22 Best Books on Engineering Metrology

We have compiled a list of the Best Reference Books on Engineering Metrology, which are used by students of top universities, and colleges. This will help you choose the right book depending on if you are a beginner or an expert. Here is the complete list of Engineering Metrology Books with their authors, publishers, and an unbiased review of them as well as links to the Amazon website to directly purchase them. If permissible, you can also download the free PDF books on Engineering Metrology below.

1. Engineering Metrology

1."Engineering Metrology" by R K Jain
“Engineering Metrology” Book Review: This textbook addresses the various aspects of engineering metrology. The coverage of the book includes in-depth discussions on linear measurements, standards of measurements, limits, fits and gauges, comparators, Measurement by light-wave interference, Angular measurements and circular division, testing and calibration of gauges and dynamic measurement, straightness, flatness, squareness, parallelism, circularity and rotation etc. The book also provides explanations on Measurement of surface finish, dial indicators and indicating gauges, machine tool Metrology, Metrology of Screw thread, measuring machines etc. It also deals with quality control and quality assurance, statistical quality control and Total Quality Management (TQM).

2."METROLOGY and MEASUREMENT" by N/A Bewoor and Vinay Kulkarni
“METROLOGY and MEASUREMENT” Book Review: This book is designed for students and practicing engineers. This book explains about dimensional and mechanical measurement. This book provides real life case studies from the industry.

3."Engineering Metrology and Instrumentation" by R K Rajput
“Engineering Metrology and Instrumentation” Book Review: The book begins with an introduction on metrology along with explaining the working of associated devices operations. This book is divided into two parts namely metrology and instrumentation. First part metrology covers principles of measuring instruments, linear instruments, angular and taper measurements, screw thread measurements, gear measurements, measurements of circularity, comparators, measurements of surface finish, optical measuring devices, straightness, flatness, squareness and machine tool testing. Second part instrumentation of the book deals with transducers, measurement of non-electrical quantities and laboratory practicals. This book provides objective type questions. The book includes question bank with objective questions and question papers.

4."Engineering Metrology and Measurements" by Raghavendra and Krishnamurthy
“Engineering Metrology and Measurements” Book Review: This book is designed for students of mechanical and production students. This book covers linear measurements, angular measurements, comparators and optical measurements. This book explains physical parameters such as force, torque, strain, temperature and pressure. This book has solved numerical problems, practice problems, review questions and multiple choice questions.

5."Engineering Metrology" by I C Gupta
“Engineering Metrology” Book Review: The book provides an overview on principles of engineering metrology and measurements. The coverage of the book includes interferometry, linear measurements, comparators, angular measurement and circular division, surface texture, measurement and gauging of screw threads, manufacturing, testing and calibration of instruments and gauges, and statistical quality control etc. The book can benefit undergraduate students in mechanical engineering and related specializations. The students will find this book useful in preparation for competitive exams such as GATE. The book provides clear concepts and ample problems for practice.

6."Principles of Engineering Metrology" by Rega Rajendra
“Principles of Engineering Metrology” Book Review: This book is designed for practicing engineers in dimensional metrology and students of mechanical and production engineering. This book explains the applications of form, position and orientation of various features with mathematical background. This book explains salient features in dimensional metrology.

7."Mechanical Measurements and Instrumentation (Including Metrology and Control Systems)" by R K Rajput
“Mechanical Measurements and Instrumentation (Including Metrology and Control Systems)” Book Review: This book starts with general concepts of mechanical measurements. This book covers static and dynamic characteristics of instruments, errors in measurements, metrology, sensors and transducers, signal conditioning and data transmission and display devices and recorders. This book also deals with pressure and flow measurements, temperature measurements, displacement and shaft power measurement. This book provides university questions with solutions.

“METROLOGY AND MEASUREMENTS” Book Review: This book is designed as a textbook for students of mechanical, production and related backgrounds to ease the learning of various types of shop-floor measurement techniques and to also understand the basics of mechanical measurements. The book consists of five chapters. Starting with an introduction, the first chapter deals with the principles and standards of measurement, the next chapters take the reader through the topic of metrology such as linear measurements, angular measurements. The third and fourth chapters discuss the advanced topics in meteorology, form measurement concepts of simple physical parameters such as force, torque, strain, temperature, and pressure. The last chapter talks about the measurement of power, flow and temperature. The book contains plenty of solved numerical problems, practice problems, review questions, and multiple-choice questions for strengthening knowledge.

2. Metrology and Instrumentation

1."Instrumentation and Metrology in Oceanography (Instrumentation and Measurement)" by Marc Le Menn
“Instrumentation and Metrology in Oceanography 1st Edition” Book Review: This book is designed for technicians or engineers. The book covers the theoretical concepts related to the functioning of instruments and sensors. The different methods used to find measurements at sea along with the techniques which are currently being developed.

2."Introduction to Quantum Metrology: Quantum Standards and Instrumentation" by Waldemar Nawrocki
“Introduction to Quantum Metrology: Quantum Standards and Instrumentation 2015th Edition” Book Review: This book can be used by a wide audience of physicists and meteorologists The book highlights the theories of quantum effects used in metrology. It provides first hand results of research experiments. The book provides quantum measurement standards useful in the different branches of metrology. The book presents a series of practical explanations.

