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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Information Retrieval subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Information Retrieval along with reviews.

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1. “Introduction to Information Retrieval” by Manning and Schutze

Book Review: The book deals with the concept of web information retrieval including web search and other areas of text clustering and classification. The book also gives up to date information of all the aspects of design and implementation of systems thereby dealing with gathering, indexing and searching the documents, evaluating system methods and machine learning methods. All the concepts are explained using examples and diagrams thereby making it an excellent book foe graduate and under graduate students in the field of computer science. The book is also very useful for researchers and professionals in the field of computer science.

2. “Modern Information Retrieval” by Baeza-Yates and Ribeiro-Neto

“Modern Information Retrieval” Book Review: This book offers an updated treatment of information retrieval including extensive coverage of new topics such as web retrieval, web crawling, open source search engines and user interfaces. Fundamental concepts are elaborated upon such as parsing, indexing, clustering, classification, retrieval, ranking, user feedback and retrieval evaluation. It will prove invaluable to students, professors, researchers, practitioners, and scholars of this fascinating field of information retrieval.

3. “Mining the Web” by Soumen Charabarti

“Mining the Web” Book Review: This book lucidly explains the techniques to gain knowledge about unstructured web data via web mining. The author examines low-level machine learning techniques and applications to tackle web crawling and indexing as they help unite infrastructure and make machine learning bear on systematically acquired and stored data. Additionally, the book also focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of these applications, along with their potential for further development. Students and practitioners will gain both theoretical and practical understanding of web mining from this book.

4. “Information Retrieval Thesaurus 01 Edition” by Rajendra Kumbhar

“Information Retrieval Thesaurus” Book Review: This book makes available the list of relevant literature in information retrieval. This text successfully sustains the interest of LIS professionals. The present bibliography aims to help in literature search, in knowing various aspects of information retrieval, which are not yet known universally. It’s also useful in avoiding duplicates during research on information retrieval.

5. “Conceptual Information Retrieval: A Case Study in Adaptive Partial Parsing” by Mauldin Michael

“Conceptual Information Retrieval: A Case Study in Adaptive Partial Parsing” Book Review: This book describes preliminary work in applying artificial intelligence and natural language processing to the problem of information retrieval. The author provides comprehensive coverage of FERRET – a full test, conceptual information retrieval system that uses a partial understanding of its texts to provide greater precision and recall performance than keyword search techniques. This book is suitable for researchers and professionals working in a related field.

6. “Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval” by TANVEER SIDDIQUI and U S TIWARY

“Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval” Book Review: This book seamlessly integrates two rapidly developing research fields of language processing and information retrieval and provides a comprehensive coverage of its fundamental concepts and some of the renowned techniques used. The text includes topics such as language modeling, lexical analysis, computational modeling, grammar and parsing, and semantic as well as knowledge-based analysis. The statistical and semantic approaches are explained with examples in Hindi, English, and Urdu. The book also discusses recent trends and practices of information retrieval, text summarization, and information extraction in detail. Replete with practical applications based on hands-on research experience, this text meets the requirements of engineering students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate programs in computer science and information technology and can also be referred by professionals and researchers working on language-related projects.

7. “Introduction to Modern Information Retrieval” by G Chowdhury

“Introduction to Modern Information Retrieval” Book Review: This book integrates traditional theories, techniques and tools along with advancements and sophisticated new technologies in information retrieval (IR). Fundamental concepts such as automatic indexing and file organization, Evaluation of IR user needs, database technology, user interfaces, bibliographic formats, cataloging and metadata, subject analysis and representation, vocabulary control, abstracts and indexing, searching and retrieval models, multimedia IR, mark-up languages, web and intelligent IR, online database search services, natural language processing systems, and IR in digital libraries are discussed in great detail. Replete with numerous examples and exercises, this book is a must read for professionals and LIS students to become skilled in information storage and retrieval.

8. “Information Process and Retrieval” by C K Sharma and A K Sharma

“Information Process and Retrieval” Book Review: This book offers comprehensive coverage about computer-based retrieval systems. It covers the basics of retrieval systems and its working. It also includes indexing, abstracting, citation indexing, bibliometrics, webometrics, and Greenstone software. In addition, it provides a detailed treatment on the essence of TQM, application of ISO-9000 in the libraries, resource sharing through networks, E-books and governance of intranet. This book is suitable for all computer users in general and especially those concerned with libraries and library science.

9. “Information Management : An Informing Approach. Fons Wijnhoven” by Fons Wijnhoven

“Information Management: An Informing Approach” Book Review: This book elaborates the importance of computers and data communication. It aims to present a deeper understanding of the concepts of information and knowledge and has derived methods to use computers effectively. The book introduces students to the concepts and applications of information management techniques in a variety of organizational contexts while providing graduates of any discipline with an understanding of the theory and practice that underpins information management.

10.”Information Storage and Retrieval Systems” by R Gogoi and T Bezboruah

“Information Storage and Retrieval Systems” Book Review: This book describes the design and implementation of an information storage and retrieval system based on Microsoft .NET framework in a comprehensive yet concise manner. It discusses the sophistication and complexity of computer-based systems. The book also analyzes the resulting improvements in hardware performance, profound changes in computing architecture, and a vast increase in memory and storage capacity found from his research. This book is suitable for research and corporal work.

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