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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Cloud and Distributed Computing subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Cloud and Distributed Computing along with reviews.

Kindly note that we have put a lot of effort into researching the best books on Cloud and Distributed Computing subject and came out with a recommended list of top 10 best books. The table below contains the Name of these best books, their authors, publishers and an unbiased review of books on "Cloud and Distributed Computing" as well as links to the Amazon website to directly purchase these books. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases, but this does not impact our reviews, comparisons, and listing of these top books; the table serves as a ready reckoner list of these best books.

1. “Distributed and Cloud Computing: From Parallel Processing to the Internet of Things” by Hwang

“Distributed and Cloud Computing: From Parallel Processing to the Internet of Things” Book Review: This book covers aspects of modern distributed computing technology including clusters, the grid, service-oriented architecture, massively parallel processors, peer-to-peer networking, and cloud computing. It explains how to create high-performance, scalable, reliable systems exposing the design principles, architecture, and innovative applications of parallel, distributed and cloud computing systems. Topics covered are facilitating management, debugging, migration and social networking systems. The principles are explained using examples with case studies. It is designed for engineering students and designers. Each chapter includes exercises and lecture slides.

2. “Cloud Computing: Principles and Paradigms (Wiley Series on Parallel and Distributed Computing)” by Rajkumar Buyya and James Broberg

“Cloud Computing: Principles and Paradigms (Wiley Series on Parallel and Distributed Computing)” Book Review: This book describes cloud computing technologies and applications. It aims to identify potential research directions and technologies to facilitate creation of a global place of cloud computing services supporting scientific, industrial, business, and consumer applications. It serves for practitioners, developers, researchers, system architects and master and graduate level students. The book is a contribution to a field that is gaining considerable research interest.

3. “Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology and Architecture” by Thomas Erl and Ricardo Puttini

“Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology and Architecture” Book Review: This book breaks down proven and mature cloud computing technologies and practices into a series of well-defined concepts, models, technology mechanisms, and technology architectures, all from an industry-centric and vendor-neutral point of view. It focuses on structure, clarity and well-defined building blocks for mainstream cloud computing platforms and solutions. It provides figures, models, templates and formulas.

4. “Cloud Computing” by Sandeep Bhowmik

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“Cloud Computing” Book Review: This book explains cloud techniques, models and platforms. Also explains popular cloud services such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft Azure. Provides detailed discussion of security risks and challenges; and emerging trends including mobile cloud computing and internet of things. It is ideal for students of computer science engineering and information technology. It consists of numerous review questions, multiple choice exercises and case studies.

5. “Mastering ServiceNow” by Martin Wood

“Mastering ServiceNow” Book Review: This provides understanding of capabilities of ServiceNow Helsinki implementation. It will provide knowledge to build applications, interface with Service Portal; design powerful data-driven applications; control information flow; write efficient client-side JavaScript; integrate and exchange data with people and systems. It is designed for administrators and developers. It consists of fundamentals of the ServiceNow platform to implement business logic and write effective code by flexible choices for client-side scripting.

6. “Real-Time Big Data Analytics” by Sumit Gupta

“Real-Time Big Data Analytics” Book Review: This book is acquainted with transformations and database-level interactions, and ensures the reliability of messages processes using Storm; and loads datasets, builds queries, and makes recommendations using Spark SQL. It is designed for architects, developers and programmers. It explores big data technologies and frameworks and works through challenges and use cases of real-time analytics versus batch analytics. Provide mechanisms to handle and process real-time transactional data, and to process and stream data with Amazon Kinesis and Elastic MapReduce. It is supported by examples and executable code snippets.

7. “Cloud Computing: Based Projects Using Distributed Architecture” by Gupta D

“Cloud Computing: Based Projects Using Distributed Architecture” Book Review: This book is a guide to design and develop cloud computing-based software projects using distributed architecture. It includes the theory, technologies and tools for the developments of two software projects-Outstation Claim Management System and Retirement Benefit Calculation System., It is designed for students and professionals of computer science technology. It includes models and data flow diagrams, entity relationship diagrams, followed by normalization, creation of tables and procedures. Also includes Oracle, PL/SQL, IDS, .Net, CD_ROM and concepts related to IaaS, PaaS and SaaS of cloud computing.

8. “Moving To The Cloud: Developing Apps in the New World of Cloud Computing” by Dinkar Sitaram and Geetha Manjunath

“Moving To The Cloud: Developing Apps in the New World of Cloud Computing” Book Review: This book provides in-depth information of cloud computing models, cloud platforms, application development paradigms, concepts and technologies. It also describes programming APIs and compares the technologies that underlie them. Covers scaling, data parallelism, virtualization, MapReduce, RIA, SaaS and Mashups. Challenges are included such as scalability, availability, multi-tenancy, security and management. Includes case studies by cloud experts, insights and techniques, and demonstrates and distinguishes features of different cloud platforms using examples.

9. “Cloud Computing: Theory and Practice” by Dan C Marinescu

“Cloud Computing: Theory and Practice” Book Review: This book provides content on network-centric computing. Includes concepts of concurrency and parallel and distributed systems and presents critical concepts of the cloud ecosystem as cloud service providers, cloud access, cloud data storage, and cloud hardware and software, and also covers cloud applications and cloud security and research topics. It is designed for students and IT professionals. Presents several cloud computing projects and references, including recent research results in areas related to cloud computing.

10. “Amazon Web Services in Action” by Andreas Wittig and Michael Wittig

“Amazon Web Services in Action” Book Review: This book comprises computing, storing, and networking in the AWS cloud. It includes details regarding automation, security, high availability, and scalability. It provides knowledge to automate infrastructure by programmatically calling the AWS API to control every part of AWS. Consist of details to secure infrastructure, controlling traffic and managing access to AWS resources. It includes cloud concepts and patterns, and integrates Amazon’s pre-built services. It is meant for developers and DevOps engineers. It provides details to architect highly available and fault tolerant systems.

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