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1. “Marine Acoustics” by Jens Hovem

“Marine Acoustics” Book Review: This book is designed for undergraduate and graduate students to provide instructions about the theory and practice of underwater acoustic sonar systems. This book introduces the basics of sonar theory. It also describes the applied technology of sonars. This book also discusses the earlier chapters, going into details of theory of non-linear acoustics, reflection and scattering, acoustic and elastic waves in solid media, marine sediments.

2. “Marine Acoustics: Direct and Inverse Problems” by James L Buchanan and Robert P Glbert

“Marine Acoustics: Direct and Inverse Problems” Book Review: This book presents current research trends in the field of underwater acoustic wave direct and inverse problems. This book explains the ocean-seabed system is an acoustic waveguide. It also treats the inverse problems in a waveguide. This book highlights the computation of Green’s Functions with new material added for elastic and poro-elastic seabeds. It contains practical interest related to underwater acoustical imaging, including ecological survey and cleanup. It also contains protection of open water harbors, maintenance of offshore petroleum and gas enterprises, and other areas of environmental and military concern.

3. “Principles of Marine Bioacoustics (Modern Acoustics and Signal Processing)” by Whitlow W L Au and Mardi C Hastings

“Principles of Marine Bioacoustics (Modern Acoustics and Signal Processing)” Book Review: This book is specially designed for bio acousticians, engineers and scientists with a background in acoustics. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the bioacoustics of marine life. This book explains the detailed qualitative and quantitative information and analysis of the sounds produced by marine life with a particular emphasis on marine mammals. This book contains a vast amount of useful information supported by extensive experimental evidence. It explains the descriptions of experimental design, measurement, and analysis techniques.

4. “Marine Mammal Observer and Passive Acoustic Monitoring Handbook (Conservation Handbooks)” by Phillip J Clapham and Victoria Todd

“Marine Mammal Observer and Passive Acoustic Monitoring Handbook” Book Review: this Handbook is a reference guide that seeks to improve standards worldwide for marine operations such as seismic and drilling exploration, wind farm and civil engineering piling, dredging, trenching, rock-dumping, hydrographic surveys, and military/defence exercises. This book includes topics like worldwide legislation, compliance, anthropogenic noise sources and potential effects. It also explains the training, offshore life, visual and acoustic monitoring, marine mammal distribution, hearing and vocalisations and report writing.

5. “Fundamentals of Marine Acoustics” by Jerald W Caruthers

“Fundamentals of Marine Acoustics” Book Review: This book explains about Shallow water acoustics and its practical applications. It explains topics like acoustical physics, physical oceanography, marine geology and marine biology.

6. “Acoustic Fish Reconnaissance (CRC Marine Science)” by I L Kalikhman and K I Yudanov

“Acoustic Fish Reconnaissance (CRC Marine Science)” Book Review: This book systematically presents the subject of acoustic fish reconnaissance, details of all major aspects of applying acoustic equipment in commercial fish reconnaissance. It offers sufficient analysis of the effectiveness of fish-finding techniques. This book provides the overview of the theoretical and practical aspects of acoustic search, detection, interpretation, and population estimation for commercial benefit. It explains the theory and practice of accounting surveys for quantitative estimation of biological resources and fishing conditions in traditional fishing areas. It also analyzes various applications of acoustic technique, based upon the author’s extensive investigations. This book also includes the results of the applicability of fish-finding instruments. It offers recommendations on the development of improved acoustic techniques for commercial fleets.

7. “High-Frequency Seafloor Acoustics (The Underwater Acoustics Series)” by Darrell Jackson and Michael Richardson

“High-Frequency Seafloor Acoustics (The Underwater Acoustics Series)” Book Review: This book is a research monograph on high-Frequency Seafloor Acoustics. This book provides the information about data and models pertaining to high-frequency acoustic interaction with the seafloor. It is presented with many illustrations, graphs, colour maps, and pictures. This book contains models and data which are readily usable, backed up by extensive explanation. This book also contains the concise description and technical appendices.

8. “Bottom-Interacting Ocean Acoustics (Nato Conference Series)” by William A Kuperman
9. “Ocean Seismo-Acoustics: Low-Frequency Underwater Acoustics (Nato Conference Series)” by T Akal and J M Berkson

“Ocean Seismo-Acoustics: Low-Frequency Underwater Acoustics (Nato Conference Series)” Book Review: This book explains not only seismology but also of acoustics. It has more reliable data on sediment thickness over ocean basins and other bottom features. It includes the characterization of the seafloor in regimes of reflection coefficients which were empirically derived from surveys.

10. “Impact of Littoral Environmental Variability on Acoustic Predictions and Sonar Performance” by Nicholas G Pace and Finn B Jensen

“Impact of Littoral Environmental Variability on Acoustic Predictions and Sonar Performance” Book Review: The fundamental problems associated with environmental 1 variability and sonar are discussed in this book.

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