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We have compiled the list of Best Reference Books on Geomorphology subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of best books on Geomorphology along with reviews.

Kindly note that we have put a lot of effort into researching the best books on Geomorphology subject and came out with a recommended list of best books. The table below contains the Name of these best books, their authors, publishers and an unbiased review of books on “Geomorphology” as well as links to the Amazon website to directly purchase these books. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases, but this does not impact our reviews, comparisons, and listing of these top books; the table serves as a ready reckoner list of these best books.

List of Geomorphology Books with author’s names, publishers, and an unbiased review as well as links to the Amazon website to directly purchase these books.

1. Geomorphology and Geotectonics

1. “Geotectonics and Geomorphology (First Edition-2017)” by Dr Sunil Garg
2. “Geotectonics” by V V Beloussov

“Geotectonics” Book Review: This book provides an introduction to geotechnics. Main topics mentioned are types of tectonic processes, general tectonic movements of the earth crushed, recent oscillatory movements. Other important chapters mentioned are methods of studying ancient oscillatory movements, general properties of oscillatory movements of the crust, block folding, injection folding. A total of 26 chapters are discussed in this book at great length. Data tables are provided to explain those topics in depth. This book is beneficial for geology and geography students.

3. “Geomorphology (Geomorphology)” by Savindra Singh

“Geomorphology (Geomorphology)” Book Review: This book provides basic concepts regarding geomorphology. Main topics included are nature of geomorphology, fundamental concepts in geomorphology theories of landform development, climatic geomorphology and morphogenetic regions constitutions. Other topics mentioned are theory of isostasy, rocks earth movement, structural geomorphology, plate tectonics, and volcanic activity. Images and data tables are provided to explain the chapter clearly. This book is beneficial for advanced geography and geomorphology students.

4. “Principles of Geomorphology” by W D Thornbury

“Principles of Geomorphology” Book Review: This book describes the main principles of geomorphology. Topics included are weathering, soil processes, mass wasting, analysis of the geomorphic processes. Other topics mentioned are types and characteristics of glaciers, mountain glaciation, the arid cycle, steam deposition. Proper images and figures are provided in this book. All the fundamental concepts of geomorphology are Covered in this book including karst Topography and complications of the fluvial cycle. This book is suitable for geology and geography students.

5. “Introduction To Geomorphology” by Kale V S

“Introduction to Geomorphology” Book Review: This book discusses the core concepts of geomorphology. Topics mentioned are the arid cycle, types of glaciers, steam deposition, weathering and soil processes. This book includes case studies from India which provides practical experience to the students. Proper line drawings and photographs are provided to illustrate the topics. This book is beneficial for geography and geology students.

6. “A Textbook Of Geomorphology” by P Dayal

“A Textbook of Geomorphology” Book Review: This book covers important topics of geomorphology. Main topics mentioned are scope and development of geomorphology, origin of earth, geological history of the earth, internal structure of the earth. Other important topics such as the distribution of land and water, the theory of isostasy, the theory of continental drift, landforms of tectonic activity are discussed in detail. colourful images along with data tables are included in this book for easier understanding of the important topics. This book is beneficial for geology and geography students.

7. “The Earth’s Dynamic Surface (A Book of Geomorphology)” by K Siddhartha
8. “The Physical Basis Of Geography – An Outline Of Geomorphology” by S W Wooldridge

“The Physical Basis of Geography – An Outline of Geomorphology” Book Review: This book provides an introduction to the topic of geomorphology. Topics discussed are different aspects of geophysics and structural geology, erosional geomorphology, development of terrain. Numerous concrete examples of landforms are discussed in this book. this book can be useful for geology, geography and geomorphology students.

9. “Continental Rifts: Evolution, Structure, Tectonics (Developments in Geotectonics)” by K H Olsen

“Continental Rifts: Evolution, Structure, Tectonics (Developments in Geotectonics)” Book Review: This book provides an overview of the current state of understanding and knowledge of the processes of continental rifting. Topics included are Mechanisms of rifting, Geo dynamic modelling of continental drift systems, petrology, geochemistry, seismic techniques. Other chapters mentioned are potential field methods, heat flow in rifts and the modern rifts. All the topics mentioned in this book are described in detail with proper figures and images. This book is beneficial for geology and geography students.

10. “The Expanding Earth (Developments in Geotectonics Book 10)” by S W Carey
11. “Geomorphology” by Ruhe R V
12. “Geomorphology” by Sparks

“Geomorphology” Book Review: The book provides an understanding of the origins and nature of real landforms. The book has been thoroughly updated. The book contains photographs and diagrams. The book covers all the topics of different geological time scales. This book is designed for university students of geography and geology.


2. Geomorphology and Remote Sensing

1. “Image Interpretation in Geology” by Drury S A

“Image Interpretation in Geology” Book Review: The book explains the fundamentals of remote data capture and image processing. It also introduces new techniques such as digital radar imaging and hyperspectral data analysis. The book discovers various geological applications such as mapping and mineral exploration. Various geohazards are also described. The book contains numerous black-and-white photographs. An additional list of URLs is also provided for reference.

2. “Remote Sensing Geology” by Gupta R P

“Remote Sensing Geology” Book Review: The book covers all the topics related to the growth in the field of Remote Sensing. The book has been thoroughly revised and updated. The book covers various aspects of geological remote sensing. It covers spectra of minerals and rocks and space-borne remote sensing. The book also explains the tools of geo-exploration. It also contains geoscientific applications of remote sensing.

3. “Holmes Principles of Physical Geology” by Holmes A
4. “Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation” by Lillesand T M and Kiefer R W

“Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation” Book Review: The book collects the recent developments in digital image processing. It covers the latest discoveries in the field of remote sensing and image interpretation. The book covers the basics of analog image analysis. The book is useful for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

6. “Remote Sensing in Geomorphology” by S M Ramasamy

“Remote Sensing in Geomorphology” Book Review: The book covers important aspects of geomorphology. It covers the architecture of the earth’s crust. It also covers palaeo morphotectonic and morpho-dynamic activities. It discusses the hierarchical evolution of the earth and related resources. It also covers environment/ecosystems and disaster proneness.

7. “Geomorphology and Remote Sensing in Environmental Management” by S Singh
8. “Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Geomorphology” by Thakuriah Gitika and Jaiswal Monoj Kr

“Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Geomorphology” Book Review: The book is designed to cover the topics of Remote sensing and Geomorphology. This book covers the pattern of landform, materials and their related processes. It focuses on various processes of the evolution of landforms. It also includes the phenomenon close to the earth’s surface by measuring electromagnetic radiation. It gives a better understanding of aerial and satellite images. The book also discusses the relationship between Man’s activities with nature.

9. “Remote Sensing in Geomorphology” by H T Verstappen
10. “Remote Sensing and Actuation Using Unmanned Vehicles” by Haiyang Chao and YangQuan Chen

“Remote Sensing and Actuation Using Unmanned Vehicles” Book Review: The book focuses on the unmanned systems and robotics technologies that replace human beings in dangerous jobs. This book covers all the topics related to research and real-world applications. It includes the design and employment of networked unmanned vehicles for remote sensing. It also covers environmental or agricultural applications such as river surveillance and wind profiling measurement.

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We have created a collection of best reference books on “Geomorphology” so that one can readily see the list of top books on “Geomorphology” and buy the books either online or offline.

If any more book needs to be added to the list of best books on Geomorphology subject, please let us know.

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