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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Machinery Vibration and Diagnostics subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Machinery Vibration and Diagnostics along with reviews.

Kindly note that we have put a lot of effort into researching the best books on Machinery Vibration and Diagnostics subject and came out with a recommended list of top 10 best books. The table below contains the Name of these best books, their authors, publishers and an unbiased review of books on "Machinery Vibration and Diagnostics" as well as links to the Amazon website to directly purchase these books. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases, but this does not impact our reviews, comparisons, and listing of these top books; the table serves as a ready reckoner list of these best books.

1. “Machinery Noise and Diagnostics” by R H Lyon

Book Review: This book explains that the forces and motions within machines are the main source of ound and vibration that are produced by the machine. The book also demonstrates various mechanisms like gears, electromagnetics, flow and combustion techniques which are involved in the production of forces and motions. The book also illustrates how the machine responds to excitation and also how that resultant vibrations are involved in radiation of sound. The book also explains the determination of mechanical conditions of machine with the help of sounds and vibrations.

2. “Fundamentals of Mechanical Vibrations” by S G Kelly

“Fundamentals of Mechanical Vibrations” Book Review: The book is designed for the students in their higher education i.e. post-graduation and some researchers use it as a reference book. The first edition was very helpful, the second edition doesn’t fail to top the scoreboard. Its approach of using theoretical as well as practical knowledge helps the readers to master the topic. It is divided into chapters and is perfectly linked with one another. The book provides a lot of problem statements on the topic Matlab and Mathcad and also gives step-by-step solutions to each of them.

3. “Vibration Problems in Engineering” by S P Timoshenko and W Weaver and D H Young

Book Review: This book demonstrates the vibration theory, various concepts related to vibration theory and provides an introduction to the most powerful and modern computational techniques. The book describes the normal mode technique that is used for linear multi degree and infinite degree of freedom systems. The book also illustrates the numerical methods that are used for nonlinear systems. The book also contains a chapter on finite element method that shows the discretion of continuous system which further results in simplification of analysis.

4. “Modal Testing: Theory and Practice” by D J Ewins

Book Review: This book very nicely describes all the measures and steps that are involved in planning, executing and interpreting the results of a modal test. The book also describes the latest advancements and the newer technologies that have emerged in the past decade. The book also contains new chapters on rotating machinery and usage of scanning laser vibrometer. The book also makes too much effort to ensure that the readers understand the physics involved in the stages as well as the mathematical concepts.

5. “Machinery Vibration : Measurement and Analysis” by Victor Wowk

“Machinery Vibration: Measurement and Analysis” Book Review: The book is mainly designed for students completing their higher education i.e. post-graduation. It is useful for a wide range of people in the industry viz. technians, engineers, specialists and all others responsible for the installation, maintenance of equipment and method improvement. The text provides a detailed coverage of a lot of topics like mass balancing methods in use today. It includes discussion on balancing with no instruments, four-run method, single-plane method and many more. It also presents techniques and troubleshooting methods for any machine based problems.

6. “Machinery Vibration and Rotordynamics” by John M Vance and Fouad Y Zeidan

“Machinery Vibration and Rotordynamics” Book Review: The book is mainly designed for students pursuing their bachelors in engineering. It presents a detailed discussion over all types of turbines used in various offshore and onshore vehicles. It is a very handy and easy to access reference book for newcomers and the experts in the field. The book has a very detailed index which helps the user to easily navigate through the text. It throws light over many topics like the applications of machinery vibration in a single volume, case studies of vibration problems in several different types of machines as well as computer simulation models. The field is highly specialized and the book keeps abreast with the amount of knowledge to be given through the text.

7. “Flow-Induced Pulsation and Vibration in Hydroelectric Machinery” by Andr Coutu

“Flow-Induced Pulsation and Vibration in Hydroelectric Machinery” Book Review: The book is mainly designed for engineering students, it is also referred to by some of the well known in the field. The text mainly focuses on the issues created by the variations in the internal flow in hydroelectric power plants. It is very smartly divided into chapters and is also linked in a logical order. It acts as a guide explaining various physical mechanisms and their side effects. The text uses a lot of tables and charts for better explanation. It also includes diagrams for the readers, this makes a positive impact on the readers and they are able to grasp the content quickly.

8. “Vibration and Wear in High Speed Rotating Machinery” by F Pina Da Silva and Julio M Montalvao E Silva

“Vibration and Wear in High Speed Rotating Machinery” Book Review: The book is used by the students completing their post-graduation in the field and is used by some of the well-known researchers in the field. It throws light on different phenomena. As the rotating machinery functions at high speed they have to deal with a lot of wear and tear, it provides detailed arguments on how to deal with these issues. The book is divided into chapters for better understanding and each chapter deals with the different types of issues which are faced in the industry. It also provides the readers with a lot of case studies which help them understand the issues. It uses a very basic yet very scientific language which has proved to be reader friendly.

9. “Rotating Machinery, Structural Health Monitoring, Shock and Vibration” by Proulx

“Rotating Machinery, Structural Health Monitoring, Shock and Vibration” Book Review: The book is designed mainly for students pursuing their post-graduation in this field and is also used as a reference book by many researchers. The text is the fifth edition but it doesn’t fail to keep abreast with the current scenario in the industry and hence includes the issues faced by the industrialist. It compiles the most important thirty five contribution by the researchers and engineers. It includes case studies on applied aspects of Structural Health Monitoring and Rotating Machinery. The book provides a lot of diagrams for better imagination, pictorial representation makes it easy for a reader to understand the text.

10. “Mechanical Vibrations and Industrial Noise Control” by L G Lasithan

“Mechanical Vibrations and Industrial Noise Control” Book Review: The book is recommended for the students completing their higher education in this field. The book tries to emphasize on the amount of noise pollution happening in the industry due to the vibrations and hence provides solutions for the same in order to reduce pollution. It contains a very detailed index making it very easy for a reader to traverse through the book. The text is logically divided into chapters which starts with introduction to vibration and goes in depth up to random vibrations. It also provides a lot of problem statements at the end of every chapter, testing the understanding of the reader.

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