Best Books on Facility Programming

We have compiled a list of the Best Reference Books on Facility Programming, which are used by students of top universities, and colleges. This will help you choose the right book depending on if you are a beginner or an expert. Here is the complete list of Facility Programming Books with their authors, publishers, and an unbiased review of them as well as links to the Amazon website to directly purchase them. If permissible, you can also download the free PDF books on Facility Programming below.

1."Magnet and Specialized Schools of the Future: A Focus on Change" by Edwin T Merritt
“Magnet and Specialized Schools of the Future: A Focus on Change” Book Review: This book is a guide to understanding and managing construction projects in public schools. It covers the process of creating new buildings, making additions, or renovating existing structures. The book is aimed at boards of education, school building committees, and district superintendents. It helps readers stay up-to-date with the latest technologies for managing the growing sizes of school buildings. It also provides information on planning, designing, and overseeing school construction projects. The book discusses the construction of magnet and specialized schools and provides a detailed educational specification that focuses on future needs. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy indoor environment and meeting the requirements of students with special needs. The book also highlights the benefits of sustainable design. Additionally, it offers guidance on developing both interdistrict and intradistrict magnet schools.

2."100 Contractor House Plans Construction Blueprints - Spec Homes, Cabins, Condos, 4 Plexs and Custom Homes" by John Davidson and Specialized Design Systems
“100 Contractor House Plans Construction Blueprints – Spec Homes, Cabins, Condos, 4 Plexs and Custom Homes” Book Review: This book is a collection of different plans for homes. It includes explanations and details about Spec Home Plans, Cabin Plans, and Condo Plans. It is a helpful resource for understanding different types of homes like plexes and custom homes. The book provides spec sheets and visual representations (renderings) of the homes, which can assist in the planning process, including high-end custom homes.

3."Woodwork Joints: How to Make and Where to Use Them" by William Fairham
“Woodwork Joints: How to Make and Where to Use Them” Book Review: This book is a helpful guide to woodworking construction. It provides basic instructions for beginners and covers different types of joints used in woodworking. The book includes information on Mortise and Tenon Joints, Lap Joints, Dovetail Joints, Glue Joints, Scraping Joints, and Circular Joints. It offers a variety of details and explanations to help readers understand these different woodworking techniques.

4."Old Electrical Wiring: Evaluating, Repairing, and Upgrading Dated Systems" by David E Shapiro
“Old Electrical Wiring: Evaluating, Repairing, and Upgrading Dated Systems” Book Review: This book is a guide that explains how electrical wiring works. It provides information specifically tailored to old houses, apartment buildings, and historic residences. The book covers important aspects such as safety, troubleshooting, and inspecting outdated or dangerous electrical systems. It also offers advice on how to deal with authorities and customers in this field. The book discusses the hazards and benefits of different electrical setups and provides guidance on troubleshooting common issues. It addresses modified designs and practices, including unconventional switching layouts and unique equipment and designs. Additionally, the book explains commercial, industrial, and institutional wiring, as well as the process of removing old wiring and rewiring older buildings. It also provides information about grandfathering regulations, dating electrical systems, and considerations for historic buildings.

We have put a lot of effort into researching the best books on Facility Programming and came out with a recommended list and their reviews. If any more book needs to be added to this list, please email us. We are working on free pdf downloads for books on Facility Programming and will publish the download link here. Fill out this Facility Programming books pdf download" request form for download notification.

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