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1. “Media and Convergence Management” by Sandra Diehl and Matthias Karmasin

“Media and Convergence Management” Book Review: This book serves as a valuable reference guide for students, practitioners and researchers interested in media convergence processes. It describes the merging of formerly distinct functions, markets and fields of application, which has changed the way companies operate and consumers perceive and process media content. The main aim of the book is to shed some light on crucial phenomena of media and convergence management. It also addresses more specific issues brought about by innovations related to media, technologies, industries, business models, consumer behavior and content management. It gathers insights from renowned academic researchers and pursues a highly interdisciplinary approach.

2. “Adversperience ~ The Convergence of Advertising and Experiential Marketing” by Nicole Gallucci

“Adversperience ~ The Convergence of Advertising and Experiential Marketing” Book Review:
The book offers the explanation on convergence of advertising and experiential marketing. It discusses how brands can relevantly touch consumer senses, engage target audiences, get noticed and win in the era of distraction, mass proliferation and global connection. The book provides a framework of a modern day yellow brick road that leads brands to the Emerald City of brand riches!

3. “The Convergence Crisis: An Impending Paradigm Shift in Advertising” by Joanna L Jenkins

“The Convergence Crisis An Impending Paradigm Shift in Advertising” Book Review: The book presents the story of an impending paradigm shift in advertising. It provides a historical overview of significant events and socio-cultural economic factors that have occurred to explain how and why a convergence crisis has erupted in contemporary American advertising.The book intends to bring awareness, clarity, and understanding to the opportunities presented through convergence via its rich historical narrative and theoretical framework. Significant blurring of once-distinct boundaries and redistribution caused by convergence has led to new methods of communication being used in advertising and among audiences which have been explained clearly in the book.

4. “De-Convergence of Global Media Industries (Routledge Research in Cultural and Media Studies)” by Dal Yong Jin

“De-Convergence of Global Media Industries (Routledge Research in Cultural and Media Studies)” Book Review: With de-convergence gaining momentum in the communications market, it is important to learn it’s concept. The book provides a thorough description of de-convergence and its advantages. The book helps readers to analyze the wave of de-convergence of the global media system in the context of globalization. This book makes sense of those transitions by looking at global trends and how global media firms have changed and developed their business paradigm from convergence to de-convergence. The complex relationship between media industries, culture, and globalization is traced in the book by exploring it in a transitional yet contextually grounded framework, employing a political economic analysis integrating empirical data analysis.

5. “Promotional Culture and Convergence: Markets, Methods, Media” by Helen Powell

“Promotional Culture and Convergence Markets, Methods, Media” Book Review: The book analyses the environments necessary for creating a culture of collaboration with consumers. The focus of the book is engaged with key areas of contemporary promotional development, including promotional culture’s primary industries, including advertising, marketing, PR and branding, and how they are informed by changes in consumer behaviour and market conditions. It also provides an overview on how industries are adapting in the digital age to attract both audiences and advertising revenue. The book discusses the evolving dialogues between ‘new consumers’ and producers and promotional industries. It also includes in-depth case studies and global examples of promotion through TV, magazines, newspapers and cinema for better understanding.

6. “Convergence Marketing: Strategies for Reaching the New Hybrid Consumer” by Yoram (Jerry) R Wind and Vijay Mahajan

“Convergence Marketing Strategies for Reaching the New Hybrid Consumer” Book Review: The book throws light on what today’s customers can do, what they’re choosing to do, how they’re evolving, and where they’re headed. It enables the readers to learn how to respond today and begin optimizing their entire organization to serve tomorrow’s fastest growing markets and most valuable customers. This book offers guidance for navigating companies to meet the needs of today’s hybrid consumers. It also provides an overview on how to combine standardization, mass customization, and personalization. The book reshapes the value equation Strategies for leveraging all your new sources of value, from entertainment through innovative pricing to peace of mind Choice tools.

7. “Storytelling Across Worlds: Transmedia for Creatives and Producers” by Tom Dowd and Michael Niederman

“Storytelling Across Worlds Transmedia for Creatives and Producers” Book Review: The book offers tools to weave a narrative universe across multiple platforms and meet the insatiable demand of today’s audience for its favorite creative property. It is a useful guide for both producers and writers. It helps the readers to Create writing and production bibles for transmedia property. It also provides knowledge on how to Monetize your stories across separate media channels and how to Engage audiences with transmedia storytelling. The book gives an overview on managing transmedia brands, marketing, and rights. It is useful in teaching the readers to Employ film, television, games, novels, comics, and the web to build rich and immersive transmedia narratives.

8. “Developing New Functional Food and Nutraceutical Products” by Debasis Bagchi and Sreejayan Nair

“Developing New Functional Food and Nutraceutical Products” Book Review: The book provides critical information of conceptualization of new products and their marketing. It focuses on presenting a solid understanding of the entire process through detailed coverage of key concepts, namely innovation, regulation, manufacturing, quality control, and marketing. The book contains Chapters that provide insights into market and competitive analysis, product design and development, intellectual property, ingredient sourcing, cost control, and sales and marketing strategies. The book also Addresses manufacturing and quality control challenges. It includes a streamlined approach for product development. The book offers readers to Examine key considerations in product development.

9. “Cross-Media Service Delivery (The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science)” by Diomidis Spinellis

“Cross-Media Service Delivery (The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science)” Book Review: The book aims at bringing together a cross-disciplinary core of contributors to address the technical and business issues of cross-media publishing and service delivery. It is based on papers presented at the conference on Cross-Media Service Delivery-CMSD-2003 that took place in Santorini, Greece in May 2003. The book covers chapters such as Convergence and the Implications for Journalism Education, The Information Logistics Approach Toward User Demand-Driven Information Supply and the Use of Broadcast Infrastructures for On-Demand Services. It gives an overview on Architecture for Modeling Services and Creation of a Service Level Agreement by Using XML Technologies. The book also highlights the Video Assisted Geographical Information Systems.

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