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1. “Amelioration of Land System- Study on Chieftain System of Guangxi in Yuan and Ming Dynasty (Chinese Edition)” by Lan Wu
2. “Appraisal of Railroad Land: A Study of the Land Values of the Broad Street Passenger Terminal and Connecting Right of Way in Philadelphia” by Somers Unit System of Realty Valuation
3. “Water Resources and Land-Use Planning: A Systems Approach: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on” by P Laconte and Y Y Haimes

“Water Resources and Land-Use Planning: A Systems Approach: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on” Book Review: This book relates and analyzes water resources (water quantity, surface and groundwater) and related land resources in a multi­ objective framework. It helps to Identify and relate the scientific, technological, institutional, societal, legal and political aspects of water and related land resources to policy decisions. It explains technological information and assistance in water related land resources within the various levels of government. The book discusses the applicability of advanced planning methodologies germane to water and related land resources. It demonstrates latest and projected future water and related land resources problems and issues and suggest ways to alleviate their respective and interrelated impacts.

4. “Early Orissa: An Epigraphical Study of Land System From CIR” by Mishra J

“Early Orissa: An Epigraphical Study of Land System From CIR” Book Review: This book explains the salient aspects of land to give an insight into the process on which land came to be valued in human life. It highlights land ownership, tenures, land revenues, measurement and agriculture in ancient times. The book provides a peep into the land sale, legislations and land and agriculture as revealed by epigraphically placed names. It gives all requirements of students, teachers, and researchers.

5. “The Land System In Maryland 1720-1765” by Clarence P Gould
6. “The Land System Of The New England Colonies” by Melville Egelston
7. “Recht Im Systemwandel: Ein Land, Zwei Systeme Und Das Kontinuitatsproblem In Hongkong (Internationalrechtliche Studien)” by Sven-Michael Werner
8. “Urban Expansion, Land Cover and Soil Ecosystem Services (Routledge Studies in Urban Ecology)” by Ciro Gardi

“Urban Expansion, Land Cover and Soil Ecosystem Services (Routledge Studies in Urban Ecology)” Book Review: This book provides a review of the latest knowledge of the extension and projected expansion of urban areas at a global scale. It concentrates on the impact of the process of ‘land take’ on soil resources and the ecosystem services that they provide. It demonstrates different approaches and methodologies for detecting and measuring urban areas, based mainly on remote sensing. The book explains an analysis of the drivers and especially the impacts of soil sealing and land take on ecosystem services. It includes Case studies of cities from Europe, China and Latin America. It discusses solutions for the limitation, mitigation and compensation of this process.

9. “Maximizing the Power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Applied Land Informatics (Mellen Studies in Geography)” by Toru Otawa

“Maximizing the Power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Applied Land Informatics (Mellen Studies in Geography)” Book Review: This book helps maximize the benefits from GIS in corporate settings by understanding better. It explains sound GIS design that meets organizational missions, goals and needs. It contains a questionnaire to assess values and perceptions associated with the model components. It illustrates the implementation of organization-wide or corporate geospatial information systems (GIS) over time.

10. “Coupling of Land and Water Systems (Ecological Studies)” by A.D. Hasler

“Coupling of Land and Water Systems (Ecological Studies)” Book Review: This book is divided in 8 different volumes. It provides background that leads directly into the description of nutrient-hydrologic interactions in volume 1. It further explains aspects of water in forests, grassland, and crops. The volume 3 summarizes biological and environmental aspects of the whole Indian Ocean as a marine ecosystem. It also provides a movement of water in crops and other woody or herbaceous systems and their soils, from viewpoints ranging from that of physics to that of practical agriculture. Volume 7 highlights on the evolutionary adaptation of ecosystems to mediter­ ranean types of climates, are concerned with the ecosystem’s strategies of using water.

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