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1. “Demography” by Jhingan M L
2. “Elements of Demography” by V C Sinha and Easo Zacharia

“Elements of Demography” Book Review: A textbook written in a systematic and lucid way for students pursuing M.A and M.Com of all Indian universities. The book begins with an introduction and definition, nature, scope, importance, origin and development of demography followed by the measurement of mortality and fertility. Population – measurement, projection, estimation, census; migration, life table and economic development are also discussed. Various theories of population like Malthusian theory, optimum theory, theory of demographic transition are elaborated. The book also dives into the populations of world countries like Great Britain, Japan, the United States of America, China, Sri Lanka, Russia and a complete unit dedicated to the population of India is also provided. Trends and differentials in mortality and fertility rate, composition, qualitative aspects and occupational structure of the population in India are the concepts discussed in detail in this unit. As each chapter ends, the students can find a section on examination questions which tests their knowledge and level of understanding of the concepts and also help in preparing for the examinations.

3. “Social Demography” by ICFAI / Samir / Dasgupta

“Social Demography” Book Review: A textbook which strikes a balance between theoretical and conceptual structures for the analysis of population phenomena. Social phenomena like fertility, mortality, migration, growth, composition and distribution of population and how they are inter-related to the concept of demography are very well detailed in this book. This book introduces the reader with an introduction to demography and the various methods of data collection. Written in a student-friendly style, this book provides an in-depth knowledge of theories of population, population growth in India, composition, distribution and development of Indian population, and population policy of India. Written for the students and scholars in the field of sociology, demography, economics, political science, anthropology and development studies. To get a bird’s eye view of a chapter, a summary is provided at the end of each chapter in addition to exercises and questions.

4. “Medical Statistics and Demography Made Easy with CD-ROM” by Sharma

“Medical Statistics and Demography Made-Easy” Book Review: This book details and discusses the concepts of vital statistics, statistical methods in epidemiology and health information. General concepts and various statistical methods and formulae are also explored in this text. A CD-ROM is attached along with the text that demonstrates different techniques used in medical statistics. This comprehensive text attracts the attention of research students as it contains worked out examples on medical problems which play an important role in understanding the computational part of research works. About 300 multiple choice questions and 50 unsolved questions are also provided at the end of each chapter which helps the students in gaining a better learning of the concepts and in exam preparations.

5. “Demography (Economics)” by Dr V C Sinha & Dr Pushpa Sinha
6. “Demography and Population Problems” by Rajendra Kumar Sharma

“Demography and Population Problems” Book Review: A textbook designed with the needs and interests of students and teachers to give an understanding of demography, social demography, population studies and problems, and vital statistics in India. This book is useful for Sociology students and scholars of all universities. It is simply and easily narrated with examples from Indian situations. Data extracted from genuine sources are presented analytically to provide a holistic approach to disputable issues. The book introduces the reader to historical review, concept, scope and importance of demography followed by theories of population, methods and sources of demographic data, growth and trends of world population, development of demography in India, structure and characteristics of Indian population. It also elaborates on the topics of population dynamics: mortality, fertility: nature, measures and trends, fertility in India, migration: types, measurement, theories and trends. An in-depth emphasis on urbanisation, labour force, unemployment in India, population problems, family planning and welfare, and population policies also makes it an ideal textbook for students and reference book for teachers. Questions and exercises are provided at the end of each chapter to test the level of understanding and an aid in preparation of exams.

7. “The Demography of Armed Conflict (International Studies in Population)” by Henrik Urdal and Helge Brunborg

“The Demography of Armed Conflict” Book Review: An interesting book that assembles 16 articles of researchers in demography, statistics, political science, sociology, anthropology, history, economics, geography and law presented in 3 sections. It provides a modern appreciation on the demographic causes and consequences of armed conflict. Migration, ethnicity, population growth and youth bulges are the studies on causes. This book discusses the study of consequences of conflict which include mortality from conflict and casualty estimation for prosecution of war crimes. Case studies of conflicts in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cambodia, Kenya, Mali, Rwanda, Sudan and Uganda also provide the students with a glimpse of current groundwork in different disciplines and display an urgent need for more research in this matter.

8. “Reproductive Health Demography of Tribal Women in Assam” by Hazarika Prafulla

“Reproductive Health Demography of Tribal Women in Assam” Book Review: This text provides a demography on the reproductive health of tribal women in Assam focussing on 2 major tribes residing in the eastern most part of the region. It provides poll-based data collected from grassroots level which presents details and demography on the reproductive activity and health of tribal women which is one of the first of its kind in the world. Types of problems experienced by married tribal women, failures in their mission, magnitude of the problem waiting to be dealt in the future, challenges ahead of time to achieve the goal of a healthy nation are some major areas and concerns discussed in detail in this text. At the end of this book, questions are provided which help the reader in understanding the issues and complex health problems faced by the females of the tribe.

9. “Fundamentals of Demography” by P K Majumdar

“Fundamentals of Demography” Book Review: A textbook written in a student-friendly and lucid manner providing enough depth and systematic accuracy for use in graduate courses on population dynamics. Undergraduate and graduate students can find this text simply and easily narrated on the basics and fundamentals of demography. Introduction provides a solid understanding on the subjects, methodologies and debates covered in standard courses on population. Various examples and illustrations are provided with clarity and depth. Change in population due to fertility, mortality and migration, change in population size on the environment and related challenges facing the world are the topics significantly detailed in this text. Numerous questions and exercises are included at the end of each chapter which help in providing an understanding of the concepts.

10. “Statistical Demography and Forecasting (Springer Series in Statistics)” by Juha Alho and Bruce Spencer

“Statistical Demography and Forecasting (Springer Series in Statistics)” Book Review: Written in a straight-forward manner, this book provides a distinctive introduction to problems of demography in a user-friendly language. It discusses the statistical approach on addressing issues like nature of population forecasts and their uncertainty, accuracy of population estimates and their effect on distribution of formula-based government allocations to sub-national units and division of political representation. Some of the major concepts include classical mathematical demography, event history methods, multi-state methods, stochastic population forecasting, sampling and census coverage, and decision theory. Practical applications from the United States of America and Europe are demonstrated with these methods. It also presents an overview on classical methods of demography and recent developments. Knowledge of differential and integral calculus, matrix algebra, basic probability theory and regression analysis is a prerequisite for those interested in this text. The text begins with sources of demographic data, sampling designs and interference, waiting times and their statistical estimation, regression models for counts and survival, multistate models and Cohort component book-keeping, approaches to forecasting demographic rates, uncertainty in demographic forecasts:concepts, issues and evidence, statistical propagation of error in forecasting, errors in census numbers, financial applications, and finally ends with decision analysis and small area estimates.

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