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1. “Coal India Limited Management Trainee Recruitment Examination: Enviromental/ Personnel material/Sales & Marketing Community development” by GKP

2. “Coal Preparation” by B B Konar

“Coal preparation” Book Review: The current monograph is the second on ‘COAL PREPARATION’ distributed from the Central Fuel Research Institute. The prior one, distributed in 1972, was counseled by completely worried for all its genuineness. The goal is to center the strength of locally accessible assets, current practices, reasonableness of readiness gear grew natively or abroad, financial matters and natural issues.

3. “Coal: Its Origin, Method of Working, and Preparation for Market” by Francis H Wilson

”Coal; Its Origin, Method of Working, and Preparation for Market” Book Review: In contrast to some different multiplications of exemplary writings (1) This book has not utilized OCR(Optical Character Recognition), as this prompts awful quality books with presented errors. (2) In books where there are pictures, for example, representations, maps, outlines and so on We have attempted to keep the nature of these pictures, so they address precisely the first antique. Albeit sometimes there might be sure blemishes with these old writings, we feel they have the right to be made accessible for people in the future to appreciate.

4. “Coal Preparation: Desulfurization” by Timothy C Eisele and S Komar Kawatra

“Coal preparation” Book Review:This book was composed to give an exhaustive study of the present status of-the-workmanship data in coal planning, with specific accentuation on coal desulfrization.

5. “New Trends Coal Preparation Te (Recent Advances in Coal Processing)” by Wieslaw S Blaschke
6. “Designing the Coal Preparation Plant of the Future” by Minh Chi Ngo
7. “High Efficiency Coal Preparation: An International Symposium” by S K Kawatra

“High Efficiency Coal Preparation: An International Symposium” Book Review: The difficulty of the 1990s for the coal business is to work at an inexorably high effectiveness, yet produce dynamically more excellent items to stay serious. Here’s assistance. This hardbound procedures volume tends to methodologies focused on this issue.

8. “Coal Preparation Plant Automation (“Energy Technology Review”)” by J C Moyers
9. “Coal Preparation Survey” by U S Environmental P

“Coal Preparation Survey” Book Review: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was introduced on December 2, 1970 by President Richard Nixon. The agency is charged with protecting human health and the environment, by writing and enforcing regulations based on laws passed by Congress. The EPA’s struggle to protect health and the environment is seen through each of its official publications. These publications outline new policies, detail problems with enforcing laws, document the need for new legislation, and describe new tactics to use to solve these issues. This collection of publications ranges from historic documents to reports released in the new millennium, and features works like: Bicycle for a Better Environment, Health Effects of Increasing Sulfur Oxides Emissions Draft, and Women and Environmental Health.

10. “Using radiant heat to reduce filter-cake moisture in coal preparation” by Thomas M Nasiatka

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