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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Environmental Accounting subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Environmental Accounting along with reviews.

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1. “Environmental Accounting” by N Das Gupta
2. “Environmental Jurisprudence and the Supreme Court” by Geetanjoy Sahu

“Environmental Jurisprudence and the Supreme Court” Book Review: The volume examines how ‘green’ the Supreme Court actually is and what it even means to be green in an Indian context. Also, it examines the various kinds of environmental discourse prevalent in India. The text analyses how these feature in the Supreme Court’s judgments. It describes the range of legal and extra-legal factors that affect judicial decision making. It analyses trends and patterns in the Supreme Court’s decisions in environmental cases. The book explains the contradictions in these patterns. It explores the significant role that the Supreme Court has come to play in implementing its own decisions in environmental cases. It concludes with a reflection on the evolution of environmental jurisprudence in India. It contains Abbreviations and appendix Environmental Orders or Judgments.

3. “Corporate Environmental Management: A Study With Reference to India” by Banerjee and Bhabatosh

“Corporate Environmental Management: A Study With Reference to India” Book Review: This text explains the importance of environmental management in the context of sustainable economic development. The book starts with an overview of problems, issues and the objectives of corporate environmental management. It explains the corporate environmental challenges and the responses. Also, the need for and effects of environmental regulations have also been fully explained. The text then explains various environmental legislations of India and the various international environmental developments. The book concludes with an analysis of accounting and reporting practices followed by the corporate sector. Besides, it is useful for the researchers in the field of environmental studies. It explains various national and international developments in the field of environmental regulation.

4. “Environmental Accounting for Forest Area” by Garge Sandhya Kiran

“Environmental Accounting for Forest Area” Book Review: The book discusses the ecorestoration activities being practiced, the precise cost and benefit of the different forest conservation activities. Further, the book explains the utility of the Geographical Information System in spatial display of such analysis. It emphasizes the need of indirect cost benefit analysis of the forest management accounting system.

5. “Environmental Accounting, Seea and Ghana’s Emerging Oil and Gas Economy” by Asare Bediako Mavis N
6. “Environmental Accounting and Reporting in India” by Makori Daniel

“Environmental Accounting and Reporting in India” Book Review: This book attempts to highlight the significance of environmental accounting. It reports to companies with regard to valuation, recognition and disclosure in the annual reports. The book contributes significantly to the existing knowledge in the area and helps in bridging the gap left in the existing available literature in this field.

7. “System Development Charges for Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Facilities” by Arthur C Nelson

“System Development Charges for Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Facilities” Book Review: This book presents a method to determine the proportionate share of the costs and revenues generated by the development of new water, wastewater, and stormwater facilities. It presents an approach to assessing charges based on the use of new and existing facilities to support new system development. The book is designed for all communities in calculating and administering charges for new development, as well as those planning for future growth.

8. “Environmental Financial Accounting – An Interdisciplinary Review” by Nuta Florian Marcel
9. “Determinants of Financial Development” by Yongfu Huang

“Determinants of Financial Development” Book Review: This book examines the emergence of both financial markets and carbon markets. It provides an in-depth investigation on the fundamental determinants of financial development.

10. “Environmental Accounting in Theory and Practice (Economy & Environment)” by K Uno and Peter Bartelmus
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