum and energy. It contains the basic physical principles. It also suggests treatment with advanced mathematical derivations. The volume includes useful applications of the models and equations in specific settings. The book starts with a general description of transport processes. Thus, it provides the macroscopic balance relations of fluid dynamics and heat and mass transfer. The book is for an introductory or for an advanced graduate course. All chapters are complemented with exercises that are essential.

5. “Multiphase Flow Dynamics 5” by Nikolay Ivanov Kolev

“Multiphase Flow Dynamics 5” Book Review: This comprehensive textbook is divided into chapters. The first chapter contains introductory information about the heat release in the re- tor core. It explains the thermal power and thermal power density in the fuel, structures and moderator. Also, it suggests the influence of the thermal power density on the coolant temperature and the spatial distribution of the thermal power density. Next, some measures are introduced for equalizing the spatial distribution of the thermal power density. The following chapters give the methods for describing the steady and of the transient temperature fields in the fuel elements. Some information is provided regarding the influence of the cladding oxidation, hydrogen diffusion and of the corrosion pr- uct deposition on the temperature fields. Chapter 3 describes mathematically the “simple” steady boiling flow in a pipe.

6. “Frontiers and Progress in Multiphase Flow I: 1” by Lixin Cheng

“Frontiers and Progress in Multiphase Flow I: 1” Book Review: This volume presents state-of-the-art reviews in the field of multiphase flow. The first chapter discusses nonlinear aspects or deterministic chaos issues in the systems of multi-phase reactors. The second chapter reviews two-phase flow dynamics in combination with complex network theory. The third chapter discusses evaporation mechanisms in the wick of copper heat pipes. The last chapter investigates numerically the flow dynamics and heat and mass transfer in the laminar and turbulent boundary layer on the flat vertical plate.

7. “Dynamics of Multiphase Flows Across Interfaces (Lecture Notes in Physics)” by Annie Steinchen

“Dynamics of Multiphase Flows Across Interfaces (Lecture Notes in Physics)” Book Review: This book is for researchers and advanced students. It primarily includes various methods and tools required to describe the complexity of the chemical and physical behaviour of fluid surfaces. There are chapters explaining concepts from surface chemistry and physics and from hydrodynamics where external force fields can be introduced. The text includes Theoretical and experimental work. This volume is a reference for physicists, physico-chemists, and chemical engineers.

8. “Multiphase Flow Dynamics 3: Turbulence, Gas Absorption and Release, Diesel Fuel Properties” by Nikolay Ivanov Kolev
9. “Application of Neural Network in Radiation-Based Multiphase Flow Meter” by Nazemi Ehsan

“Application of Neural Network in Radiation-Based Multiphase Flow Meter” Book Review: This book introduces application of artificial neural networks in gamma radiation-based multiphase flow meters. It contains five main chapters. In first chapters, concept and background, history, performance and learning algorithms are discussed. Moreover, it also includes models, and application of artificial neural networks. Second chapter comprises history, key definitions, and flow patterns of multiphase flows. The following chapter includes different methods of measuring multiphase flow and various performance principles of multiphase flow meters. In chapter four, emission of gamma-ray from radioactive sources, different mechanisms of interaction of photons with matter are described. The volume lastly concludes, some examples for applying the artificial neural network in radiation-based multiphase flow meters for measuring volume fraction in inhomogeneous flow regime and identifying flow regime.

10. “Multiphase Flow Handbook (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Series)” by Clayton T Crowe

“Multiphase Flow Handbook (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Series)” Book Review: This book provides knowledge about the basic concepts. It discusses the range of applications of thermal/fluids engineering. The book includes two chapters covering fundamental concepts and methods that pertain to all the types and applications of multiphase flow. The others cover the applications and engineering systems that explain the types of multiphase flow and heat transfer. The volume includes the basic science and the contemporary engineering and technological applications of multiphase flow. in a comprehensive way that is easy to follow and be understood. Further, it has a nomenclature to compare fundamental theory with currently developing concepts and applications. Thus, it is for all researchers, academics and engineers working with complex thermal and fluid systems.

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