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1. “Masterkurs Parallele und Verteilte Systeme: Grundlagen und Programmierung von Multicore-Prozessoren, Multiprozessoren, Cluster, Grid und Cloud” by Günther Bengel and Christian Baun
2. “eScience on Distributed Computing Infrastructure: Achievements of PLGrid Plus Domain-Specific Services and Tools” by Marian Bubak and Jacek Kitowski

“eScience on Distributed Computing Infrastructure: Achievements of PLGrid Plus Domain-Specific Services and Tools” Book Review: To help specialists from various zones of science comprehend and open the capability of the Polish Grid Infrastructure and to characterize their necessities and assumptions, the accompanying 13 pilot networks have been coordinated and associated with the PLGrid Plus undertaking: Acoustics, AstroGrid-PL, Bioinformatics, Ecology, Energy Sector, Health Sciences, HEPGrid, Life Science, Materials, Metallurgy, Nanotechnologies, Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Physics, and Synchro Grid. The book depicts the experience and logical outcomes accomplished by the undertaking accomplices. Parts 1 to 8 give an overall outline of innovative work exercises in the system of the task with accentuation on administrations for various logical territories and a report on the status of the PL-Grid foundation, portraying new improvements in security and middleware. Sections 9 to 13 examine new conditions and administrations which might be applied by all established researchers. Sections 14 to 36 present how the PLGrid Plus conditions, apparatuses and administrations are utilized in cutting edge area explicit PC recreations; these parts present computational models, new calculations, and manners by which they are executed. The book likewise gives a glossary of terms and ideas.

3. “High Performance Computer Applications” by Isidoro Gitler and Jaime Klapp

High Performance Computer Applications: Book Review: This book establishes the refereed procedures of the sixth International Conference on Supercomputing, ISUM 2015, held in México, in March 2015. The 38 overhauled full papers introduced were painstakingly investigated and chosen from 102 entries. The papers are coordinated in effective areas on viewpoints in supercomputer framework and applications; equal calculations and advancement; HPC applications and reenactments;

4. “Fondamenti Di Architetture E Servizi Distribuiti: Cluster, Grid, Cloud” by Luciano Manelli
5. “Programming Massively Parallel Processors: A Hands-on Approach” by Wen-mei W Hwu and David B Kirk

“Programming Massively Parallel Processors: A Hands-on Approach” by Wen-mei W Hwu and David B Kirk Book Review: Parallel programming and GPU engineering. Different methods for developing equal projects are investigated in detail. Contextual investigations show the improvement interaction, which starts with computational reasoning and finishes with successful and effective equal projects. This book portrays computational reasoning methods that will empower understudies to consider issues in manners that are managable to superior equal processing. It uses CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture), NVIDIA’s product advancement apparatus established explicitly for hugely equal conditions. Studies figure out how to accomplish both superior and high-unwavering quality utilizing the CUDA programming model just as OpenCL. This book is suggested for cutting edge understudies, programmers, developers, and equipment engineers. Shows computational reasoning and critical thinking strategies that encourage superior equal processing. Uses CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture), NVIDIA’s product improvement device established explicitly for greatly equal conditions. Tells you the best way to accomplish both superior and high-unwavering quality utilizing the CUDA programming model just as OpenCL.

6. “Hadoop for Dummies” by Roman B Melnyk and Bruce Brown

“Hadoop for Dummies” by Roman B Melnyk and Bruce Brown Book Review: Large information has become huge business, and organizations and associations of all sizes are battling to discover approaches to recover significant data from their enormous informational collections with getting overpowered. Enter Hadoop and this straightforward For Dummies control. Hadoop for Dummies assists perusers with understanding the estimation of enormous information, present a business defense for utilizing Hadoop, explore the Hadoop environment and construct and oversee Hadoop applications and bunches.

7. “Amazon Redshift Cluster Management Guide” by Amazon Web Services
8. “Web Development with Node and Express” by Ethan Brown

Web Development with Node and Express Book Review: Figure out how to assemble dynamic web applications with Express, a critical part of the Node/JavaScript improvement stack. In the second version of this active guide, creator Ethan Brown shows you Express essentials through the improvement of an anecdotal application that uncovered a public site and a RESTful API. You’ll learn web design best practices to help you construct single-page, multi-page, and crossover web applications with Express. With single page applications (SPAs) arising as the predominant web design, this refreshed version centers around approaches to give API benefits Express. You’ll figure out how Express finds some kind of harmony between a vigorous structure and no system by any means, permitting you a free hand in your engineering decisions. Frontend and backend engineers acquainted with JavaScript will find better approaches for taking a gander at web improvement.

9. “Architecting HBase Applications” by Jean–marc Spaggiari and Kevin O′dell

“Architecting HBase Applications” Book Review: HBase is a momentous apparatus for ordering mass volumes of information, however beginning with this disseminated data set and its environment can be overwhelming. With this involved guide, you’ll figure out how to engineer, plan, and convey your own HBase applications by inspecting true arrangements. Alongside HBase standards and bunch organization rules, this book remembers for profundity contextual investigations that show how huge organizations tackled explicit use cases with HBase. Creators Jean-Marc Spaggiari and Kevin O’Dell likewise give draft arrangements and code guides to help you execute your own adaptations of those utilization cases, from ace information the executives (MDM) and report stockpiling to approach constant occasion preparing. You’ll likewise get the hang of investigating methods to assist you with dodging regular arrangement botches. Realize precisely what HBase does, what its biological system incorporates, and how to set up your current circumstance Investigate how genuine HBase occurrences were conveyed and placed into creation Analyze recorded use cases for following medical care claims, computerized publicizing, information the board, and item quality .See how HBase functions with instruments and procedures, for example, Spark, Kafka, MapReduce, and the Java API .Figure out how to distinguish the causes and comprehend the outcomes of the most widely recognized HBase issues.

10. “Cloud Computing” by imusti
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