3."Industrial Metrology: Surfaces and Roundness" by Graham T Smith
“Industrial Metrology: Surfaces and Roundness 2002nd Edition” Book Review: The topic of this book is surface metrology.

4."Computational Surface and Roundness Metrology" by Balasubramanian Muralikrishnan and Jayaraman Raja
“Computational Surface and Roundness Metrology 2009th Edition” Book Review: This book can be used by graduate students of metrology as well as a practicing engineer. The book helps understand the wide scope of mathematical methods used in the analysis of surface roughness and texture. The book provides the tools for experimenting, learning, and discovering the different sides of mathematics. The book provides a comprehensive coverage of the subject matter.

5."Mass Metrology (Springer Series in Materials Science)" by S V Gupta
“Mass Metrology (Springer Series in Materials Science, Vol. 155) 1st Edition” Book Review: The book gives the practical application of mass measurements. Concepts related to acceleration of gravity have been detailed. The classification of weights by OIML is elaborated upon. The different ways of referring to unit kilograms have been described. The book also provides new recommendations of CIPM.

6."Metrology for Fire Experiments in Outdoor Conditions (SpringerBriefs in Fire)" by Xavier Silvani
“Metrology for Fire Experiments in Outdoor Conditions (SpringerBriefs in Fire) 2013th Edition” Book Review: This book is designed for practitioners as a guide for enhancing measurement techniques in an outdoor environment. It will also be useful for advanced-level students and researchers.The book discusses in great depth about the features like scale dependency, momentum etc. measurement techniques have been also described. Measurement errors and optimal processing is also briefed.

7."Metrology and Properties of Engineering Surfaces" by E Mainsah and Derek Chetwynd
“Metrology and Properties of Engineering Surfaces (Sensor Physics and Technology) 2001st Edition” Book Review: This book is designed for researchers working and teaching in technology. It is also useful for industrial users. The book provides the complete coverage of the crucial topics involved in the metrology and properties of engineering surfaces. The topics covered include filtering, power spectral densities etc. a wide range of topics covering the engineering surfaces have been explored.

8."Photonics: Photonics Technology and Instrumentation (A Wiley–Science Wise Co–Publication)" by David L Andrews
“Photonics, Volume 3: Photonics Technology and Instrumentation (A Wiley-Science Wise Co-Publication) 1st Edition” Book Review: This book is designed for graduate level students in physical sciences; Industrial and academic researchers in photonics. It can also be used by college lecturers, educators, policymakers, consultants, scientific and technical libraries, government laboratories, NIH. The book explores photonics technology and instrumentation. Modern photonics have been greatly covered. Processes and applications along with latest advancements in the field are also covered.


3. Metrology and Quality Engineering

1."Metrology And Quality Control" by Dr A M Badadhe S G Shilwant and Dr B Anand
“Metrology And Quality Control (First Edition,2016)” Book Review: The book covers contents ranging from measurement, design and metrology to introduction of quality tools and its statistics. The book also contains university question papers.

2."Metrology and Quality Control" by Paras A Palsatkar
“Metrology and Quality Control (Dip. V Sem)” Book Review: The book is designed for diploma students in the 5th semester. The text is written in accordance with the MSBTE syllabus.

3."Decode Metrology and Quality Control for SPPU" by Decode
4."Metrology in Industry: The Key for Quality" by Dominique Placko and French College of Metrology
“Metrology in Industry: The Key for Quality 1st Edition” Book Review: This book is designed for academicians interested in this field. It gives an international coverage of the subject, written by experts worldwide.

5."Quality Assurance for Chemistry and Environmental Science: Metrology from pH Measurement to Nuclear Waste Disposal" by Günther Meinrath and Petra Schneider
“Quality Assurance for Chemistry and Environmental Science: Metrology from pH Measurement to Nuclear Waste Disposal 2007th Edition” Book Review: The book provides information regarding all relevant topics in the field of metrology. Applications in the field are given in great detail. Consequences of measurement uncertainty concepts have also been mentioned. The book also contains special sections dealing with thermodynamics and with the current position of chemical metrology in regard to quality measures.

6."Quality in Chemical Measurements: Training Concepts and Teaching Materials" by Wolfhard Wegscheider and Bernd Neidhart
“Quality in Chemical Measurements: Training Concepts and Teaching Materials 2001 Edition” Book Review: This book is designed for the use in training, teaching, and continuing studies in this field. It would also be useful for students in analytical chemistry as well as professionals in industry and service labs. The book contains material from 15 experienced lecturers with more than 300 graphics. Ready to use powerpoint documents are also included in the text.

We have put a lot of effort into researching the best books on Engineering Metrology and came out with a recommended list and their reviews. If any more book needs to be added to this list, please email us. We are working on free pdf downloads for books on Engineering Metrology and will publish the download link here. Fill out this Engineering Metrology books pdf download" request form for download notification.

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