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1. “Gemmology” by Peter G Read

“Gemmology” Book Review: The book has been used by readers to realize associate degree in-depth appreciation of the science of gemmology, its history and observe. This third edition has been utterly revised to hide the newest ways of gem improvement and identification, in addition, because the latest check instruments and laboratory techniques. The book is a useful reference guide for gemmologists, professionals and students, and is a useful text for anyone within the gemmological profession. The book consists of 20 chapters. With a conventional introduction, the book in subsequent chapters takes the reader through important topics such as the origin and locality of gemstones, chemical composition, crystallography, cleavage parting and fracture, density, colour, lustre, spectroscopy, enhancement, fashioning and identification of gemstones hardness. The book is conjointly enclosed are details of the Gemmological Association’s Foundation Course along with recommendation on examination techniques.

2. “Practical Gemmology – A Study of the Identification of Gem-Stones, Pearls, And Ornamental Minerals” by Robert Webster

“Practical Gemmology – A Study of the Identification of Gem-Stones, Pearls, And Ornamental Minerals” Book Review: This vintage book contains a noteworthy and smart study of the identification of gemstones, pearls, and ornamental minerals. This book has been recognized because of the customary work for those learning a way to establish gems and decorative minerals. The book is used as a course textbook, and it’s additionally notably appropriate as a self-instructor for those who want to advance within the jewellery and gem trades. The book comprises 21 chapters. The chapters of this book include natural philosophy, Physical Properties, relative density, Light, the activity of the Refractive Index, Colour in Gem Distinction, magnifier, The Gem Species, artificial Gems, Imitation Gems, Composite Stones and by artificial means induced colour.
3. “The Spectroscope and Gemmology” by R Keith Mitchell

“The Spectroscope and Gemmology” Book Review: The publication of Anderson’s papers is in universal use. The book is written for gemmologists everywhere and incorporating the newest developments this book can prove indispensable to any or all engaged in stone identification. Anderson and his womb-to-tomb colleague, Payne, were the pioneers in recognizing the large potential of the optical instrument for this purpose, and also the optical instrument and Gemmology, because the extensively amended, updated and enlarged version of Anderson’s original papers, provides an important textbook where gemmology is employed or instructed. The distinguished gemmologist R. Keith Mitchell has undertaken the redaction and has another chapter on the Pye photometer and on lasers. He has additionally reproduced printing operation drawings of spectra in 3 aspects to accommodate the prism instrument in each British people version and in this favoured by yank gemologists, and in another version, as seen through the optical device instrument.

4. “Practical Gemmology” by DeeDee Cunningham

“Practical Gemmology” Book Review: This classic, on which skilled gemmology courses were based, has been entirely revised by DeeDee choreographer to bring it to its honoured place among current gemological education books. Re-written and expanded, this utterly updated book includes new material on sophisticated treatments and artificial diamonds similarly as instrumentation, theory, testing and gem properties. Its nineteen lessons every function individual lectures and it pays substantial attention to covering all the background info and theory necessary for understanding each thought central to gemmological theory. The book is appropriate for readers of all levels of understanding, sensible Gemmology is specifically tailored to supply the data and diagrams necessary for the prosperous completion of certification examinations and is a useful tool for gemmology students.

5. “Collins Gem – Gemstones” by Cally Oldershaw

“Collins Gem – Gemstones” Book Review: This book is an imperative guide for amateurs and enthusiasts alike. This pocket-sized book explores the fascinating history of decorative stones, discussing their completely different social and cultural meanings and financial values through the ages. Each page options specific details regarding the crystal system, hardness, composition, lustre and gem ‘family’ of every gem. Full-colour photography for every specimen with cut and uncut examples from the Smithsonian Institution’s archives area unit enclosed throughout, similarly as up-to-date info on wherever to travel to look at such gems. Simple illustrations show the crystal structure of every stone for easy identification and a whole gloss and list show wherever to travel for any info.

6. “Gemmology Notebook” by Wild Pages Press

“Gemmology Notebook” Book Review: This Notebook consists of a total of 150 Lined Pages. It is useful for recording all important information, be it the proper travel companion, or a trendy lecture pad for school or university, a cool exercise book for college, a comprehensive notebook for work, or as a journal, the proper family heirloom to be loved for years to return. The notebook is stylish and compact, so it can be carried with you every day. utterly spaced between lines to permit many areas to write down.

7. “Practical Gemmology” by Robert Webster
8. “Beginner’s Guide to Gemmology” by Peter G Read

“Beginner’s Guide to Gemmology” Book Review: This book presents the profiles of the principal gem materials. This book discusses the attention-grabbing characteristics of gemstones because the growing client market jewellery resulted in accumulated sales of gem testing instruments. The book consists of twelve chapters, this book begins with a summary of the event of the science of gemmology. This text then explains the elemental qualities necessary during a gem, together with colour, hardness, relative density, natural philosophy, ratio, optical phenomenon, incidence angle, luminescence, and absorption spectra. different chapters think about the organic gem materials, together with amber, ivory, coral, tortoiseshell, jet, ebony, and pearl. This book discusses still the assorted strategies utilized in the assembly of artificial gemstones and therefore the business use in gem testing. The ultimate chapter deals with the composition of artificial gemstones. This book could be a valuable resource for gemologists and jewellers and for the students who are willing to become certified gemologists.

9. “Gemmology: A Practical Approach” by R N P de Silva

“Gemmology: A Practical Approach” Book Review: Gemmology could be a branch of geology that covers a colossal field. This book is meant for all UN agency to have an Associate in Nursing interest in Gems; collectors, traders and students. individuals create expensive mistakes by attempting to spot a crystal by the naked eye; the sole guiding issue is that the colour of the stone. it’s fashioned by inorganic processes and features a definite chemical composition and physical properties that are fairly constant. Its structure is sometimes crystalline. they need an Associate in Nursing orderly crystalline structure, definite chemical composition and fairly constant physical properties. this can be an effort to assist people who {are interested|have Associate in Nursing interest} in distinctive a crystal scientifically and a brief review for people who have an interest within the subject of Gemmology.

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