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1. “Mathematics of Diffusion” by J Crank

Book Review: This book presents the basic understanding of the kinetic processes that are used in materials. The book also explains the basic kinetic processes that result in changes in size, shape, composition and other structure of materials. The book also addresses interfaces and dislocation complex motion. The book also carries out treatment of phase transformations and morphological evolution. The book basically focuses on kinetic phenomena in crystalline materials and non-crystalline materials. This book provides a good learning experience for the students at graduate level.

2. “Chemical Engineering Kinetics” by J M Smith
3. “Introduction to Solid State Diffusion” by R J Borg and G J Dienes

“Introduction to Solid State Diffusion” Book Review: The book deals with fundamentals of diffusion in the solid state. It can be accessed by undergraduate students as well as graduate students. Basics of physical chemistry concepts act as prerequisites to the book although not in detail. Important topics such as fabrication of semiconductors and superconductors and corrosion of metals and alloys are covered in the book. Other chapters are devoted to tempering of steel, geological metamorphism and properties of non-ferrous alloys.

4. “Kinetics of Materials” by R W Balluffi and W C Carter

“Kinetics of Materials” Book Review: The book focuses on basic kinetic processes. It is suitable for undergraduate students involved in the field. Kinetic processes and their influence on various properties of materials are studied. Topics related to kinetic phenomena such as diffusion, dislocations and interfaces, morphological evolution and phase transformations are given special importance. Required mathematical concepts and derivations are provided wherever necessary in the book. Readers can also find a plethora of solved examples thereby strengthening the elucidated concepts.

5. “Comprehensive Chemical Kinetics: Diffusion-limited Reactions” by Stephen A Rice
6. “A Study of the Effects of Diffusion and Kinetics on the Spatial Distribution of Products Created by Electron Deposition” by Daniel Edward Rio
7. “Kinetic Theory: The Chapman–Enskog Solution of the Transport Equation for Moderately Dense Gases: Chapman-Enskog Solution” by S G Brush and D ter Haar

“Kinetic Theory: The Chapman–Enskog Solution of the Transport Equation for Moderately Dense Gases: Chapman-Enskog Solution” Book Review: The main idea of the book is to provide the Chapman-Enskog solution to the transport equation for moderately dense gases. It may be of interest to students as well as researchers carrying out studies in the field. The book begins by accounting the work of Hilbert, Chapman, and Enskog in the development of Chapman-Enskog theory. The results of this experiment are then compared and contrasted with the previously known and studied theories such as viscosity, heat conduction, diffusion and thermal diffusion. The book also mentions some alternatives of Chapman-Enskog method. The book also deals with Kinetic theory, viscosity and self-diffusion in compressed gases and liquids. Mathematical concepts are elucidated wherever deemed necessary.

8. “Electrochemical Kinetics: Theoretical Aspects” by Klaus J Vetter

“Electrochemical Kinetics: Theoretical Aspects” Book Review: The focus of the book is on electrochemical kinetics. It can be accessed by students, researchers as well as scientists alike. Electrochemical thermodynamics and the theory of overvoltage are discussed with an emphasis on topics such as equilibrium potentials, concepts and definitions, electrical double layer and electrocapillarity, and charge-transfer, diffusion and reaction overvoltage. Further chapters of the book also deal with electrochemical reaction mechanisms and methods of determining them. Types of overvoltage and reaction kinetics along with ways of determining them are also covered. Crystallization overvoltage, total overvoltage and resistance polarization are also elucidated.

9. “Kinetic Processes: Crystal Growth, Diffusion, and Phase Transitions in Materials” by Kenneth A Jackson

“Kinetic Processes: Crystal Growth, Diffusion, and Phase Transitions in Materials” Book Review: The idea of the book is crystal growth kinetics. It is recommended to graduate students in the pertaining fields. Along with the fundamentals of kinetic processes, the book also deals with computer-assisted modeling of second-order phase changes. Microstructure development and coarsening mechanisms are also studied. Special importance is given to spinodal decomposition. Topics of kinetic processes such as diffusion, nucleation, segregation and phase transitions are also covered. Modern and relevant applications are provided throughout the text aiding the students in a better understanding of the subject.

10. “Diffusion: Mass Transfer in Fluid Systems (Cambridge Series in Chemical Engineering)” by E L Cussler

“Diffusion: Mass Transfer in Fluid Systems (Cambridge Series in Chemical Engineering)” Book Review: The book provides an overview of diffusion and separation processes. Students, scientists and engineers can find this book to be relevant. Chemical purification and reaction engineering are elucidated with the help of underlying principles of diffusion. Importance of the mixing process is also highlighted with examples like dispersal of pollutants and digestion in the small intestines. Readers can also find numerous solved examples and problems throughout the book.

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