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1. “Marine Diesel Engines” by Deven Aranha

“Marine Diesel Engines” Book Review: This book covers all the topics of Watch Keeping, Engine running problems, Camshaft-less electronically controlled intelligent engines, Indicator card analysis, Engine performance and testing. It explains about Latest developments, Engine overhauls, Engine emission, Starting and reversing. It also covers the topics of Manoeuvring, Bridge control, VIT and Super-VIT, Faults, defects and problems of all engine components.

2. “30 Basic Questions on Marine Diesel Engine: Shine your fundamentals (Marine Diesel Engine Series Book 1)” by Ankit Kumar Singh

“30 Basic Questions on Marine Diesel Engine: Shine your fundamentals” Book Review: This book contains fundamental and basic questions and answers on Marine Diesel Engine. The questions listed in this book are important for freshers and interviews. It contains questions and simple answers on various topics like 2-stroke slow speed marine diesel engine, scavenging, turbocharging, fuels, lubrication and basics of troubleshooting etc.

3. “Marine Diesel Engines: Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Repair (International Marine-RMP)” by Nigel Calder

“Marine Diesel Engines: Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Repair (International Marine-RMP)” Book Review: This book provides information on fuel injection systems, electronic engine controls and other new diesel technologies. It also explains about Diagnose and repair engine problems, Perform routine and annual maintenance, Extend the life and improve the efficiency of your engine.

4. “Lamb’s Questions and Answers on Marine Diesel Engines” by S Christensen

“Lamb’s Questions and Answers on Marine Diesel Engines” Book Review: This book explains the concepts like high powered two-stroke engines, how welding is used in the fabrication of engine components and how to reduce thermal stress. It explains the role of heat in engineering science, the principles behind internal combustion engines, the role of fuels and lubricants, the cooling systems, the lubricating systems and the heat exchangers. This book also explains the various parts of the marine engines and their functions. Concepts like Air-storage tanks and air compressors are also included in this book.

5. “Troubleshooting Marine Diesel Engines, 4th Ed. (International Marine Sailboat Library)” by Peter Compton

“Troubleshooting Marine Diesel Engines, 4th Ed. (International Marine Sailboat Library)” Book Review: This book explains the diesel engine maintenance, troubleshooting and repair renders. The topic Diesel engine systems covered include: mechanical, oil, fresh- and raw-water cooling, low- and high-pressure fuel, exhaust, starting, charging, transmission and stern gear.

6. “Marine Diesel Engines: Care and Maintenance” by Peter Caplen

“Marine Diesel Engines: Care and Maintenance” Book Review: This book explains how to perform certain tasks, this book offers a detailed step-by-step guide to essential maintenance procedures while explaining exactly why each job is required.

7. “Marine Engineering: Marine Diesel Engines” by Akber Ayub

“Marine Engineering: Marine Diesel Engines” Book Review: This book is written at a level suitable for senior students of marine engineering and entry-level marine engineers. This book covers main propulsion machinery, auxiliaries and all ship-board systems and equipments that come under the purview of a marine engineer. This book explains in the step by step process, from working principles to construction and design features to operation and maintenance. It also covers the topics of inherent hazards in a running engine and the built-in safety features and fail-safe devices to combat it. It also contains copious line drawings and composite diagrams that demonstrate the concepts and intricacies of design.

8. “Marine Diesel Engines” by Daniel P Charnews

“Marine Diesel Engines” Book Review: This book explains the marine diesel propulsion engines ranging from 1,000 to 80,000 horsepower. This book highlights the fundamentals and includes 130 detailed illustrations and formulas. This book allows students to examine the support systems needed for the selected engine, fuels and lubricants to ensure the engine runs efficiently and individual parts of the engine. Study questions are provided at the end of each chapter to prepare students for passing the United States Coast Guard third assistant engineers license exam.

9. “Pounder’s Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines” by Doug Woodyard

“Pounder’s Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines” Book Review: This book is designed for engine builders, ship operators and marine engineers. It contains the topics of dual-fuel (DF) and gas engines and a new chapter on engine room safety matters. This book covers the latest generic and specific advances made by marine engine designers and specialists. It explains about turbocharging, fuel treatment, emissions reduction and automation systems. Details of all new major designs and modifications to established models are included in this. This book contains hundreds of detailed, clearly labelled diagrams to explain complicated concepts and complex workings.

10. “Running and Maintenance of the Marine Diesel Engine” by John Lamb
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