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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Industrial Noise Control subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Industrial Noise Control along with reviews.

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1. “Industrial Noise Control and Acoustics” by Randall F Barron

Book Review: This book provides numerous case studies that demonstrate the implementation of noise control applications and also provides solutions to the normal confusions that occur in noise reduction processes. The book also provides methods for predicting the noise generation level of most of the common systems like fans, motors, compressors, cooling towers and many more. The book also deals with assessing the severity of environmental noise, source modification, transmission paths, sound pressure level estimation, muffler designing and many more.

2. “Engineering Noise control” by Bies David A and Hanson Colin H

Book Review: This book provides a strong understanding of the basic concepts of acoustics, application of noise control technology and many other theoretical concepts. The book contains updated information on sound transmission loss, mufflers and exhaust stack directivity. The book also contains chapter on practical numerical acoustics and many instruments for measurements and analysis. This is very useful for students who are well versed in the field of noise control.

3. “Industrial Noise Control: Fundamental and Applications” by Bell L H

“Industrial Noise Control: Fundamental and Applications” Book Review: The book is a very well written literature on noise control, keeping in mind the industrial noise control. Its primary focus throughout is concise explanations starting from basic principles to the design concepts by including minute calculation examples. It holds a key feature due to its step-by-step explanation about the calculation which is a rare thing. Readers with some background on vibrations will have no difficulties to learn and benefit from this book i.e. the book would be a bit difficult to understand for beginners. A must-have for engineers who want to learn the subject.

4. “Industrial Noise control” by Fader Bruce

“Industrial Noise Control” Book Review: The book is designed for students pursuing engineering and are beginners in the field. It illustrates a lot of the latest problems and also gives solutions to them. It also provides a good amount of theoretical knowledge. The new edition tries to focus on problems occurring in industries and communities. It also includes some problem statements and also provides solutions to the problems.The questions are related to the topics covered in the prior chapter, which helps the reader to build foundation about the topic. It also uses a lot of tables and charts for understanding purposes.

5. “Handbook of Industrial Noise Control” by Faulkner L L

“Handbook of Industrial Noise Control” Book Review: The book is a straight pathway for solving almost all the issues faced in the industry due to noise pollution and hence provides a solution to control it. It is of great use for students and people already engaged in the industry. It starts from the basics of each and every chapter and goes in depth of that particular topic. It uses real life examples often to make it understandable. It also uses tables and charts extensively for understanding.

6. “Noise Reduction” by Beranek L

“Noise Reduction” Book Review: This is an amazing book of fundamentals of noise control and noise reduction for the general engineer. Elementary beginnings leading to the aspects of noise reduction for offices, auditoriums, residences and transportation vehicles. Case histories and abundant references. It also discusses the technical issues faced in the industry. It uses charts and tables for better understanding. It also uses pictorial representation for better explanation. It presents very basic yet technical language which is easy to understand.

7. “Active Control of Noise and Vibration” by Colin Hansen

“Active Control of Noise and Vibration” Book Review: The book is designed for students pursuing engineering. It is majorly used by students at the beginners level. This major work is the pioneer to treat the active control of sound and vibration in a combined way. It outlines how a reliable and stable system can be designed and implemented, fundamental concepts, and details the pitfalls . It presents arguments over sound in ducts, sound radiation, sound transmission into enclosures, structural vibration and isolation, electronic control system design, and sensors and actuators.

8. “Mechanical Vibrations and Industrial Noise Control” by Lasithan

“Mechanical Vibrations and Industrial Noise Control ” Book Review: The book is mainly designed for students pursuing engineering or the people involved in industry where there is a need to minimize the sound. It explains the basic principles and the concepts of the vibration theory allied to the study of conventional vibration such as response to harmonic excitation, free response, general forced response, self-excited oscillations, nonlinear analysis, random time functions and torsional vibration. It also provides discussion about the vibration measuring instruments. Its key features are that they use practical examples for better understanding and also provide brain teasing problem statements at the end of every chapter.

9. “Industrial Noise Control Handbook” by Paul N Cheremisinoff and Peter P Cheremisinoff

“Industrial Noise Control Handbook” Book Review: The book is designed for a wide range of readers i.e. a student to a scientist can read this book for either learning the subject or to master the subject. It is used in order to control the real time issues faced by the industries during manufacturing. It provides day-to-day life examples which helps students to understand the topic and for the people involved in the industry to come out and find the solution of their problems. The book is finely divided into chapters, each chapter having its own theory and practical knowledge included within.

10. “Industrial Noise Control and Acoustics (Mechanical Engineering)” by Randall F Barron

“Industrial Noise Control and Acoustics (Mechanical Engineering)” Book Review:The book is a major attraction for new beginners in this area. As it provides a lot of case studies that illustrate the operation of noise control applications, as well as solutions to common confusions encountered in reduction of noise up to its limits. It tries to present methods for predicting the amount of noise being generated by the day-today use device such as motors, fans, compressors and cooling towers assessing the severity of environmental noise, modifying the sources, selecting the appropriate equipment to monitor sound properties, transmission paths, and receivers of sound, designing mufflers, barriers, and enclosures, silencers and isolating machine vibration.

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