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1. “Ecotourism Economics and Environment” by Nagarajan K and Alex K Thottunkel

“Ecotourism Economics and Environment” Book Review: This book contains research papers studying the economic, social, cultural and environmental impact of tourism in India. It also contains case studies from developing countries that have applied the concept of ecotourism than mass tourism. It focuses on the positive effects of applying these measures. This book explains the recent advancements which have led to increasing awareness on the need to sustain the environment. It also stresses on the measures to protect the environment from the damages caused by human activities including tourism. Ecotourism is considered as a sustainable option to bring employment, income and livelihood opportunities for the hosts.

2. “Ecotourism and Sustainable Development, Second Edition: Who Owns Paradise?” by Martha Honey

“Ecotourism and Sustainable Development, Second Edition: Who Owns Paradise?” Book Review: This book is among the first books published on the subject. This book explains the concepts of ecotourism and sustainable development. The book describes the six countries of the Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, and South Africa from the first edition and adds the United States in this new edition. It consists of case studies that highlight the economic and cultural impacts of expanding tourism on indigenous populations. This book stresses on the importance of responsible ecotourism. It is a highly informative book.

3. “Ecotourism” by Jagbir Singh

“Ecotourism” Book Review: This book discusses the need to develop Ecotourism on a much larger scale. It discusses various measures to restore the beauty of nature and preserve what is left of the ecology in the environment. This book explains in detail the different types of tourist, details of destinations and means of transport. This book is useful to students, research scholars and teachers of the tourism industry. The chapters included are tourism types and motivations, information technology in tourism and tourism policy and planning. It also covers the importance of the hotel industry and advertising and promotion.

4. “Ecotourism” by Mohammad Baydoun

“Ecotourism” Book Review: This book explains that ecotourism is the option for the development of rural sites. Ecotourism has less impact on the environment and also provides employment opportunities to the local people. The book explains using the example of Kaa El Rim which is an eco-farm village. The measures of sustainable development and ecotourism are applied in phase one of the project. The concepts of community participation and protection of the existing local ecosystem are used to analyse the effects of ecotourism.

5. “Eco-tourism Development in Northeast India: Sustainable Alternative: In Search of a Road to Peace, Development and Sustainability” by Margaret T C Gangte

“Eco-tourism Development in Northeast India: Sustainable Alternative: In Search of a Road to Peace, Development and Sustainability” Book Review: The book explains a problem solving approach. It uses public management tools to design ecotourism methodologies. The book stresses on the implementation of these ideas for sustainability of growth and development through local and global experiences. The book discusses the strategic national and regional position of the northeast region of India. It is important in both political and economical aspects. Eco-tourism development in this sector will have a drastic impact in this region. It will also lead to environmental conservation. The book also suggests that these development policies will also help to bridge the psychological gap of the alienated people of this region. The book concludes the impact of development policies on the individual and environment as real sustainability.

6. “Ecotourism: A Practical Guide for Rural Communities” by Sue Beeton

“Ecotourism: A Practical Guide for Rural Communities” Book Review: This book contains everything a person requires before entering the ecotourism market. It explains what ecotourism is and who the ecotourists are. It explains how to work with the local community and the local environment. It discusses the advantages and disadvantages of this field. It explains from the beginning what all is required to start the business and make it work.

7. “Ecotourism and Certification: Setting Standards In Practice” by Martha Honey

“Ecotourism and Certification: Setting Standards In Practice” Book Review: This book is designed for independent auditors who verify environmental and social impacts. This book explains the basics of ecotourism certification. It highlights the challenges and strategies for establishing certification programs. This book covers ecotourism within the larger tourism industry and traces the history of certification. Later it examines certification as a tool in other industries such as forestry and coffee production. The book also contains case studies written by experts on certification schemes around the world. This is the first book to take a global look at the emergence and application of certification. It is an important contribution for ecotourism and development professionals worldwide.

8. “Quality Assurance and Certification in Ecotouri (Ecotourism Series)” by Rosemary Black and Alice Crabtree

“Quality Assurance and Certification in Ecotourism (Ecotourism Series)” Book Review: The book discusses the impact of ecotourism on culture and biodiversity of the locality. It creates economic opportunities for local communities. This book also explains the measures to reduce the negative impacts on the environment. The harm it causes to the environment is land degradation, cultural commoditization and playground effects. This book stresses on the topic of quality control and accreditation in ecotourism and describes the mechanisms that can be implemented to ensure quality in all aspects of the industry.

9. “Indian Ecotourism: Environmental Rules and Regulations” by Ratandeep Singh
10. “Ecotourism and Sustainable Development” by Ravishanker Singh
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